My Omega Queen Chapter 10: Welcome Home

POV: Emily

“It’s time to leave” he says, quite harshly, to everyone.

His words hit me like a train and my heart ached. I’ve been preparing mentally to leave the pack for a few days now and I still did not feel completely ready for it. There’s nothing left for me here, yet it feels like home.

Everyone seemed to be taken aback by this sudden announcement, as usually people leave after the party is over. One of the guys tried to say something but Edward was clearly in no mood for replies as he went ahead to the cars. My luck was that my luggage was pretty much prepared since I tried to leave earlier, so we just hugged Alice goodbye and asker her to convey our regards to Nathan and Wendy too.

The cars they came with were parked at the territory border, 7 identic black SUVs with tinted windows. My first instinct was to get in the car with Grace, the other Omega, Rick, and their respective mates, but we couldn’t all fit in comfortably. Andy was in the driver’s seat, since he knew the way to their pack, and Grace was besides him. That left the three of us in the back, sitting a bit cramped.

“Emily, just go sit with your mate” says an annoyed Rick.

“I would! But he went ahead and I don’t know in which car he’s in. I’ll be damned if I’ll go around smelling each car like a freaking K9 drug detector.” I say, pouting and crossing my arms. It was going to be a long 13 hours car ride.

Andy and Grace were just giggling at our dispute.

“You should thank me, Rick, now you get to stay really close to your mate. So, when are we gonna leave?” I say.

“Let me check, I’ll ask using the mind-link.” says Andy, while barely containing his laughter.

Everyone outside seems to be in the cars, so we wait expectantly for Andy to be done.

“Well,” he begins by turning his head towards the back and clearing his throat, “it seems that we’re waiting for our Luna to be in her rightful spot”. Everyone looks at me. “He is in that one. I suggest you go ASAP.” continues Andy, with a serious voice, pointing at one of the other cars, that looks exactly like the others.

I just sigh and open the door, to Rick’s pleasure. I get my backpack from the trunk and make my way towards the targeted vehicle. Since the windows are tinted, I cannot see anything from outside. I open one of the doors in the back, letting his smell invade my nostrils. It gives me goosebumps, but also makes me a bit anxious for some reason. Accalia lies down her body and keeps her ears tilted back, but head up.

“What’s wrong, Accalia?”

“They’re mad.” she says, not quite sure herself.

I notice that he’s alone, sitting in the driver’s seat, fidgeting the wheel. I throw my backpack and try to take my seat when I hear a cold, commanding: “Front seat”.

My gut instinct tells me that he didn’t mean to leave space for retorts, but I still try: “There’s more space in the ba-“

“FRONT SEAT”, he says almost growling. He put a bit of his aura in it, but it was not a truly Alpha command.

I sigh and move to the front seat. I buckle up my belt and we all leave.

The atmosphere in the car is so heavy that it almost feels impossible to breathe. We’ve been on the road for 7 hours now, in complete silence. Against Accalia’s numerous attempts at trying to stop me, I choose to break the silence and ask away:

“So… Edward. I have a slight feeling in my stomach that you’re mad. Would you like to talk about it?”

Edward turns towards me, with a serious and cold gaze on his face. He doesn’t say anything for about 5 minutes, then suddenly says, in one breath:

“Kyle told me you were mates for a short while. Do you still have feelings for him?”

That surprised me so much that I choked on my own spit for a moment, then continued to answer: “Feelings? For Kyle?! Ooh, yes! I have so many feelings of hatred for that guy, you can’t even imagine. Did he also tell you that he rejected me first, on the basis that I am unfit to be his mate as I am an Omega and a traitor?”

Edward just nods.

“Then how could you think I still have feelings for him? He hurt me so much!”

“The mate-bond is strong. One can even love their r****t or torturer if they turn out to be mates.”

“Well, we were mates for about 5 minutes and even Accalia hates him, so you have nothing to worry about in that regard. Was that the reason for your attitude?”

Edward nods and turns his face towards the window, but I could tell he was getting a bit red at the corners of his face. Is he embarassed? Just the thought that the big Alpha King is blushing makes me giggle out loud. This makes him even redder.

However, the remainder of the drive was still in silence. But it was a good silence, not the hard-to-breathe one.

After 13 hours of driving and only one gas-stop, we finally arrive at the borders of the Midnight Pack. The pack was renowned for two reasons: one would be that the Alpha King resides in and runs this pack, and another is the location of it. It was built in a very remote place, in the center of a circle made by mountains, like fortress walls. There’s only one way in and out, which kind of makes the pack resemble a citadel. The moment we started driving up the mountains, you could see the shadows of wolves through the thick forest, escorting us. It’s hard to make them out as they’re mostly black. “I’ll definitely not fit in here” was a thought that passed my mind thinking about my snow white wolf.

We stopped in front of a huge mansion, which I made out to be Edward’s Alpha house. An Alpha’s house is always huge, wherever you go. This is due to the fact that the houses are passed on from generation to generation and each one brings new additions to it. However, this is definitely out of ordinary, even for an Alpha residence.

“We’ve arrived.” says Edward, closing my open mouth.

Only after getting out of the car and fetching my backpack, I notice that the other cars are gone.

“They’ve stopped at their respective houses on the way.” says Edward, again, reading my thoughts. He then goes ahead and puts a hand on my shoulder and whispers in my ear:

“Welcome home, Emily.”

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