My Lycan Luna Chapter 46: Epilogue

~Seven Years Later~


I sighed, running my hands over my face, feeling exhausted. During these past seven years, the Elders came and Colin and I were crowned King and Queen with the Moon goddess as our witness. I also had my wedding the same day as the coronation. As a present, the moon goddess let my mom and brother be at my crowning, but there was also one more surprise.

Asher and Elijah’s mom was able to be there as well, which made my brothers very happy. I had my triplets, who we named Cooper, Carter, and Celestine. Asher and Alondra had two more kids. Both of them were boys whom they named Troy and Isaiah. Ray, Elijah, Red, and Amber had their little girl not long after I gave birth to the triplets.

They name their little girl Jazmine. A year and a half later, they had twins, a boy and a girl whom they named Kidani and Katia. Dad and Maxine are as happy as ever and they love their grandchildren.

I can’t say everything has been perfect because there’s no such thing. We have had some attacks from hunters, and some dark witches who think that we have Tara’s mom here.

Other werewolf packs have reported that they have had attacks by rogues. Rumor has it that the rogues are looking for another rogue king, but until it’s confirmed it will be just that… rumors.

When I became Queen, I appointed Red as my personal advisor. Alondra and Ray have been doing a great job as the Royal Betas. Gamma Jake and Gamma female Dayna have also been doing great. They have two kids and one on the way. Gamma Manny found his mate during the coronation when the vampire King JR and Trisha came. One of JR’s guards is Manny’s mate and she’s head over heels in love with Manny.

“You look like you need some rest, my queen” I heard Colin say from the door.

“I could, but your grandma asked to see us, my king”, I smiled.

“She should be here soon. Let’s meet her at the dining hall” he said. I nodded, closing my laptop and putting the pen down. I got up and walked towards my mate, who smiled and k!ssed my forehead. We both walked out of my office down to the dining hall.

“You missed training this morning, my love. Is everything okay?” Colin asks. See, ever since I became queen I have been training and fighting along side my pack just like I promised. I didn’t want to be like other queens that just lift a finger and have everyone else do things for her. No, I’m what you would call a hands on kind of queen. I’m not afraid to get down and dirty, but I do know how to behave when I’m in front of the public outside of my kingdom.

“Yes, I just had to finish up some paperwork” I admitted. We reached the dining hall and saw Yashira and Gabriel.

“Hi Yashira, Gabriel. Feliz Navidad” (Merry Christmas), I said, giving them a hug. I have also been learning Spanish more and more every day.

“Feliz Navidad”, Yashira hugs us back and so does Gabriel. The dining hall is currently empty, but it won’t be for long.

“We’re going to take this time before the dining hall gets full. Gabriel and I have been talking. I believe it’s time for us to find someone who is pure of heart-” grandma stopped talking as her eyes glowed. I knew she was having a vision. Gabriel was looking at her with a serious face. When Yashira’s eyes went back to normal she looked at Gabriel and I knew they were mind linking each other.

“Is everything okay grandma?” Colin asked.

“Yes, my sweet boy. I thought I would have to leave but it seems I’ll be staying here after all” she smiled, then looked at me and smiled. People started to come into the dining hall. I heard small footsteps coming fast.

“Kids no running” Elijah, Ray and I said simultaneously. My brothers and I looked at each other and smirked.

“Hey sis, are you running tonight?” Asher asked.

“You know it. Dad are you joining us?” I asked. Asher, Elijah, dad, and I still have our family run. After an hour of running, other pack members join us.

“Of course” dad grinned. Everyone sat down and began to eat, making light conversation. I got up and everyone looked at me.

“Continue eating. I’ll be right back” I said, and walked to the closet that’s by the front door. I got the box I had wrapped up for Colin, then walked back to the dining hall. As soon as I entered, Colin looked at me, arching an eyebrow.

“I have one more gift for you, my king”, I smiled and handed it to Colin. He looked at it then tore the paper and lifted the box lid. He took out some white baby booties. The women gasped. Colin then took out a shirt I had made for him that said, ‘I’m going to be a Dad’. He looked at me and then at the shirt and little booties.

“I’m going to be a dad” he whispered before yelling “I’m going to be a dad!” everyone in the room cheered and congratulated us.

“How long have you known?” Colin asked after we sat down.

“About a week. Faith told me we were pregnant. I went to see Anna and she confirmed it. So, I got these for you”, I grinned.

“Thank you, my love. Thank you for everything that you have done for me and for giving me such a wonderful family”. Colin pecked my lips. Everyone in the room continued to talk and laugh. I leaned back in my chair and just looked at my family. Everything that has happened in my life flashed through my head and even though there have been some bad parts in my life… I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I have a pack… a family that I love and we depend on each other.

We protect each other and keep each other safe. This pack, this family have reminded me what the true meaning of family really is and it’s right here. Not just inside the castle, but all over our land. Every single pack member is my family.

‘Thank you Moon Goddess. Thank you for forgiving me such a wonderful mate, our pups, and family’, I said silently.

‘You’re welcome my child’ I heard back in my head and I couldn’t help but smile.

The End

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