My Omega Queen Chapter 4: Accalia

POV: Nathan

Yesterday was a really long day, it felt like an eternity. I was angry at my helplessness to support Emily, but glad that she somehow escaped the horrors of torture. Eventually, Kyle came back to the mansion empty-handed and just closed the door on us. I don’t know what’s gotten into him, but I have to find out what’s happening.

Knock-knock “Alpha, it’s Nathan, could we talk perhaps?” Finally, a good thing came out of us living under the same roof.

“Come in” I hear from inside the room.

As I open the door, the reek of alcohol invades my nostrils and I can’t help my hand reaching to close my nose: “Damn Kyle, it smells like a bar in here, are you ok?” I say when I see Kyle on the floor, leaning on the bed frame with his back, surrounded by bottles.

“I rejected her, Nathan.” he says in a thoughtful manner.

My face drops.

“She rejected me, too, and then ran. Of course, she can’t be that far. I can still feel the connection through the mind-link even if it’s blocked. How is that even possible?”

“Are you crazy, Kyle?! Rejecting your Luna… why?? What if you’re not given another one?!” I say, completely missing the last part of his sentence.

“She was a f*g treacherous Omega, that’s why, Nathan!! I couldn’t accept such a mate, I would’ve been seen as weak. But you can’t see that, because you’re blinded by your feelings!” he screams at me. “There’s lots of fish in the pool, another will appear.”

“T-treacherous?! Where is THAT coming from?! That girl did nothing but obey everything that was asked of her! How is Raven reacting to all of this?!”

“How could he be… he’s angry and won’t talk to me. All he could think about was marking her on the spot. I had to do it before the bond could strengthen. But he’s an Alpha, he’ll recover.” I couldn’t tell if he was trying to convince me or himself. “In any case” he starts saying, getting up: “We still have to catch her and find out what happened in the woods. We suspect that she’s the one who lured the unfriendly rogues in that specific weak spot of ours. One or two rogues escaped the scene. Who knows what else they’re planning…”

“There’s no way she’d do something like that. Did you even listen to her side of the story?”

“Enough of this! I’ll listen to it in the dungeons, when she’s cuffed up and spilling the beans! Get five other pack warriors and start looking for her quietly. We don’t want to disturb the event for the other werewolves. BRING her to me, Nathan.” I didn’t expect him to use his Alpha command on me. He must really not trust me with this task.

I just nod and leave reluctantly.

POV: Emily

We’ve run for a few hours until my wolf decided we were far enough. She stopped us right behind a creek, where she’d know that our traces and smell would be lost by the running water. For a split second, I can see our reflection in the water. My wolf is big and snow white. My fur looks shiny and soft. After that, she gave the control back to me, shifting back. She’s a smart wolf, but obviously didn’t take into consideration the fact that my clothes would be torn in the process, hence why I’m standing now butt-naked on the grass, thinking about my next steps.

“We cannot go back, he’s going to kill us. For some reason he believes we did something wrong and won’t listen to us,” says my wolf, in her usual collected tone. “But first, Emily, let’s get acquainted. My name is Accalia.”

“Nice to meet you, Accalia. Are you alright? You know… after the whole mate thing.”

“Oh, yes. Don’t worry about it. The bond didn’t have time to solidify and he was the one who rejected us first which made things easier. The Moon Goddess will forgive us, not so sure about him though. What do you want to do next?”

“I-I don’t know. We didn’t do anything wrong, we must get him to listen to us somehow.” I bring my knees towards my chest and ponder for a moment. This isn’t how I imagined my first Mating Season would go. I have to admit, some part of me thought and hoped my mate would be Nathan. Both of us seemed attracted to each other. Maybe he would help me reach the Alpha’s ears and avoid going through a miserable death. I’m bound to at least give it a try.

“It’s a plan, alright” says Accalia, startling me. I forgot we were also sharing thoughts and it makes me giggle a bit.

First and foremost, I need some clothes.

POV: Grace

Emily didn’t come home yesterday and her mind-link is blocked, which worried me and Alice. If I hadn’t known Wendy better, I could’ve sworn she also looked concerned when knocking at Emily’s room this morning and not getting any answer. I barely managed to fall asleep because of the anxiety. Maybe she’ll return today, especially it being the mingle day.

Yesterday, around 250 unmated wolves arrived on our territory from all over the county and settled in wherever they found a spot. Usually, on the first day of the Mating Season, the preparations are being done and the guests arrive. On the second day, there’s kind of a party where wolves mingle to increase the chances of finding their mates, and on the third day, there’s usually an initiation for the mated rogues into the pack, followed by a huge feast to celebrate the happy pairs. The rogues that didn’t find their mate on the mingle (second) day have to leave the territory by the third day’s sunrise, because that’s when the Alpha King Edward and his pack arrive. I heard that he’s a ruthless Alpha King. He’s barely turned 18 years old and took on the throne by p*tricide. To make it worse, he’s unmated. Goddess have mercy on the poor she-wolf that gets mated to him.

In the distance, I see Alice with a tray in one hand holding about 10 glasses and she was using her other hand to add some more to that same tray, which seemed an impossible task.

“Hey, Alice! I see you’re a waitress today?” I try to make an attempt at a joke while taking the other empty glasses and signaling her inside. Since I’m unmated, I don’t have any chores today, so I’m free to mix with the others and find my mate.

“Thanks for that! I don’t get why we just didn’t put a fountain in the middle of the village! These wolves are thirrrsty” she says while wiping her forehead with her free hand. “So, any news from Em?”

I nod negatively. “Nothing, I asked Wendy before going out but she didn’t have any clue either. She had tried to tell some pack warriors that an Omega is missing but they laughed in her face and said she was probably mating somewhere and not to worry. I even looked for the Beta but he was too busy giving orders to some pack warriors and waved me off. I don’t know what else to do…”

Alice is saddened. “Grace, it’s ok, you did your best, I’m sure she’s fine. Maybe she really DID find her mate and she’s having fun somewhere…” She tries to chuckle but it comes out fake. “Try to make the best of today and find your mate, that’s your job today, ok?”

“Ok…” I put the glasses on the kitchen counter and leave Alice to fill the dishwasher.

I decide to take a walk around the village.

Music and laughter can be heard from any corner of the village. Tables full of snacks and drinks have been placed on the sides of the streets and in the village square, there’s a huge chain dance. If you look carefully for long enough, you can catch a glimpse of the special moment between two mates that find each other. Sometimes they’re noticed and congratulated by everyone around them, other times they choose to go on a dark alley and complete the mating process. As far as I know, some mated pack warriors are under cover to limit the number of assaults that happen. Depending on the male wolf, it might want to mark the female on the spot.

sigh I’ve done two laps of the whole village and I do not sense anything differently, no amazing smell nor any hypnotizing eyes. Rain is a bit deflated and I decide to head back. Maybe I can help Alice around.

“Grace” All of a sudden, Emily mind-links me.

“Oh my Goddess, Em dear, where are you?? Are you alright?!”

“I’m mostly alright, thank you for asking” she chuckles in a flustered way. “Look, uhm… I need a favor. Could you please bring me a change of clothes at the eastern outskirts? I’ve, uh, gotten my wolf, to say”

“Oh dear, of course, be right there!!”

POV: Emily

At first, I thought the smartest idea would have been to sneak inside the community center during the night to minimize the chances of being seen butt-naked by anyone. But then, I heard the music. “Oww, it’s the mingle day… nobody is going to sleep tonight.” I thought. ‘What are we going to do, Accalia?!”

“Hmm… don’t you have anyone you can trust to bring a change of clothes to you?”

“Ah, you’re right! I bet Kyle is keeping everything secret as he was so ashamed. I could ask Grace, since she definitely has no task today. She doesn’t even have to know.” Then I mind-link Grace using the excuse that I shifted suddenly and I wait. I have to block my mind-link again to avoid getting ordered around. However, I’ll notice her.

The forest is oddly quiet. Even the running water is just whispering. After about an hour, my ears perk up and I lower myself in the grass instinctively.

I hear two voices.

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