My Lycan Luna Chapter 7: The first k!ss


I sat by the window at my house trying to draw, but I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about the other night, how I fell asleep in Colin’s arms and when I woke up, I was still in his arms with half on my body on top of his and he was gently caressing my hair. Ever since then, we have been inseparable and I’m afraid we are getting attached. I mean, I feel like I’m already attached and it’s not good. I tried to put some distance between us but the hurt look on his face broke my heart and I could have that. Now I have to go to the barbeque he and Trisha invited me to.

Not to mention, these past couple of days have been weird. I have been craving meat like there is no tomorrow and I have been eating more than usual and today I woke up with a massive headache. I feel like my skull is being split in two. My skin itches all over. I thought about canceling this barbeque thing, but the reminder of how happy Colin was when I said yes stops me. I sighed, closed the drawing book and walked to the bathroom. I splashed some water on my face. I then go to my room; I dry my face and grab some lotion to moisturize my skin. There’s little relief from the itching. It feels like it’s coming from inside my skin, like underneath it. I groaned, trying not to scratch.

I go to my dresser and grab some jean shorts and a black and purple shirt. I brush my hair and make a lose braid since I have a headache. Once my hair is done, I grab my black sneakers from the closet and walk towards the bed to sit down when my foot hits something under the bed. I put my shoes on the bed and knelt down to see it was a shoe box. I grabbed it and put it on top of the bed. I knew this shoe box and I hadn’t opened it in six months.

I take a deep breath and open it. The first thing I see it’s a picture of my mom, my brother and me. It was taken by Detective Stone’s wife when they came to check up on us. Little did I know that that would be the last time I would be with them. I gently run my fingers over the picture before putting it to the side. I then took out a picture my brother drew for me. He was the artist in the family. He taught me how to draw and I was teaching him about cars and how to fix them. I k!ss the picture and place it on the side.

I reach in to get another picture when I feel something else under the picture. I grab it and it’s a necklace with a purple diamond. Dad gave it to me the day before he left us. I still remember that day.


“I have something for you, princess” dad says.

“What is it daddy?” I asked. I saw him reach into his pocket and take out this beautiful gold necklace.

“This is an extremely rare purple diamond. It has been passed down by my family and now I pass it down to you. Happy birthday princess” dad says, placing the necklace around my neck.

“It’s beautiful daddy. Thank you”, I hugged him and k!ssed his cheek. I looked at my dad’s purple eyes. They shone with love when he looked at me.

“Time for dinner” mom called as she waddled out the door. Dad looked at mom and smiled widely. I could see how much he loved mom. Dad took my hand and we walked towards mom. Dad k!sses mom on the l!ps before k!ssing her belly where my brother is.

“Thank you for giving me such a beautiful family, my love. I love you and our pups with all my heart and soul”, dad says, k!ssing mom again.

~End of Flashback~

Pups? What did he think we were, dogs? I shook my head from the memory. He loved us so much that he left the next day without telling mom and me where he was going or if he was coming back. He didn’t even say goodbye. Mom was heartbroken and I was angry. I had taken off the necklace and placed it in here with a picture of dad and me and a picture of dad and mom while pregnant, and me. Then it hits me. Today is my eighteenth birthday. I had forgotten all about it. Of course I did. Why wouldn’t I, after everything that has happened? I sighed, putting everything back in the box. I put the box back under the bed and put on my sneakers. I grab my phone just as a notification comes in. It’s a text from Colin.

Colin: I’m outside

Me: I’ll be right out

I grab my keys and leave my room. My eyes landed on a picture of my mom and little brother when I thought I heard my mom’s voice.

‘Your father wasn’t a normal man. On your eighteenth birthday when the moon rises, your life is going to change’. I stopped and looked around. It felt like she was right beside me telling me this. Those were her last words to me before she said she loved me. I sighed, walking out the door. I closed it and locked it before walking to Colin’s car. He was already waiting by the passenger side with the door open.

“Hi, beautiful” he smiled and I couldn’t help but blush.

“Hi” I blushed as he opened the passenger door for me and I got in his Land Rover, thanking him. He jogged to the other side and got in.

“Nice SUV’ I said.

“Thanks, but this is my mom’s SUV. My car is at home. I need to take it to get the breaks changed” he says.

“Do you have what you need to change the brakes?” I asked.

“No” he admits.

“Buy it, I’ll change it for you” I said.

“What?” he says.

“Come on, it won’t take long and it’s the least I can do for everything you have done for me” I said. He looks at me from the corner of his eye before sighing in defeat.

“Fine” he says and I grin. I rub my temples as I feel the headache getting worse.

“Are you okay?” Colin asks.

“Yeah, it’s just a headache, that’s all” I said.

“I was wondering when do you turn eighteen?” Colin asks. We have gotten to know each other better, well, more like me knowing him because I won’t talk about myself or my family. I guess it won’t hurt for me to tell him it’s today.

“Today. My birthday is today”. I admit making him look at me. Colin’s head snapped towards me and for a second I was afraid he would break his neck.

“You’re eighteen today?” he asks and I nod.

“Yes”, I admitted, and he smiled. We pulled up to an auto part store. Next to it there’s a bakery.

“I’ll be right back, beautiful” he says. I closed my eyes hoping the headache would go away. My eyes snapped open when the back seat door opened and I saw it was Colin. He had a smile on his face.

“You probably don’t want other people to know that today is your birthday, so I got you these” he says, handing me a small box. I opened it and inside were four cupcakes. One chocolate, one vanilla, one strawberry, and one red velvet. He then placed a small candle on the chocolate cupcake and lit up the candle.

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday my sweet Angel. Happy birthday to you” he sings to me and I couldn’t stop the stupid smile on my face. A real smile.

“Make a wish, beautiful” he says. I close my eyes and thought of my wish.

‘I wish I have a good day today’, I thought to myself before I blew out the candle. I grabbed the chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting on top and sprinkles. I removed the candle and the cupcake paper then took a huge bite from the cupcake, earning a chuckle from Colin. I like hearing him laugh. I offer him some of the cupcake and he takes a bite.

“This is really good Colin. Thank you”, I smiled as I took another bit, then fed him the last piece of the chocolate cupcake. He pulls out two Powerade’s from a bag and hands me one. Colin drove until we got to a waterfall and I continued to feed him some cupcakes. I took a bite out of the vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting on top. It was the last one. I fed him a piece then got out of the SUV.

“This place is beautiful, Colin. Thank you for bringing me here” I said, looking at the waterfall.

“I used to think this place was beautiful, but now with you here, this place is heaven to me” he said. I looked at him and he chuckled.

“You have chocolate frosting on your l!p” he says, cupping my jaw. He looks at me as if asking permission and I nod. He runs his thumb over my bottom l!p. He leans closer until his l!ps brush against mine before he k!sses me. I have seen movies where other people k!ss, but to experience it myself it’s… incredible. I feel like fireworks are going off all over my body. I wrapped my arms around Colin’s neck and deepened the k!ss. He growls into the k!ss, which I found extremely s3xy. His hands go to my h!ps, pulling me towards him and an involuntary m0an leaves my l!ps. We pull back panting. His golden eyes are darker. He closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths before he opens his eyes and they are golden color again.

“We should get going” he said, and I nodded. Back in the car, he drives for a few more minutes until we pull up to this massive house. There are people walking around. It’s like a small village.

“This is where you live?” I asked, looking around.

“Yes, everyone that lives here is family” he says. A few people pass by and bow their heads before their eyes land on me. I saw three men come out of the massive house. Two of them look like an older version of Colin. The other one looks like Trisha. I see the three of them sniff the air. They must smell the food.

“Who’s your friend son?” A tall man that looks like Colin asks.

“Dads, grandpa, this is Angel. Angel, this is my dad Tristan, my dad Koslov, and my grandpa Gabriel”, Colin introduces.

“It’s very nice to meet you dear. You are beautiful” Mr. Gabriel says.

“Thank you, sir” I blushed.

“Please call me grandpa or Gabriel”, he smiled and I returned the smile.

“I have never seen anyone with purple eyes before” Mr. Tristan says.

“Neither have I”, Gabriel added.

“I heard of someone having purple eyes but that was a long time ago”, Mr. Koslov says. I hear the door open and Trisha comes out with two beautiful Latina women.

“Hi Angel, I’m glad you could make it” Trisha hugged me, taking me by surprise.

“Angel, I want you to meet my mom, River, and my grandma, Yashira. Mom, grandma, I want you to meet Angel”, Colin introduced. ?“It’s great to finally meet you. We have heard so much about you”, Mrs. River says.

“It’s good to meet you both. Thank you for the strawberry cheesecake crescent rolls. They were amazing”, I told them.

“Oh, I’m glad you liked them” Mrs. Yashira smiles.

“If you don’t mind me asking, I can hear an accent, where are you from?” I asked Mrs. Yashira and Mrs. River.

“We were born and raised in Puerto Rico” Mrs. River says.

“Different places, but we’re still family” Mrs. Yashira adds.

“That’s great. I went to Puerto Rico once when I was little-” I winced as my hands shot up to my head from the sharp pain.

“Are you okay dear?” Mrs. Yashira asks.

“Just a headache” I mumbled. I opened my eyes and looked at them. I saw surprise in their eyes for a second.

“I’ll get you something for the headache” Mrs. River says.

“And something for the itching” Gabriel said. I looked at him in confusion and he gestured to my arm. I looked down to see I had been scratching a lot and my arm was red.

“Come let’s get some food,” Trisha said, taking my hand in hers and pulling me to the back of the massive house. I notice a lot of people we go to school with are here, including Tara, Ivory, and Karen. Alondra sees me and gives me a hug.

“I’m glad you could make it” she smiled.

“So are we” Manny says, also giving me a hug and I swear I thought I heard a growl behind me. I look back to see Colin giving me a sheepish smile. Ray and Jake also hug me and so does Dayna.

“Here you go” I heard Trisha say. I looked to see her handing me a plate with some type of meat. Next thing I know, I snatch the plate from her and start eating the meat like there is no tomorrow. I feel eyes on me and I look to see everyone looking at me. My cheeks burn from embarrassment.

“Sorry” I squeaked out.

“There’s no need to be sorry. Most of us have done it one time in our lives” Mr. Tristan says, which I doubt, but I still nod.

“Here you go dear. This should help with the headache and itching for a little while” Mrs. Yashira says handing me a mug. I look at it with furrowed eyebrows.

“It’s a special tea. It’s a bit bitter, but it will help”, she assures me. Getting another sharp pain, I downed the tea, not caring that it was hot.

“Thank you, Mrs. Yashira” I said.

“Oh, please, call me grandma or Yashira” she smiled. We continued to eat, drink, dance, and I was introduced to more people. It was weird to see a lot of them bow their heads to me. My headache and itching were gone and, to tell you the truth, I was having a lot of fun. Then I remembered Colin’s car. I saw him talking to his friends, so I excused myself and walked towards him.

“Hey, can you show me where your car is?” I asked.

“You can leave it for another day. Have some fun” he says.

“I can do it now. It won’t take long”, I told him. He nods and takes my hand, sending shocks of electricity through my whole body. We walk to the side of the massive house and he takes the cover of a car.

“Wow. I thought your motorcycle was a beauty, but this… this takes it all. You have a 1969 Camaro Z28”. I gently ran my fingers over the slick black paint.

“Rear wheel drive V8, four speed manual, two hundred and… ninety horsepower?” I ask and Colin grins at me. I clapped my hands and got to work. It took about an hour to change the breaks on Colin’s car because I double and tripled checked my work.

“All done” I said, looking proud at what I had done. I looked at Colin to see him smiling at me.

“You have some grease on your cheek” he says before wiping it off. He then cups my cheek and pulls me in for a k!ss. I k!ssed him back. When we pulled back, a whimper leaves my l!ps and Colin smirks.

“Let’s head back to the barbeque and thank you for fixing the breaks on my car” he smiled.

“No problem”, I smiled back. We headed back to the barbeque with everyone else. I would catch Tara once in a while, look at me and talk to her friends Ivory and Karen before she disappeared, then appear a few minutes later somewhere else. She was watching me and that was obvious. Hours had past and now we were all sitting by the huge bonfire.

“So, Angel, before you came here, where were you?” Yashira asked.

“Sis, are you giving your grandson’s friend a hard time?” I heard a male ask from the shadows.

“I would never”, Yashira says with a dramatic gasp, making me chuckle.

“Angel, I want you to meet my brother-”

“Joel” I said. I knew that man anywhere. I mean he was older, but I knew him, well, I knew of him. An older handsome man was next to him holding his hand. They looked at each other with so much love.

“You know my brother?” Yashira asks.

“Well, more like I have heard of him. My mom used to listen to his music, which she loved, by the way. She would sing along to all your songs. I personally loved tortured souls”, I said, making him smile widely. Colin took my hand in his and brought it to his l!ps, k!ssing it. I heard a growl behind me which made me jump and stand on my feet.

“It’s okay. It was nothing”, Colin says, standing next to me. The headache and the itching were slowly coming back.

“I’m glad to know some people still listen to my music. I would love to one day meet your mom. I will personally give her an autograph and take a picture with her. You should bring her by one day” Mr. Joel said.

“That’s very kind of you, Mr. Joel, but that won’t be happening” my voice broke at the end. Colin looked at me in confusion and my headache was starting to get worse. I noticed that there was this red glow around me. I looked up to see that there was a blood moon tonight. My birthday is on a blood moon this year.

“Why is that?” Mr. Joel asks.

“Because she killed her mother along with her brother and stepfather” a familiar voice came from behind me. I stood turning to look at none other than Tara, followed by a nervous looking Ivory and Karen. Colin said he had broken up with her after the fight and I felt bad knowing they broke up because of me.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, Tara” I said, feeling my anger come to the surface. I bald up my fist trying to stay calm, but to no avail.

“Of course I know. I knew there was something off about you and here is the proof”. She handed Colin and everyone around the bonfire some papers. My whole body was shaking with anger by now. The anger I was feeling before was nothing compared to the one I was feeling now.


“Did you know that the family of your stepfather was looking for you? They want justice for you killing their brother” Tara leans in and whispers in my ear. “I tipped them off. They know where you are”. I stepped back from her as if she had just burned me.

“You have no idea what you have just done” I said before I took off running. I have been hiding for the past six months and now that I have the chance to be normal, some b!tch ruins it for me. I continue to run as fast as I can. People look at me but I ignored them and continued to run. I have no idea where I’m going and the only thing I have lighting up my path is the red glow of the blood moon.

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