My Lycan Luna Chapter 8: Explaining things


A roar leaves my lips as I turn to Tara, Ivory, and Karen. Ivory and Karen look terrified. Good, they should be because I warned them. The smug smile on Tara’s face falls and fear takes over but she masks it. She walks towards me and places her hands on my chest but I smack them away.

“I warned the three of you-”

“She’s a killer. She killed her parents and her brother”, Tara says.

“More than half of us have killed. You have killed your share fare as well,” I grit out.

“Rogues” Tara argues.

“But you still killed them. We all have killed to protect those we love and care about. We all have blood on our hands” I shouted. I took a deep breath and looked at the three of them.

“I warned you but you didn’t listen. I, Colin Knight, Alpha of the Obsidian Moon Pack, banish you, Tara Staton, Ivory Helms, and Karen Grimes from the Obsidian Moon Pack”, I said, using my Alpha voice.

“What?” Tara shrieks.

“Alpha” Ivory and Karen say at the same time.

‘Tara, Ivory, and Karen have been banished from our pack. They have ten minutes to leave. If they are still in my pack when the ten minutes are up, they are to be executed’ I order my pack members, then cut off the link to the pack.

“You have ten minutes to leave my pack grounds. If you are still here within those ten minutes, you are to be executed” I said, then looked at my parents and grandparents.

“Go son, we’ll take care of everything here” dad Koslov says. I nodded my thanks and take off. I followed my mate’s scent. It is taking me to the southern pack house. Suddenly, I hear an ear piercing scream.

‘Mate. We need to get to mate. She needs us’ Xan said, pacing in my head. I sniff the air, her scent is getting stronger. Then, there’s another scream. With her screams, I knew she would attract the attention of other pack members, so I needed to get to her before anybody else did.

‘We’re getting close’ Xan says. Just then, I saw someone on the ground. It’s my mate. I hear bones break as her body contours from the pain.

‘Mate is shifting’ Xan says. I can tell she’s fighting it and if she continues to fight it the pain will get worse. More bones break and she screams even more. I ran to her side and placed my hand on her face.

“Angel, baby, I’m here. Don’t fight the shift. It will only hurt more if you do. I’m right here with you. I’m not going anywhere”, I tell her as another bone breaks. I feel Xan push forward and begins to growl. It’s not in a threatening way, but one that will sooth and help her wolf. Her eyes snap open and her eyes are glowing a bright purple. Her canines begin to extend. Her left arm shoots up as if she’s trying to grab the moon.

“The shift during the blood moon is the most painful one. The pain is three times stronger than any other transition for the first time”, I heard my mom say from behind me. When mom first shifted, she also shifted during the blood moon. Mom quickly takes off Angel’s shoes, which is the only thing that’s not ripped right now. Her bones continued to break and reshape over and over again.

“It’s been an hour. She should have shifted by now”, mom says. Just then, my mate slowly gets on all fours and the scream she lets out when her spine breaks makes us cover our ears. My mate dropped to the floor and passed out.

“Impossible” mom whispers.

“I thought they were all extinct” I said, looking at my beautiful mate in her Lycan form. I quickly took out my phone and took a picture of her.

“I thought so too. Now I understand why she hadn’t shifted before, like any other werewolf. Lycans don’t fully mature until their eighteenth birthday. To some supernaturals she would have smelled like a human, to others like an unsifted wolf”, mom said. A portal opens not far from us and grandma steps through with my dads and grandpa. As soon as they see my mate, they stop.

“A Lycan” grandpa and dad Tristan say at the same time.

“How could this be? I hear the last Lycan was killed over two centuries ago” dad Koslov says. A growl vibrates through my chest as I run my hand through my mate’s silver fur. It’s so soft and the glow of the blood moon gives it a red silvery glow. Suddenly, my mate’s eyes snap open and a growl leaves her lips. My parents back up a little. My mate watches them closely.

“Angel” I called softly. My mate looks at me then tilts her head to the side like a confused puppy. Cute.

“Is your Lycan talking to you?” I asked. Again she tilts her head, then nods once.

“It’s okay. We will explain everything to you. Can you shift back to your human form?” I asked. My mate looks at her claws and arms, then shakes her head.

“Think of what you look like in your human form” I said. She closes her eyes and a few seconds later her body starts to shift to her human form. I quickly took off my shirt and helped her put it on. She looks at me before looking away. I pick her up as grandma opens a portal. Angel leans her head on my chest and closes her eyes. I step through the portal and I find myself at the northern pack house. I go up to my room and place my mate who is already sleeping on my bed, then cover her up.

‘Trisha, do you know if Tara, Ivory, and Karen left the pack?’ I linked my sister. I felt their teether snap when I banished them.

‘Yes, Alondra, Dayna, and I made sure of it. How is Angel?’ she asks through the link.

‘You won’t believe this, but she shifted’ I told her.

‘She did? Awesome, now she’ll know you two are mates’. I can feel her happiness for me through the link.

‘Yes, but you won’t believe what she shifted into’ I said.

‘What?’ she asks.

‘A Lycan’, I tell her. The link goes silent for a few seconds but I know she’s there.

‘Are you sure?’ she asks.

‘Yes, mom, dads, grandma, and grandpa were there’ I tell her.

‘So this means… she’s the last of her kind’ she says, and now that I think about it, she is the last of her kind.

‘True. Alright, sis. I’ll see you in the morning’, I told her. I went to the other side and lay next to her. I closed my eyes. I can only imagine how things are going to go tomorrow.



I woke up early like I usually do and went to training, but I couldn’t concentrate. Xan and I wanted to be with our mate when she woke up, but I also needed to train my pack.

“Alpha” I saw Norman, Tara’s father, walking towards me. Behind him was Sallie. Not far behind them were Ivory and Karen’s parents.

“Alpha, why did you banish our daughter?” Norman asks.

“Ours too,” Jason, Ivory’s father, asks.

“Your daughters attacked your Luna. They were punished for it and also warned that if they did it again they would be banished, yet last night, in front of everyone, they attacked our Luna, not physically but verbally and emotionally-”

“But they are just kids” Sallie cried.

“Your daughters are eighteen years old. I believe you have taught them right from wrong. Be glad I only banished them. I could have killed them and made a better example out of them”, I growled.

“Alpha, please give them one more chance”, Israel, Karen’s father pleaded.

“I’m sorry, but I already gave them a chance and they disobeyed. My word is final”. I turned away from them and continued training with my pack members. I finished training around eight thirty and quickly headed to the pack house. I ran up to my room only to see my mate was still sleeping. I know she would be starving when she wakes up. I took a much needed shower, then turned off the shower and dried myself. I wrapped the towel around me and walked out to my room and the scent of food filled my nose. I noticed the blue rose and I smiled, knowing it was grandma. I walked to my closet and wore my boxers, gray sweatpants, and a black t-shirt. When I walked out of the closet, my mate was sitting up and looking around.

“Good morning” I smiled.

“Good morning. Where am I?” she asks.

“You’re in my room. Come and eat. There’s a lot we need to talk about”, I told her, extending my hand to help her out of bed. She takes my hand and gets out of bed. We go to the table and take a seat. I take the blue rose and give it to her. She smiles, taking the rose. She brings it to her nose, taking in the scent of the rose. She looks at me and her eyes flash a bright purple. I uncover her plate.

“This looks great, thank you” she says and digs in. I began to explain to her what happened last night. Why she was in so much pain and what had she turned into. She looks down at her hands.

“Tara was right. People like me don’t belong with people like you” she says as a tear leaves her eyes.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“I turned into a Lycan” she growled and jumped from her seat at the sound of her own growl.

“You’re the only one of your kind, which means you are special, but you’re not a monster nor alone. Three fourths of everyone here is a werewolf, some are vampires, and others are witches and warlocks. My mom is half werewolf, half hellhound, and Trisha is the first tribid ever. She’s one third vampire, one third werewolf, and one third hellhound. I’m a full werewolf and the Alpha of this pack. So, you’re not alone”, I assured her.

“This is insane” she said, sitting down.

“Wait, I thought vampires and werewolves hated each other. I mean that’s what I have read or seen on TV” she said.

“Not all of them. We have a peace treaty with the vampire king, who happens to also be Trisha’s mate. But there are other vampires out there who don’t want to go by that treaty”, I told her. I then explain to her about rogues, ferals, and even rogue vampires. I then explained to her what a pack is and the ranks. She asked me what a mate was and I also explained that to her.

“So, you and I are mates?” she asks.

“Yes” I smiled.

“You’re the Alpha of this pack and that makes me your… Luna?” she asks and I nod my head. I see her eyes glaze over and I know she’s talking to her Lycan. When her eyes go back to normal, she looks at me.

“May I see… your wolf?” she asks.

“Sure” I smiled.

“What’s his name?” she asks.

“Xan. What’s your Lycan’s name?” I asked.

“Faith” my mate smiled. I smiled and walked to my closet. I grabbed some sweatpants and handed them to my mate.

“You can wear these”, I told her. She took them and I turned to give her some privacy.

“Okay” she says. I turned around to see her bouncing on her tippy toes. I grinned, taking her hand in mine. Once outside of the northern pack house we walked to the tree line. I started to take off my clothes and I saw her blush and look up at the sky. I shifted into my wolf and then walked towards her, nudging her hand. She gasps and looks at me.

“Even in your wolf form I can feel the sparks” she says, and I nod. She looks at me from ears to tail.

“May I… touch you?” she asks and I step closer to her. She runs her hand through my fur.

“Wow, it’s so soft and huge. I mean you’re massive for a wolf” she says with a blush. I get lower and nudge her to get on.

“You want me to get on your back?” she asks and I nod. She quickly grabs my pants and gets on. I growled, letting her know I was going to move. She held on to my fur and her legs tightened around me. Xan was beyond happy. He gained more speed and I felt her grip on me tighten as she laughed. We arrived at the waterfall. I slowed down to a stop, then got down for my mate to get off. She walked towards the waterfall and I could tell she was thinking. I shifted to my human form and put on my pants.

“You said earlier that you have two pack houses. Why? Oh, and why do you have two dads?” she asks.

“My mom was the first female Alpha ever. Many people thought that Alpha River was a male, including my dad, Tristan, until he met her. He knew they were mates and so did she. Long story short, dad Tristan wanted a bigger pack for the war against vampires that was coming. Mom got an invite to a party and found out that the party was an engagement party for dad Tristan and another woman. Mom then met dad Koslov. He took care of mom when she was pregnant with me and even after. He was there when mom rejected my dad, Tristan, and he accepted it. Anyone would have thought that dad Tristan and dad Koslov would have hated each other, but no. They became good friends. Dad Tristan could tell dad Koslov loved mom and dad Koslov could tell that even after the rejection, dad Tristan and mom still loved each other but mom was afraid of getting hurt, but dad Tristan worked hard to get her trust. Dad Koslov said he didn’t mind sharing my mom with dad Tristan. When dad Tristan marked mom they decided on joining the packs, so we have two pack houses and that’s how Trisha and I have two dads”, I explained.

“Wow, that’s… a lot, but I can tell your dads love your mom and she loves them” Angel smiles sadly. We stay silent for a little while, just listening to the water and the animals around until she breaks the silence.

“I’m ready” she says.

“For what?” I asked in confusion.

“To tell you and your family what really happened to my mom and little brother, but before I do, I need to go to my house” she said.

“Okay. Let’s head back to the pack house and I’ll take you to your house” I said, and she nodded. I undress, shifting to my wolf. She got back on and I ran back to the pack house. After I got dressed again, I put on my shoes and grabbed my keys to my car. Angel was waiting by the car. We get in the car and I headed out of the pack lands the whole time wondering what was it that my beautiful mate had to tell me.

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