My Omega Queen Chapter 20: Exiled

POV: Emily

Amanda busts in my room at 7 AM sharp, carrying a sheet of paper in one hand and a long piece of black cloth in the other.

“Mooorning!” Amanda sings as she puts the paper on my nightstand and opens the curtains, letting inside the sleepy sun rays of autumn.

“Urghh” I growl, covering my head with the duvet. “I thought I was supposed to rest…”

“You had enough time to rest. Today is your big day and there is a lot to do.” I extend my hand from under the covers and pick up the itinerary. Meanwhile, Amanda turns on the water in my bathtub, takes out all my clothes from the wardrobe and begins ironing them. All while giving me a summary of the events that are to happen: “We’ll start by having breakfast, then you’re going to take a long and relaxing bath. Some girls will then come to take care of your hair and makeup. At about 1 PM, people will gather in the village center for a meet and greet, like a party. The ceremony itself will officially begin at 5 PM with pack introductions for the new members, including Grace, followed by the marking of the Luna. If everything goes well, the pack will go for a hunt together, to get used to the smell of the newcomers.”

“If everything goes well?” I repeat, reading the itinerary that basically reads what Amanda just told me. She doesn’t reply. “Why are you ironing and packing my clothes for that matter?”

“Why, you ask? Well, obviously, because you’re going to be moving in with the Alpha. Now, hurry up and eat something. The food is right near the door.”

I get up slowly from my comfortable bed and I am overwhelmed with thoughts about how things could go wrong, yet I decide to take them one at a time. For now, I’ll enjoy the food and the pampering, which I hope will be able to hide the fact that I barely closed an eye last night.

POV: Edward

Today is finally the day we will mark our mate. Not only that, but we shall also meet Accalia for the first time, which makes Arthur beyond excited. Lately, I have been a bit busy with scheduling the times when neighboring packs’ Alphas will come and greet the Queen. These things used to happen during the ceremony, but since not all packs get along with each other, it was decided that separate visits should suffice.

Michael has helped me tremendously with preparations for today, which offered me enough time in the morning to make a decision and take care of our little issues still stuck in the dungeon. Hence, I mind-link Nulduk to fetch the prisoners to the far-eastern border of our territory. Said and done, Nulduk and Alexei escort the two treasonous pack warriors to the meeting spot, shoving them down in front of me.

As they sit kneeled, with their hands still shackled in silver cuffs at their back, they plead for mercy: “P-p-please forgive us, Alpha King. We have learned our lesson!”

“Y-Yes, please, Alpha King. I have a daughter. I beg you to have mercy!”

One of the first lessons you learn as an Alpha is that the pack has to respect you. Where there’s no respect, no good thing can come out of it. As such, their defiance has been decided to be punished with complete exile, meaning they would not be able to join another pack, meant to live a life of solitude:

“I, Edward Avery Midnight, command you, as your Alpha and King, to continue your life roaming this earth as rogues, never to join a pack. You are hereby exiled from the Midnight Pack. May the Goddess watch over you.”

When the last word exists my mouth, their mind-link to the pack is broken. The lack of a mind-link is what denotes a rogue and causes them to start screaming in pain, holding their head. Nulduk unlocks their shackles and, together with Alexei, they remain by the rogues’ side to make sure they leave our territory.

By the time we’re done, my watch reads 12:44 so I quickly head back to the mansion to get changed for the party. I hop in the shower, knowing fully well that I am going to be late. Michael had prepared my most expensive and luxurious black suit, which features a classic chain hanging from my vest’s second button to the pocket. Opening the door to exit the house, I bump into Amanda, dressed in a gorgeous red skater dress and high heels, which make her stumble:

“Sorry, Amanda, are you ok?” I ask, while also making sure her makeup did not stain my white shirt.

“Oh, yes, I’m just not used to walking in these.” She says, chuckling.

“Wait, if you’re here… Emily is also still here?!”

“We’re also a bit late- Oh, here she comes.”

I turn my head and I see Emily coming down the stairs in a long, tight, black dress that highlights her body’s curves. Her hair is styled in an elegant bun, having one of her white locks flowing freely besides her face. My body freezes on the spot mesmerized, part of me being proud of our mate’s beauty yet another part of me wanting her to put on another dress that is not as revealing. I compose myself and take her hand, making her blush instantly:

“You’re so beautiful, Emily.”

“T-thank you. Y-you’re also very handsome.”

We remain stuck like that, near the stairs, staring at each other for a moment, until Amanda breaks the spell and hurries us:

“Alright, can we go now? The party has already started!”

Since we are running late, we decide to go by car. Arrived at the village square, the music was already on and people were mingling. Whenever they would see us, pack members would bow their head in respect and some of them would come and talk to us. At one point, Michael signaled me from the distance to go over to him. Emily was already involved in a discussion with her friend, so I excused myself.

POV: Emily

Several people excitedly came to meet and greet me, which made me genuinely happy. There were also a few throwing sharp glances from the distance and purposely moving away from us when we would get closer, but Edward didn’t seem to mind them, so I didn’t either. I was talking to Grace when Edward excused himself to go talk to Michael and the elders, who were handling a few logistical issues.

“I’m so happy for you! I heard there’s going to be a hunt tonight! I bet everyone is looking forward to that, it makes me excited just thinking about letting Rain run free with her pack.” says Grace, with a full-fledged smile on her face.

However, a grim realization hit me: “Oh-shoot. I totally forgot about the hunt.” And I whisper: “How do you think a pack whose main, hereditary wolf color is pitch black would react to having a snow-white wolf as Luna?! Edward doesn’t even know yet!”

Grace is surprised but nothing can demoralize her at this moment: “Don’t worry, Em, that’s a trivial detail. I’m sure everything is going to be alright.”

“Yea… I’m sure…” I say, completely unsure.

As if not realizing how time went by, I get surprised by Amanda who suddenly makes her appearance from the crowd and ushers us:

“Girls, we have to start heading towards the meadow. It’s almost time for the ceremony to begin.”

With a knot in my stomach, I start following them into the woods.

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