My Lycan Luna Chapter 44: Special Surprise


My eyes flutter open. My vision is blurry so I blink a few times to adjust my vision. I looked around to see I was in a room with white walls and a white ceiling. Everything that happened to me rushes back. the torturing, Red getting tortured as well, our mates coming to get us and the rogue king is dead. I also remember the moon goddess being there, but maybe it was a dream.

Maybe not. I don’t know. I guess Colin has to fill me in. I sit up and move my legs to the side so I can get up. I walked to the door and opened it, only to see my handsome mate reaching for the doorknob. His eyes widened for a second.

“You’re awake” he smiles and pulls me in for a hug.

“I am. How long have I been out?” I asked.

“Three days. Noah said you and your Lycan needed rest”, he tells me. He guides me back to the bed and k!sses my lips. When he pulls back, he sits on the bed.

“What do you remember baby?” he asks.

“Everything, though I think I hallucinated a few times” I said.

“Why do you say that?” he asks, a little confused.

“Well, one thing when I was losing consciousness, I thought I heard Red say that I was pregnant and the other one was that when we killed the rogue king… I swear the moon goddess was there and she said something about us being king and queen”, I admitted. Colin looks at me and I feel heat creeping up my neck.

“Those weren’t hallucinations, baby. You are pregnant and the moon goddess announced you and I as the King and Queen of all werewolves and Lycans” he says.

“Oh goddess” I said, placing my hand on my belly. It wasn’t flat any longer. In fact, I had a small bump which nobody would have thought I had just gained some weight. That’s what I thought that I had just gained some weight.

“Pregnant” I whispered, then it hit me. I’m a queen. I can’t be queen. I’m not queen material.

“What are you thinking, my love?” Colin asked, taking my hand in his.

“I can’t be queen, Colin. I just became your Luna. I’m not queen material. I’m not the type of person to order people around like some stuck up b!tch. I have anger issues; I like to go out for runs with my pack members. I love training with them, helping my pack. I like to get down and dirty. Listen to their problems and help in any way I can”, I said. When I looked at Colin he had a huge smile on his face.

“You can be Queen. You have been a queen in my eyes from the day I laid eyes on you. You are our Luna… my Luna, but you are right. You can never be a stuck up b!tch because you are everything a queen should be. You train with our pack and go out on your runs with them. You listen to them and help around with anything and everything that you can. You fought next to us just like you promised.

You made a promise to make our pack safe again and you did, but what you don’t know is that you saved much more than just our pack. You, Angel Michaels, have saved so many more lives without even knowing it.

There’s no Luna like you and I wouldn’t want anyone else to rule by my side besides you. You make me a better Alpha, a better father, a better son, brother, mate, a better leader. You, Angel Michaels, make me a better king” he says. I hugged him tightly.

“Together we can do this, Angel. I will be there with you when you need me” he says.

“And I will be there when you need me” I assured him. a knock echoed in the room.

“Come in”, Colin called. The door opens and Noah walks in.

“Hello my queen. I’m glad to see you’re awake. How are you feeling?” Noah asks.

“I’m fine” I replied truthfully.

“That’s good. May I check on the baby?” he asks. I nodded and laid back on the bed. He began to ask me some questions about when my last woman’s cycle was, along with some other personal stuff.

“Okay, my queen, please lift your gown just below your breasts” Noah said. I did as he asked and Colin covered my lower half.

“This is going to be cold”, Noah warned, before putting the gel on my lower belly. I took in a sharp breath when I felt the cold gel. He grabbed the transducer and began to move it around my belly. That’s when I heard the sound of a heartbeat. I looked at Colin to see a huge smile on his face.

“The baby’s heartbeat sounds stro-” Noah stopped talking and looked at the screen closer.

“What is it?” I asked.

“There’s another baby” he said, just as another heartbeat sounded in the room.

“Twins? We’re having twins?” Colin grins.

“No, my king. You’re having triplets”, Noah said, pointing to another baby as he moved the transducer and the sound of another heartbeat was heard. Triplets. Goddess, we’re having triplets.

“Congratulations your highnesses. You’re having triplets”, Noah grinned.

“Lycan pregnancy is faster than a werewolf pregnancy. I was pregnant for five months with Xavier”, I said.

“Correct. I would say you have four months to go, but since you’re having triplets, then there’s a possibility you’ll go into labor before”, Noah says, clicking a few times on the computer.

“Here is some paper towels to clean the gel. I will go get your discharge papers, the pictures, and your prenatal vitamins. I will also bring your next appointment for next month”, Noah said, before bowing his head and leaving. Colin took the paper towel and helped clean me. He has been quiet since Noah confirmed we were having triplets. Does he not want the babies?

“Are you okay Colin? You’ve been quiet since we found out we were having triplets. Don’t you want them?” I voiced my thoughts. This made him snap his head towards me.

“What? No! I’m just… shocked. I hated myself for what I did while being under the influence of dark magic, which caused me to miss two years of Xavier’s life from the moment you found out you were pregnant. I missed so much, but now I have the chance to be here for these pups… our pups and I couldn’t be more thankful. Angel, I love you so much” he said, k!ssing my lips. When he pulled back, I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“I’m going to take a shower” I said.

“I brought you some clothes earlier. They are in the bathroom”, Colin said.

“Thank you babe” I said, getting up from the bed. I went to leave but Colin stopped me. He raised the hospital gown and k!ssed my belly three times.

“I love you, all” he whispered placing his forehead on my belly. After a few seconds, he pulled back and smacked my butt. I squeaked and he chuckled. I hurried to the bathroom.

I turned on the water and undressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered if when Colin found me I looked as bad as I felt. I sigh sighed, pushing the thought out of my head. I get in the shower.

‘Faith?’ I called.

‘I’m here honey. I’m glad you’re awake’ Faith smiles.

‘I am. How are you feeling?’ I asked.

‘Like new and very happy about our new pups, but I want to see our other pups’ she says.

‘We will. Let me shower and we’ll go see them’, I assured her. I wet my body then grabbed my shampoo. I washed my hair and when I rinsed it I watched as the pink suds went down the drain. My hair still had some blood from when I was tortured. I washed my hair again, then washed my body.

I saw my razor and I was glad Colin brought it. I shaved all the places I usually do, then washed my body again. I turned off the shower and grabbed a towel. I dried my body and hair, then got dressed in a light purple shirt and gray leggings with light purple patterns.

I walked out of the bathroom and Colin’s head snapped up from his phone. He smiled when he saw me. He grabbed my brush and turned me around and began to brush my hair.

“Before we leave the hospital I need to make a quick stop”, Colin said.

“Okay, do you want me to come with you?” I asked.

“Yes” he said. He finished brushing my hair, then went to the bathroom and gathered my things in a bag. He grabbed a paper bag from the bed, then took my hand and we both walked out the room. He guided me to a door not far from where I was. He knocked on the door before walking in. When I saw the children, my eyes widened. I knew they weren’t from my pack and by the scent I knew they were rogues.

“Alpha”, one of the kids jumped out of the bed and came running towards Colin, hugging him.

“Hello Matthew. How are you feeling today?” Colin asks.

“Much better. We are all feeling much better, thank you” the boy said. He then looks at me and his eyes widen.

“Matthew, everyone, I want you to meet my mate, my Luna and Queen, Angel” Colin said.

“Hello, my queen” they all said at the same time, bowing their heads.

“Hello everyone” I smiled. Matthew, the boy close to me, smiled brightly.

“You’re pretty and nice” he said.

“Thank you. You are all very handsome and pretty as well”, I said to all of them.

“Alpha, when can we see our parents?” Matthew asks.

“I’ll have them come and see you tonight”, Colin said. The kids squealed in excitement.

“Alright kids. I’ll let you all get back to your lunch. I’ll see you all later”, Colin smiled.

“Bye” they all said in unison. Colin and I leave the room and then the hospital. These pups are rogues. Do I want to know what happened to them? Where are their parents? We turned the corner and I saw my pups Xavier and Monica playing. As if sensing me, Xavier snapped his little head towards me.

“Mommy” Xavier took Monica’s hand and they both began to run towards me. I dropped to my knees and opened my arms for them. They hugged me tightly and I hugged them back just as tightly. I was happy to know that they were both safe and I knew right then and there that I wanted to know what happened to those kinds in the pack hospital.

“I missed you mommy” Monica said.

“I missed you both too” I said, k!ssing their cheeks. They turned and ran back to where they were. That’s when I see dad, Maxine, Alondra, Asher, and Elijah. I ran to dad and hugged him.

“Oh my princess. I’m so glad you are awake and safe”, dad said. I could hear the worry in his voice.

“I’m okay dad. I’m here”, I assured him, and he hugged me tighter. Once dad let me go, I hugged Maxine, Alondra and then Asher.

“Oh princess” was all he said, hugging me tight. I knew they were scared that they would lose me.

“I’m okay”, I assured him.

“Don’t scare us like that again”, Asher growled, and I smiled at him, k!ssing his cheek. I then hug Elijah.

“I’m glad you’re awake and safe, princess” he whispered in my ear.

“I am thanks to all of you” I said, pulling back.

“How is Red?” I asked.

“I’m perfectly fine”, I heard Red’s voice from behind me and Elijah’s huge smile confirmed it. I turned around and ran to Red, jumping on him, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. Ray chuckles, shaking his head and Amber giggles.

“I swear if he wasn’t mated I would have been jealous” I heard Colin say. I chuckled and got down from Red.

“I’m glad to see you up and about. I was afraid you were going to sleep for a while longer”, Red chuckled.

“No, I’m awake and fine” I smiled. I then looked at Colin.

‘Can we tell them now?’ I linked him.

‘Sure. Do you want to tell them?’ he asks.

‘No, you tell them’ I linked him.

‘Okay, let me call my parents and grandparents’, Colin linked back. I nodded and just sat around as the kids played.

“How is the baby Alondra?” I asked.

“The baby is doing great. Next week we find out what we’re having. This way we can start decorating the nursery”, Alondra said.

“Yes, her parents, dad and Maxine are also dying to know” Asher chuckles.

“Are you nervous?” I asked Alondra.

“To be honest, I am,” she admitted.

“It’s normal. I was nervous as well, but I had two incredible uncles and an incredible grandpa who helped me. You have a pack that will be there for anything, but most importantly you have an incredible mate and I know he will make an incredible dad”. I smiled at both of them.

“Thanks princess” Asher blushed.

“I speak the truth” I grinned. Colin’s parents and grandparents join us as well as his Gammas.

“How is the baby okay?” Alondra asks me.

“Well, that’s the thing” Colin said, making everyone tense and look at him.

“We’re having triplets and they are all perfectly healthy”, Colin grins. Everyone gasps and starts hugging us and congratulating us.

“I know I said I had two incredible uncles and an incredible grandpa to help me with Xavier, but I know Colin was an incredible dad to Monica and I know that ever since I came back he has been an incredible dad to Xavier. He doesn’t play favorites and loves both of his children equally, just like I know he would do the same with those three”, I said.

“Thank you my love”, Colin k!ssed my forehead.

“Well, since everyone is giving out good news. I have something I would like to share with everyone”, Amber said. Everyone turned to look at her.

“I’m pregnant” she smiles. Red, Elijah, and Ray look at their mate.

“Really?” Ray asked.

“Yes, I found out before the war” Amber replies.

“That’s why you didn’t argue about staying back when we went to rescue our mate and sister”, Elijah says, and Amber nods. Elijah smiles and pulls Amber into a hug.

“Thank you baby” he whispered, but I heard it. Ray and Red both k!ss her and hug her, also thanking her for this precious gift.

“I don’t mean to change everything and I’m very happy for my brothers and their mates, but I must change the subject. We have a room full of children in the pack hospital. What happened to them and where are their parents?” I asked.

“They are getting cleaned up. I didn’t have the time or patience to interrogate every single one of them, so I did a truth spell on them. As you know, some of them were taken as humans and turned. The rogue king kept them in cages until they agreed to do his bidding.

Some were brought in saying it was a pack and that they would stay safe. The rogue king told them that they needed to fight those who wanted to destroy their pack. They were brain washed and told that you were killing rogues for fun and that now you wanted to kill their king and kill them. Others were told that you wanted to kill their pups and take their homes away.

But little by little, they saw bruises on their children, bruises that none of the rogues had done until one of the pups’ mom saw the rogue king hurting him.

She told the other rogues but was killed that moment for going against the rogue king. To keep the rogues in check, the children were kept them in a cage, starving them and beating them. In total, none of them wanted to fight in this war, but they had children and even their mates to keep safe”, Yashira says.

“I also asked why they were rogues. As you know, some have been turned against their will. Others were banished from their packs just because their Alpha or Luna didn’t like them, others left because they didn’t agree with how they were treated in their pack, others because they stole to feed themselves or their families.

A handful of them were because they would speak their minds to their Alpha, Luna or Beta and suffered the consequences of being banished while their mate or family member suffered worse”, Yashira said. I know Yashira would never hurt this pack. She was once Luna of this pack and loves it.

“So what are we going to do with them?” I asked.

“Well, not many packs will take rogues that have been in a recent war, so maybe we can buy some more land and build. Every King and Queen needs a castle, which would open up some jobs. We can see what they are good at and get them to work. In the meantime, we can use the second gym for shelter.

There are a few cottages empty and some rooms in both pack houses”, Manny, one of our Gammas said.

“I think that’s a perfect idea” I smiled.

“I know a few people who have their own companies and could probably use a few people”, dad said.

“I do as well,” Koslov said.

“Then that settles it. They’ll stay here” Colin said.

“I can help with the castle” Yashira grinned, waving her fingers. Gabriel chuckles and k!sses the top of her head. Amber then turns Red towards me and nods at him.

“Angel, do you remember what I told you about Logan’s last birthday?” Red asks and I see dad and my brother’s stiffen for a second.

“Yes” I said. Red reaches out for my hand and I take it. He starts to guide me to the side of the pack house where there’s a tent and some chairs.

“Today is Logan’s birthday”, Red swallowed “I told myself when we were both in the dungeons that if we got out of there I would give you the footage of that day. I also got his favorite cake”, Red said, opening a large white box revealing a chocolate mousse cake. I turned to Red and hugged him. I shouldn’t have been surprised Red was doing this, but he was. Not just for me, but for my brothers and dad.

“Thank you” I choked out.

“You’re my best friend Angel. No, you’re my sister” Red said.

“Can we see the footage?” Maxine asks, making everyone look at her.

“Are you sure? Mom is in it” I said, but Maxine just smiled.

“Yes, she’s your mom and was your father’s first mate. Not to mention she gave your father two beautiful children and your brothers two more siblings. It would be my honor to see her and your brother”, Maxine said. I could see the smile on everyone’s faces. I walked towards the cake and took it out of the box.

“Happy birthday Logan” I whispered. What I didn’t expect was for everyone else to say it. I smiled at them and cut the cake. I handed out a piece to everyone there and put the rest in the box. I was going to give the kids in the hospital a piece after. We sat down and Red pushed play. Red had decorated his place beautifully for Logan. There was music, food, cake, candies, and two pools. One was small, filled to the top with cool whip, and the other was a large swimming pool. Suddenly, mom walks out to the pool area with Red.

“Celeste” dad whispers. I then walked in with Logan, but I was covering his eyes. I moved my hands away and I could see the huge smile on his face.

“With all the moving around and changing our names, he never had the chance to make friends, so Red threw him this party. He was so happy” I said, feeling tears stream down my face.

“He deserved this party and many more” Red said. We watched the whole tape and my favorite part was seeing him happy. That day, the four of us laughed, joked around, ate, drank, and just had fun without a care in the world, never knowing this was going to be his last birthday. In the last part there was a picture of Red, Logan, Mom, and me.

“Thank you, Red. Thank you so much”. I hugged him. I looked at dad to see he had tears streaming down his face and so did Maxine. I looked around and everyone had tears in their eyes.

“I wish I could see them one last time and tell them how sorry I am for leaving and not being there for them” dad said.

“I wish I could meet them” Elijah said.

“Me too”, Asher said.

‘I wish I could stop blaming myself for their deaths’ I said to myself, but I know that’s not going to happen. I know I could have saved them.

“Excuse me, your highnesses” I heard a male say. I looked to see a group of rogues.

“Hello Bryan, are you ready to see your pups?” Colin asked.

“Yes, you highness. We’re sorry if we interrupted”, Bryan said.

“No, you didn’t” I said, taking the DVD out and handing it to Red, but he shook his head.

“You keep it. I made a few copies for your dad and brothers” he said, then k!ssed the side of my head. I took it, walking to get the cake, then to Colin, who took the cake from me.

“Xavier, Monica, come on” I called. We walked to the pack hospital to where the kids were. As soon as we entered, the parents rushed to their pups. I began to cut pieces of the cake and handed it out. It was enough for the kids and their parents and even for Noah, Doctor Sara, and her daughter Anna. Noah told us that the kids would be ready to leave tomorrow. So we knew there was a lot of work to do.

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