My Lycan Luna Chapter 45: Birthday Party and Proposal

~Two Months Later~


“Xavier, come here” I called as I waddled into my room. Colin chuckles and picks him up. Today is Xavier’s second birthday and he is excited. Red, Manny, Jake, and the Omegas decorated the backyard. I hadn’t seen it yet, since they wouldn’t let me go outside even though it wasn’t my birthday.

“Come on buddy. Let’s put on your shoes”, Colin said, taking his shoes from my hands. I smiled then went to do Monica’s hair in two pigtails. These past two months have been hectic. We bought more land and Yashira used her magic to make the castle. It’s huge and beautiful. We also took in the rogues as new pack members as they pledged their loyalty to us. More houses had been built for the families and those that were young and single stayed in the pack house. Dad and Koslov found them jobs and those who wanted to work at the castle or pack houses did.

Asher and Alondra had a beautiful baby girl two weeks ago, who they named Marisol. Marisol looks just like Alondra, but she has Asher’s purple eyes. I found out we’re having two boys and one girl. And just last week Amber found out she’s also having a girl. Elijah, Ray, and Red are over the moon.

“There you go, sweetheart” I smiled at Monica.

“Thank you mommy” she said, getting down from the chair and I sat down. She goes to Xavier and he smiles at her. He gets down from the bed after Colin puts on his shoes and they both walk towards me, k!ssing my belly.

“Are you okay, my love?” Colin asks.

“Yes, I’m just resting” I smiled. He extends his hand to me and I take it. Monica and I are wearing a light pink sundress that ties behind our necks and white flats. Colin and Xavier are wearing black jeans and a light blue polo with black Jordans.

“Alright, let’s head down” Colin said. Xavier took my hand and Monica took Colin’s hand. We headed down the stairs and out to the backyard. The whole pack was there since Yashira put up a protection spell.

‘Let them know we’re coming up’ I linked Colin, who gave me a firm nod. As soon as we turned the corner…

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY XAVIER” the whole pack shouted. Xavier’s eyes lit up as he looked around. There was a table full of presents. I noticed that none of the rogues we took in were around. I heard someone clear their throat.

“Your highnesses” I heard Bryan call. I turned around to see them all standing there.

“Sorry we’re late”, Bryan apologized.

“No need to apologize” I said. They all smiled and wished Xavier a happy birthday and put their presents on the table with the others.

“Please enjoy yourselves. There’s food and drinks”, Colin said.

“Thank you your highnesses”, Bryan said. I watched as the kids played around.

“Hey”, I turned to see Alondra with Marisol.

“Hey. How is motherhood?” I asked her.

“It’s going great and Asher helps me with everything he can. I could never ask for a better mate” she smiles.

“I’m happy for you, Alondra” I said, giving her a side hug. I looked at Colin who was cleaning Xavier’s and Monica’s faces.

“I have never seen him so happy. When he found you, he was happy. When you left he was broken. When you returned and he saw he had a son with you… he was like a beacon of light for everyone else. Thank you Angel. Thank you for making my best friend so happy” she says. I had no idea what to say so I just gave her a smile.

“May I have a minute babe?” Colin asked.

“Sure. Excuse me, Alondra” I said. I followed my mate to his 1969 Camaro.

“The car won’t turn on, my love. Could you check under the hood?” he asks.

“Sure. Just pop the hood” I said. He did as I asked and I walked closer, only to see a black velvet box on top of a piece of paper. I picked up the small velvet box and read the piece of paper.

Turn around.

I did as the paper said, only to see him on one knee.

“Angel, I still remember the first time I saw you in class. The moment I laid my eyes on you, you took my breath away and I knew you were mine as much as I was yours. We had some obstacles on our path, but together we conquered them. When you weren’t with me, I was a shell of a man putting up a fake smile for those around me, but deep down inside, I was dying. When you came back… I felt like life was breathed into me and I knew right then and there you were the only woman for me.

You have blessed me with a beautiful son and have loved Monica like your own. Let’s not mention that we have three beautiful souls on the way. Angel, you are my mate, my Luna, my queen, my best friend, my lover, the mother of my children, and my Angel”, Colin took my hand and k!ssed it. I already had tears running down my cheeks.

“I want to grow old with you. I want to see our children grow and have children of their own. I want to spend every second of my life and even after death telling you and showing you how much I love you. Angel Michaels, will you marry me?” Colin asked.

“Yes! A million times, yes”, I smiled through my tears. Colin put the ring on my finger and I heard cheers all around us and I realized everyone was watching us. We were congratulated by everyone in our pack and the birthday party for Xavier continued. I danced with Xavier and Monica. Dad, Asher, Elijah, and I danced with Xavier like we used to before.

I was happy to see him happy. We then gathered all the kids so they could dance. Not long after, they continued to play. I stepped to the side and walked to the table where the drinks were. I grabbed a bottle of water. Arms wrapped around me and by the sparks, I knew it was Colin.

“I have a surprise for you, my queen”, Colin whispered in my ear.

“It’s not my birthday” I smiled.

“It doesn’t matter” he said, then pecked my lips. I smiled and shook my head. A familiar scent of lavender and honey filled my nose, which left me confused. Colin smiled then gently turned me around. I gasped loudly, bringing my hands up to my mouth.

“M-mom” I stammered.

“Hello my beautiful daughter”, mom smiled.

“How is this possible?” I asked.

“Well, the moon goddess is my dad’s great grandmother, which also makes her my great great grandmother. So, I asked her for a favor and here it is”, Colin said, gesturing to my mom.

“Don’t forget about me”, I heard Logan’s voice and my head snapped to where his voice came from. He was walking towards us with a huge smile on his face.

“I could never forget about my mate’s little brother” Colin said, ruffling his hair.

“Is dad here?” Logan asks.

“Yes” I said and turned, looking around.

‘Dad, Elijah, Asher, Red, can you guys come to the beverage table’ I said and cut off the link.

“He’s coming” I said. Logan hugged me and k!ssed my belly.

“You look beautiful, my daughter. I have been watching and I’m so proud of you and you too, Faith”, mom said, which made Faith push forward.

“Thank you for protecting my daughter and your pups” mom said.

“I’m honored to have a human like Angel. We even each other out and I would give my life for her and our pups just like I know Xan and Colin will” Faith said. Mom gave her a sweet gentle smile. I heard gasps from behind me. I turned to see dad, Elijah, Asher, Red, Ray, Maxine, Alondra, and Amber there.

“Dad”, Logan squealed and ran towards dad. Dad dropped to his knees and hugged Logan.

“Hello boys”, mom smiled and hugged Asher and Elijah.

“Mom” they both said in unison and hugged mom back. They pulled back, then Logan hugged Asher and Elijah.

“Celeste” dad breathed out. I could tell he wanted to hug her, but didn’t move, instead they looked at Maxine. Maxine smiled and gently pushed my dad towards mom. Dad hugged mom as tears streamed down his cheeks.

“I’m so sorry, love. I’m so sorry I left. I just wanted to protect you three from hunters” dad said.

“I know my love. I know why you left and I’m not angry with you”, mom said, pulling back. She cupped dad’s face and I could see the love she had for him in her eyes.

“Don’t ever feel bad about having a second chance mate. All I ever want is for you to be happy and Maxine makes you happy”, mom said. She took dad’s hand and walked towards Maxine. Mom hugged Maxine.

“Thank you for accepting my children. Luke is a wonderful man and I know he will make you happy just like I know you will make him happy”. Mom pulled back, then grabbed Maxine’s hand and joined hers and dad’s. Mom then looked at dad.

“My heart will always belong to you. Keep our children and grandchildren safe”, mom said, and k!ssed dad’s cheek. She then turned to Asher and Elijah.

“Thank you for looking at me as your second mom. I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to meet you before my passing. You are both wonderful sons and even more wonderful brothers. Your mom couldn’t be here with us, but she said to tell you that she’s happy you both found your mates. She’s proud of both of you and that she’ll be watching over all of you”, mom smiled at my brothers.

“Keep each other safe and congratulations on your pups”, mom k!ssed their foreheads, then turned to me.

“Can I meet my grandchildren before I go?” mom asks. Before I could even say anything, Colin came towards us with Monica and Xavier. The children looked at my mom in confusion, then Xavier’s eyes widened in realization.

“Grandma” he said, and ran towards mom, hugging her. He already knew who she was from the pictures I had shown him before.

“Oh my little prince. Happy birthday” mom said, hugging Xavier tight.

“Hi, I’m your uncle Logan”, Logan said to Monica, who smiled and hugged him. When Monica let go of Logan, she then hugged mom, who also hugged her with the safe love and affection she hugged Xavier. Logan and Xavier also hugged.

“We have to leave now, but I’m glad you are all happy and safe. We’ll be watching over all of you. Keep each other safe” mom smiled, then k!ssed Xavier and Monica one last time. She gave dad, Elijah, Asher, Red, Ray, Maxine, Alondra, Amber, and Colin a hug and a k!ss, but when she got to me she pulled me into a hug.

“I know you are still blaming yourself for what happened, but it wasn’t your fault and it’s time for you to let go of that blame” mom said. I felt small arms wrap around me and I knew it was Logan. Tears streamed down my face. Suddenly, I felt warmth surround me. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt lighter. When I pulled back a bit, I saw mom, Logan, and I had a soft glow around us.

“You won’t feel the blame any more, sis. It’s time for you to live your life without blaming yourself for our deaths. You have a beautiful family and it’s time for you to enjoy it. Thank you for everything you did for me and for being an amazing sister. I love you”, Logan said.

“I love you more peanut” I said. He grinned then k!ssed my belly. He then ran to Red and hugged him.

“I’m proud of you, Angel, and congratulations on the marriage proposal”, mom winked and I chuckled. Logan ran to mom and they began to walk away. A light breeze caressed my skin and I watched as mom and Logan faded with the wind.

“We love you” I heard mom say as the breeze circled me one last time. Xavier and Monica hugged me and I leaned my head on Colin’s shoulder.

“Thank you baby. That was an amazing surprise” I said to my mate.

“Anything for you, my love”, Colin said.

“Are you okay Angel?” Red asks. Was I okay?

“Yes, I’m okay” I admitted, nodding my head.

“I’m here if you need to talk”, Red said and k!ssed the side of my head.

“Thanks”, I smiled at him. I looked back to where mom and Logan had disappeared before joining everyone else at the party.

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