My Omega Queen Chapter 40: Reunion (END)

POV: Edward

Finding out that Kyle is responsible for these recent events has shook me to the core. However, at least Emily is safe. I decide to focus on finding and saving her instead of imagining all the ways I could rip him to shreds.

It barely took a few orders here and there to gather enough pack warriors to send into the Blood Moon territory. Since Nathan had no idea what was going on, it should be fair to assume that Kyle has been keeping Emily’s kg a secret from most people, but probably not all. We need to take swift action to ensure that Emily returns safely to us. Also, Kyle may be prepared for an attack. Worst case scenario, he noticed Nathan’s absence and took Emily to another place, but I’ll worry about that after we get there.

We take a few cars and move as fast as we can. I made sure that Nathan told Michael every single relevant detail pertaining to the structure of the Blood Moon pack, as well as Emily’s whereabouts. He insisted on coming together with us, but I decided it was more important for him to rest in the hospital. His wounds were deep and may need several days of rest, even for a Beta.

As we close in on Kyle’s territory, we stop the cars and hide them in the forest, so that we don’t arouse any suspicion. As is the case for many packs, there will be patrols, which will alert Kyle and set us back. The plan, as it stands right now, is simple: sneak through the forest and incapacitate any patrols so that information never reaches Kyle in time. Then, find a roundabout way to the dungeons, where Emily is located, taking out the guards there. Free Emily, get her to safety, then find Kyle and bring him to justice in front of the Blood Moon pack. Many things can go wrong, but we have overwhelming force, my status as the Alpha King and the element of surprise in our favor. Thus, we enter the forest quietly.

A few minutes pass as we move through undisturbed, but quickly enough, we spot a patrol in the distance. Me and a few others shift and rush to take them out silently, hoping they don’t have enough time to mind-link their Alpha. From Nathan’s description, we slowly close in to where the dungeon is supposed to be, planning to enter it unseen. One by one, we jump the fence behind the dungeon.

One of the warriors stands watch, so that no one sees us enter the dungeons. It’s already pretty late so activity is down to a minimum. After a few more minutes, the signal is given and we pour into the dungeon, ready to take out the guards. We decide to go in not shifted yet to maintain our slim statures, but a voice scrapes the back of my mind as we enter the main room:

“Well, well, well, look what the coward dragged in”, says Kyle, mockingly. “I knew Nathan had up and left mysteriously and I certainly did expect a level of betrayal, but this? You were quite slow in dealing with the patrols, Alpha King.”

His words make me boil with anger, I cannot help but shout back:

“Reveal yourself, coward! Give Emily back right now!”

“Or else?”, he asks, as I can hear his smirk. He steps out from the shadows, together with quite a large group of his own warriors. They’re purposefully blocking the hallway to where Emily is being held.

“You may think our numbers match, Kyle, but we are by far more experienced. Surrender now! We both know your pack should not suffer because of your wrong decisions.”, I reply, readying myself for a fight.

“Wrong answer.”, he says, then charges towards us, along with his other warriors.

Me, Michael and the other warriors shift mid-air into our wolves and take the others head on. Shifted or not, it’s quite clear our prowess is unmatched. When fighting one on one, every member of Kyle’s posse is beaten swiftly, but they have begun looking for unfair fights. Two or even three of them against one of ours. Numbers traded back and forth make it a pretty even fight, with serious injuries on both sides.

Then there’s Kyle himself. I tried getting to him, but a wall of his warriors stopped my initiative. I’m slowly working my way through them, but they’re wearing me down in the process. Michael mind-links me:

“This is looking bad. Kyle’s begun taking out some of our weaker warriors. Their strategy is to outnumber us. We need to regroup.”

Just great, it seems they have a semblance of a plan, which made us lose the early advantage. I push the wall of warriors back, then retreat, shouting:

“Warriors! Regroup, we need to pierce through.”

Soon enough, everyone engaged in a fight pulls back, after which we enter formation. If our goal is Emily, this is the best way of achieving that. Our formation resembles a pointed triangle, which we intend to charge into the hallway, so that at least one of us gets through their defenses.

We begin our charge, roaring primally. Their warriors were prepared for the initial assault, but after our regrouping, they seem lost as to what to do. One after another, they fall to our charge, unable to stop or even slow us down. I glance at the hallway, our goal, which is closer than ever. My instincts tell me something is horribly wrong. Where’s Kyle?

Suddenly, our numbers begin to falter, Michael realises what’s going on from his position and quickly tries to warn me via mind-link:

“They brought out silver cuffs and the unshifted ones began dwindling our numbers. Be careful, don’t get yourself caught. I’ll try my best out here, you just focus on Emily.”

Again, we underestimated our opponent, but this was expected, given the fact that we are literally in a dungeon. The remaining warriors push through, as most of them have been either captured or are staying to fight off Kyle’s warriors from getting to me.

With every fiber of my body, I run towards the hallway, not caring about anything else than setting her free. We might be able to even turn the tide if she’s on our side, but I must act fast to release her. It’s now or never.

I barely make it into the hallway, as some of our own warriors also do. I order them to block it, to buy time for me to find Emily. I frantically check every room, trying to find her. In my panicked state, I had forgotten her exact location, but I take a quick breath and head towards the end of the hallway. Wooden door, Edward, you can do this, I tell myself.

Running, I finally get a glance at the door described by Nathan, but I can also hear someone rushing to get me. Arthur feels the intense presence and speed and confirms my suspicions: Kyle got through.

I manage to reach the door and without even thinking, I kick it down. Finally, I can enter and save her from this ordeal. But what I see instead is her staying in bed, half covered with a duvet and holding a kitchen knife to protect herself. While my expression softens with gratitude to have found her, I am received with a surprised and disgusted face from her. I begin extending my hand that’s dripping blood towards her, when I get tackled brutally out of the way, onto the hallway hard floor.

“Got you, mutt!”, Kyle proclaims triumphantly.

“No! Emily!”, I shout desperately as Arthur yelps in pain. The sudden realization that we’ve been silver cuffed makes me roar in anger.

“Shut up! She’s mine! She loves me now! Emily realized what a bad mate you were and instead of rejecting you, she came to me. You come here and wage war on our pack, without even considering her feelings. I am her mate. Her only mate. You must know how it felt for me when you took her away. The hole in my heart as you tore her away from me.” Kyle smirks again. “Just as dear old mommy was torn away from your daddy. Surely, you understand now why she returned to me.”

“I’ll kill yo-“, I try to shout, but he stomps on my head.

“Quiet, dog! You shall be executed publicly for treason to the Blood Moon pack, for trying to steal my mate.”, he says, kicking me repeatedly, all over the place.

I can hear a few of my ribs c***k, as blood enters my mouth. It can’t be over like this.

“Leave him alone!”, I hear Emily’s soft voice. “Stop hitting my mate!”

I can hear faintly Kyle replying to her: “It’s alright dear, I’m fine. I’m just punishing a traitor, you can go back to bed.”

“Okay, dear…”, is the last I hear of Emily’s voice, seemingly defeated. I don’t understand what’s going on between them but if it’s the sound of her voice, at least I can go in peace. I rushed everything, just like my father. I put my own pack in danger for my reckless and rushed plan. I can feel his kicks hitting my flesh, but there’s surprinsingly no more pain. I just spit out blood reflexively to avoid choking on it. Warm blood covers my face, as my torso and chest have seemingly given up. I must’ve gone completely numb from pain as now I truly cannot even feel his leg touching me. As my face lies onto the floor, I see blood all around me, making up a pool. He must’ve really done some damage for me to bleed like that, and the fact that we’re in a dungeon meant to keep wolves from healing themselves doesn’t help much. I try to open my eyes, in an attempt to see Emily for one last time.

However, standing over me, Kyle is desperately trying to hold his throat, with a desperate look in his eyes. A huge white wolf has its teeth sunk deep into his neck. My vision is blurry and foggy, but there’s only one white wolf I know that looks as majestic as this.

“Em…”, I manage to whisper, before fainting from the pain.

POV: Emily

I can hear a commotion outside. It sounds like a fight, and it’s serious. I prepare the closest weapon I have at my disposal when suddenly, the door swings open. I see a familiar face, but I can’t quite tell why. As the face tries to step into the room, Kyle charges him and they both disappear to the side. This feels extremely weird, I can hear them talking. The other guy just shouted my name. Why would he know my name? Who is he? My entire body retchces as I puke onto the floor of the room.

Suddenly, a rush of emotions flows back into my body. All of my memories, seemingly behind a thick black fog, have been released. Desperation, confusion, sadness, grief, acceptance, love, pride. My head feels like it’s spinning, realizing what had truly happened. Kyle has never been a good person. I’m being held here against my own will. He managed to drug me somehow and make me forget everything. I’ve been drinking wolfsbane for a while, but maybe I still have some leftover strength. I shout for Kyle to leave my mate alone. He’s clueless as to my realization. I call onto Accalia, to see if she can lend me her strength. I can feel her now, coming back along with my memories. Of course, Emily. Let’s be done with this bastard once and for all.

Thanks to me expelling elegantly some of the wolfsbane earlier, she can manage to shift barely, sprinting out of the door, going straight for Kyle’s neck.

I shall forever remember the look on Kyle face. Desperation, confusion, realization. Sinking our teeth deeper into his neck, he has finally stopped his assault on our mate. Edward weakly opens his eyes and tries to utter my name, but faints before doing so.

Accalia tosses Kyle’s limp body to the side, and I shift back, trying to find the key to the silver handcuffs. As I find them inside Kyle’s pocket, I open the cuffs and throw them aside. Edward gasps for air as his wounds begin healing immediately. The huge volume of blood around him worries me and I hurry to rip part of my pants to close his open wounds. However, soon enough I hear the commotion further in the dungeon. I drag Kyle’s body all the way through the hallway. Hopefully, they’ll get the message and cease. With one swift motion, I toss the corpse across the battlefield, which makes a few of them pause. I scream at the top of my lungs, to ensure everyone can hear me:

“The fight is over! Your Alpha is dead and I am no longer blinded by his tricks. Give up now, or join him!”

Everyone is trembling, as some look prepared to fight, twitching and others mourn. However, surprisingly, they begin kneeling at once, both the Blood Moon and the Midnight pack warriors.

“Uncuff the Midnight warriors, now!”

With a subdued motion, everyone carries out my order exactly, without hesitation. Michael looks at me with a confused but content look, and I manage to give out some more orders:

“Restrain the Blood Moon pack warriors and take Edward to the pack’s hospital. Use Kyle’s body as proof of the new leadership.” before falling to the ground. The adrenaline that has been driving me until now must have run out.

The other events are just a blur, as my limp body was still barely conscious. Michael quickly came to my aid catching my head before it hit the floor, as the the rest of our warriors have restrained the Blood Moon warriors. Then, me and Edward are quickly brought to the pack’s hospital where a friendly familiar face whispers to me, sobbing:

“Don’t worry, child, we’ll take care of you.”

Wendy then hugs me softly and rushes into the hospital to make preparations. As soon as we entered, we are directed towards an empty room, with nurses moving around hurriedly to set everything up. They place Edward onto the bed next to mine and the staff gets to work. Then another nurse comes to hook me up to an IV, which helps me become more conscious, but still feeling weak.

A few minutes pass until Edward manages to open his eyes. Thank the Goddess he’s alright. The nurses say that there’s still some internal bleeding, but the painkillers are helping his own body deal with that. He just needs to rest for a while longer.

The next few days are spent explaining everything that happened. The Blood Moon pack has been told of Kyle’s treason, as well as the story of everything that unfolded. Nathan confirmed everything, retelling his version of events as well. The warriors which were imprisoned were set free to pay back their debts to the pack, as they have also been deceived by Kyle.

Back home, people were told about the death of the elders. However, their past deeds were also called into question. Their plans to overthrow Edward, as well as their crimes of war, were clearly told to everyone who wanted to listen. Michael managed to find some of their accomplices, who were exiled shortly aftewards. The people of the Midnight pack decided that their death, while unfortunate, was good for the pack moving forward. They warmed up to me, and they clearly already supported Edward.


A year has passed from the horrible events which Kyle set into motion. Both packs have healed a lot since, with Nathan proudly leading the Blood Moon pack, while Emily and Edward lead the Midnight pack. After the dust settled, Emily and Edward began investigating into the war which killed their parents, as the elders have been known to lie.

A long search has provided both with answers, as the remains of the Whitemane pack have scattered into the neighboring territories, many choosing to forget the sorrowful past. A small settlement comprised of many Whitemane survivors has been found. They happily accepted Emily as her parent’s successor, providing her with a rich and detailed history of the events which unfolded. Her parents fought valiantly until the end. Edward extended the offer to join the Midnight pack, which the survivors accepted after much discussion. The pack grew significantly in size and power, people happily united under their King and Queen. Edward and Emily went on many more dates in this past year, enjoying every second of their beautiful relationship.

Time moves on, healing wounds and making people grow. As fate would have it, Emily and Edward’s love of children would bring upon a child of their own. In due time, a successor will be raised by them: Grace Midnight, named after a dear old friend.

This chapter of their lives is over, but they have a lot of growing to do. One can only hope their lives are filled with joy, happily ever after.

The End

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