My Omega Queen Chapter 26: Relics of the Pas

POV: Kyle

Ever since she left, I’ve been a mess. I have tried to bury my sorrow and desire using she-wolves from the pack, but their bodies cannot satisfy the craving for HER touch. I am unable to concentrate on my Alpha duties as every once in a while, I am distracted by a pain in my chest that’s getting stronger and stronger. Even Raven, my wolf, has stopped talking to me for denying his chance at a mate, thus endangering my position as Alpha. I have somehow managed to sweep the real story under the rug so that my pack won’t know of this time of weakness, but gossips go around. It is merely a matter of time until someone will gather their courage and challenge me.

Considering this, I have decided to swallow my pride and pay a visit to a dreaded enemy of our race, an old witch who has taken to the human lifestyle, living inside the city our pack governs over. Normally witches wouldn’t help werewolves, but hunt or trick them for certain ingredients instead. However, this specific one owes me a debt. I have allowed her to live in our city in exchange for occasional wolfsbane and potions that we might need.

Witches used to be hard to find, as their nests would be built deep into forests and protected with all kinds of spells. They used to be dangerous, especially when they would be part of a coven. But not anymore. Now they are scarce and frail, just like lone wolves.

I burst open the door to her small, disgusting, vintage shop and scream for her: “Where is Lilith?!”

The clerk, an old man, looks over his glasses at me and points to a room behind him. I make my way there, bursting into this room as well, and I see Lilith sitting on a chair beside a window, reading a book.

“Lower your voice, Kyle.” she says, with her elderly voice, not even turning her head.

I close the door behind me and continue: “Alpha Kyle, for you. The time has come for you to pay your debt, Lilith.”

She closes her book and finally looks at me from her chair. Her mouth takes a form that I haven’t seen on her before: a smile. Her face lights up with seemingly joy and she says: “The big bad wolf needs help.” Then, she slowly makes her way towards me and touches my hand. I growl at her by reflex and pull my hand back.

“Stop that.” she snaps and takes my hand in hers again. After a few seconds, she begins laughing uncontrollably.

“What are you laughing for?!”

“Hahaha! You’ve gotten yourself into a big mess, wolf!”

I can only look away in disdain.

After her laughter quiets down, she can finally say something: “It seems to me that you have angered your Goddess, am I right? You have been cursed. Not only that, but it is the worst curse of them all.”

My face goes blank. “There must be something you can do, right?! I have rejected my mate, but the bond is still there. If I don’t do anything, then…” and I stop mid-sentence, not being able to face the truth.

Lilith coughs a few times due to the laughter and takes again a seat on her chair. This time, she says seriously: “Mhm. Mate bonds are a thing witches have researched for a long, long time. Nobody has found a way to break them, ’till this day and age.”

In that moment, her words brought me to a helpless position and I leaned on the door frame, holding my head.

“However, you have been merciful to me. As I said, there is no way to break a bond, but you can tweek them a bit. I shall share a way for you to be with your fated mate again, in exchange for one of your claws.”

Hope makes way in my thoughts again.:”B-but, she has a new mate now.”

“It doesn’t matter. My potion will mess with her memories and she shall forget her feelings and her mate, making way for your own bond to heal. It will feel weird and strange for her at first, but as long as you keep her close by, you should be fine. It can even be in a closed off space…”

“Really?! I can do that!” and I straighten my back again. One claw is no issue.

Lilith nods and gets up from her chair, fetching an uncanny clipper. I close the deal made with Lilith by grabbing the tool and clipping one of my claws off. This hurt Raven a lot more than it did me, but my conviction that he will forgive this decision when I reunite him with his mate gives me confidence.

The witch gives me a vial with a blue liquid and smiles, saying: “We are even now, wolf. Don’t look for me again.”

I nod and turn on my heels, towards the exit. Lilith’s voice is heard from behind me: “Ooh, I forgot to mention one thing…”

POV: Emily

“Now, what do you think we should do with Cole and his accomplice, Emily?” Edward asked, staring into my eyes.

His question takes me by surprise as I didn’t expect my input as a Luna to be ncessary so soon. I spend a few moments pondering on my answer, and finally say: “I’d like to talk to them.”

Everyone in the room is taken aback by my request. Edward is the first to recover and say: “Can I ask why?”

“I would not want to make a rush decision, especially when it is as important as deciding if a werewolf should be banished from our lands, implicitly forcing them into a life of solitude, or they should be killed.”

Edward nods: “I understand, it sounds fair. Shall we go now, then? I’d like to sleep with a clear mind, if you don’t mind.”

I agree, despite it being quite late. I wouldn’t be able to sleep with such a weight on my shoulders. Thus, Andrew and Lance have been sent to their quarters until further notice, and the three of us begin making our way towards the dungeon. This time, though, Rafael greets us respectfully and opens the door with no hesitance. He also offers each of us a pair of gloves. Behind his secured door lies a seemingly endless hallway. There are doors made of pure silver on both sides, with no windows or bars. This quantity of silver brings back some ugly memories from being locked up in the Bloodmoon Pack’s dungeon and it makes my head hurt.

Luckily for me, Michael, who is going ahead, soon stops beside a door. He pulls out a key from his waist and opens it. Inside of it, there was a figure resembling Elder Cole crouched into a corner, in a puddle of blood. His face looked as if he had aged ahead of time. At the sound of us entering the room, he instantly lunged at us growling just to be stopped by a chain connecting his ankle to a pin in the wall.

Edward’s eyes turned black with anger for a second, but he took a deep breath and said in a calmer tone than I had expected: “You should consider yourself fortunate that my mate here is not as heinous as yourself and she has chosen to hear you out. Scum.”

That last word made me feel like he is restraining himself, so I quickly get on to the point:

“Eld-, uhm, Cole, I’d like to ask you some questions. Your punishment will be decided based on your answers. First of all, why have you attempted to take my life?”

Cole sits on the stone bed beside him and smiles arrogantly, saying:

“Ever since I laid eyes on you when you showed up on our doorstep, I was convinced you would not be able to lead a powerful pack like ours. You were frail, quiet, even your posture radiated with lack of confidence. Nevertheless, when I researched you a bit, I found out you were an Omega, with no bloodline defined.” he spit on the ground, and continued: “My worries evaporated in thin air when Antonio came up with this idea of messing with your girls’ fight…” At this point, Cole began laughing histerically. When he finally finished and took on a serious expression, he made his resolve clear to us: “I refuse to be lead by an Omega Queen, picked up from the ground like some trash.”

I clench my fists and bite my lip, holding back both my tears and an impulse to rip his guts out at the same time. I manage to let out a few words between my teeth: “Thank you for your answer.” and I turn on my heels, saying with a trembling voice, which came out more like a whisper: “There is no need for other questions.”

As soon as the last sound came out of my mouth, a gust of wind moved my hair. It took only a second for Edward to s***h Cole’s neck with his claws that broke through the gloves. By the time I turned around and realized what had happened, Cole’s lifeless body hit the floor and blood started pouring out of his wound like a waterfall.

I was stunned in my spot as I had not expected this. Michael swiftly passed by me to hand Edward another pair of gloves. After cleaning and retracting his claws, Edward smiled at me and asked:

“Shall we continue our way to the next prisoner?”

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