My Omega Queen Chapter 11: Midnight Pack

POV: Emily

When we get past the huge front doors, we enter into a huge living room, that contains two sets of stairs that meet in the middle. There are a few people seemingly waiting for us in the open space living room. One of them, a muscular, tall man with dark-brown hair steps forward and makes an elegant bow, extending his hand:

“Hello, Luna. We’ve been expecting you. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Michael Trueborn, Beta of the Midnight Pack for 9 years. This here is my mate, Amanda.” and a smiling girl with blonde, short bob hair takes a step forward and bows her head, saying in a sweet voice:

“Nice to meet you, Luna. I hope we get along.”

I shake their hands and nod, taking in their smell. Just before I open my mouth to introduce myself, Michael points gracefully towards three older people nearby:

“They are the Midnight Pack’s elders, Cole, Lance and Andrew.” They take me in for a second before greeting me. Their faces did not display any trace of pleasure or kindness. This gut feeling was emphasized by their immediate leave, entering a door below the stairs.

“Well, that was that, I guess. Don’t worry about it, they will come around.”says Michael, with a reassuring smile, and turns his look towards Edward, behind me.

“Amanda, can you please show Emily around the house?” asks Edward, even though he doesn’t wait for an answer and makes his way towards the same door the Elders took.

“Of course, Alpha.” says Amanda, rising her voice directly proportional with the distance between Edward and us. That makes me giggle.

Michael lets out in a sigh: “I’ll go have our Alpha’s back, if that’s alright with you ladies.”

We nod and he takes his leave. Amanda watches his back for a moment before turning towards me:

“So, Luna, let me show you around.”

“Please, call me Emily.” Being called Luna makes me feel weird in my stomach.

This makes her put on her sweet smile: “Alright, Emily.”

And then we walk around the house and the premises for a few hours. By the time it gets dark, my head hurts trying to remember where all the 21 doors in the house go and my stomach grumbles. My appearance must be hilarious, using a hand to hold my head and another hand to cover my embarrassing stomach as it makes Amanda laugh:

“You’ll get used to it, don’t worry. Very few people actually use all of them! We can head towards the pack kitchen as it’s time for dinner anyway.”

I nod while blushing: “That sounds good”. Since the pack is so large, they cannot all fit in the pack canteen, so the members are going to take shifts in eating, but the high-ranking wolves are supposed to have a reserved table so they can go eat anytime.

We enter the empty canteen. Amanda takes me to the spot I am meant to sit in as Luna and then she excuses herself to go and inform the staff about the new quantity of portions that we’ll be needing. I take my seat quietly and look around. The configuration of the tables in the canteen reminds me of the one used at the feast. As in, the table for the high-ranking wolves is perpendicular to the others, making it easier to see everyone and make announcements. At one point, people started coming in, mostly in groups. Some of them saw me and just brushed it off with a shrug, others were so absorbed in their gossips that they didn’t even notice my presence. However, a group of loud girls stopped in their tracks and stared at me. One of them, a tall, slim girl with long, red hair started stomping towards me, closely followed by her “girl crew”, or chihuahuas, as I imagined them. When she got in front of me, she started barking:

“Who are you?” paused a second, but left no time to reply: “Actually, I don’t care. I can tell you’re new in the pack, you must be one of the ones returned from the Mating Season. This spot is reserved for the Alpha King and his Luna, so move.” At this point, people noticed the commotion.

“Damn” I thought, this was the last thing I wanted. I look around for Amanda, but I only see unknown faces. I decide to get up, extend my hand and say:

“Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Emily and I am Edward’s mate.” Accalia was usually sleeping on her tummy, but this girl’s attitude has got her attention. She was quite pleased with my reply.

The girl gasped and stared at me for a moment. “T-That can’t be! I am going to be his mate! Now, MOVE FROM THIS SPOT AT ONCE!” and she kicked my chair down. Her chihuahuas were chanting behind her: “Yes, move, mutt!”, “Rachel is his mate!”, “How could she say that?!”, “Get out!”

Accalia was growling so hard that I’m sure others could hear it, but I was determined to contain her. My claws were extending and scratching the surface of the table slowly. With the corner of my eye, I noticed Amanda coming inside the canteen with a worried face. She hurried towards the table but the crowd was already tightly packed, making it very difficult for her to advance.

“She smells like an Omega, she can’t be his mate!”

This particular chant hurt Accalia a lot. So much, that she got up instantly and commanded making use of my mouth:

“SHUT UP.” and everyone did so. The room went quiet. Then Accalia put on a smug face, elongating her fangs and saying in a raspy, heavy voice that I was not used to hear from her: “I take it you want to challenge my position, pup?”

The chihuahuas were already kneeling. The Rachel girl was obviously fighting her wolf that was begging her to submit and eventually bared her neck. Accalia was set on making her grovel but the sound of claps broke the silence. When I turn to look in the room, I notice Edward leaning on the door frame, clapping, smiling proudly. And everyone else kneeling. They make way for Edward to advance to the table, and he says:

“I see you all have already met my mate and your Luna, Emily.” and he turns towards Rachel: “I expect everyone to treat her properly.”

“Yes, Alpha. Nice to meet you, Luna” says everyone, almost in unison. Rachel turns and exits the canteen stomping and pouting. Everyone else sits at the tables and start putting food in their plates. Edward fixes my chair and sits down next to me. He touches my arm, instantly relaxing Accalia and making my claws and fangs retract.

“S-Sorry for the commotion, that girl said something that angered Accalia.” I say, feeling bad for causing issues just moments after my arrival.

Edward goes and pours himself a drink, talking at the same time: “Sorry? You have nothing to apologize for, my dear. It is normal for your wolf to be protective of your status and demand respect from your fellow wolves.”

His words make me blush but reality quickly hits me, and I almost whisper to myself: “Well, good thing you showed up. Who would’ve listened to an Omega.” and I begin putting food in my plate. Edward made a confused face but I shrugged it off. After a few minutes, a figure trying to make its way to our table gets my attention. I quickly realize the figure is Grace, happily running towards me.

POV: Edward

I knew something was wrong when the old guys went into the office, but I didn’t expect them not to like Emily. Arthur would have killed them on the spot when they mentioned that she’s not fit to be a Luna, nevertheless a Queen. She’s already on the edge, unsure of her path in life. The last thing I want is for them to hurt her.

I was on my way to the canteen after syncing with Amanda on their location when I noticed people running towards the same place because of a commotion with Rachel. There was a lump in my throat as I suspected its cause. However, by the time I got there, Emily already had everyone kneeling and showing her respect. This made Arthur purr like a cat in approval. I made a mental note to talk to Rachel about this later. She’s my Gamma’s daughter and we dated for awhile, but that’s no reason for her to demand Emily’s spot. Arthur always nagged me not to hang out with her because she’s not my mate, yet I didn’t listen to him.

After introducing Emily, we sat down. Her wolf responds so well to my touches that it makes it hard to control Arthur. The elders want to postpone the ceremony for as long as possible in hopes that I will change my mind, but whenever we touch I become more certain that we have to do it as soon as possible before I lose control. During this chain of thoughts, it seemed to me that Emily said something confusing, as if she didn’t realise that she imposed herself in front of everyone, but she just shrugged and we continued eating.

At one point, her friend came running towards us. Did she just throw me a dirty look for a second or was I imagining things?

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