My Omega Queen Chapter 5: Desperation

POV: Emily

I link the voices to Grace and Alice. Of course Grace would bring Alice along, how could I not see this coming.

“H-Hey!” and I wave towards them, trying to cover my revealed sensitive areas using my left hand.

They notice and start running towards me. Grace throws me a bag with clothes: “Emily!! Change fast so I can come hug you!”

She brought me a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt. She forgot about shoes.


Alice is the first to jump and hug me, followed closely by Grace, all of us falling down on the soft grass.

“Where have you been??” Grace swiftly looks at my neck, probably trying to figure out if I’ve been marked. I do the same to her.

“Well, I got my wolf and she really wanted to run for a bit and… here we are” I giggle in a fake way and scratch my neck. “Thank you so much for bringing these, you girls saved me.” I hug them really tight and feel tears that threaten to fall.

“Silly, how could we not. You can ask anything of us! Now, come, you’ve lost too much time out of the Mating Season, let’s find your mate!”

With that, they take my hands in theirs and pull me towards home. After a while, I break free from their hands and say: “Uhmm…I have some business to attend to. A few unfinished reports about my previous task. Would you happen to know where I could find Na-, I mean, the Beta?”

Grace looks suspiciously at me and says: “I saw him earlier in front of the infirmary, he might still be there. I’ll come with you.”

“No, no, it’s alright. It’s… uhm… secret. I have to go, thank you again!”

I slip by them and run towards the infirmary. Nathan is my only chance. I stick my nose up and try sniffing around, but there’s so many unknown people in the proximity at the moment that I can’t really make out his smell. There’s a particular weird scent in the air, brought by the breeze, that reminds me of a vanilla hot chocolate. It somehow makes me relaxed and Accalia to purr, but I shake it off as there’s no time to be distracted by food.

Right after, I catch a sniff of Nathan’s smell and I get closer to the infirmary building’s mossy back wall, peering from behind the corner.

“Emily, get out of here.” says a growling Accalia.

However, not even an alert Accalia can erase what I’ve seen. I hear rustling around us, but my feet won’t move. All I can feel is the saltiness in my mouth and my eyes stinging. Leaning on a tree in the distance, there’s Nathan and a she-wolf making out fiercely. Now, I wonder… Am I crying because I’ve witnessed my crush marking their mate in front of me, or because I realize that my only chance of remaining in this pack has vanished?

I don’t get the chance to figure out the answer to this question, as I feel a deep pain in my head and everything goes black.

POV: Edward

My decision to join the Yearly Mating Season hosted by the Blood Moon Pack earlier than planned has not been taken very kindly by my Beta, who is not a fan of being my substitute. However, he symphatized with my eagerness to find my mate and accepted. After all, he was also young once.

I arrive at the hosting Pack at aroud 8 PM, together with 20 other of my pack members that are unmated. A few Blood Moon pack warriors that had been patrolling noticed us and instantly kneeled: “Alpha King, excuse us, we weren’t expecting you today.”

“You can get up. Indeed, my arrival has been rescheduled, but I hope that’s not an issue?”

“No, no, of course not.” their eyes go blank for a second and I can tell they’re mind-linking someone. “Alpha Kyle would like to greet you. Shall we take you to the mansion?” They seem a little hesitant.

“Yes, that would be great, thanks.” then I mind-link my own pack members and tell them to enjoy themselves.

I had been offered to take a hidden route, to avoid the crowd but I came here to find my mate, my Luna, so I insisted we take the most visible and congested path. It was a poor choice, as everyone kneeled as soon as they felt my aura which ruined the chain dance as they greet me: “Alpha King”.

I nodded, letting them know it’s alright to go on, regardless of my presence. Arthur, my wolf, was quite alert and sniffing everyone we passed by. This enthusiasm to find his mate was sometimes getting in the way of me living my youth, but I do understand that finding a Luna would make us stronger and more feared, hence his primal instincts as an Alpha King. There was a split second when a certain smell peeked my interest. It reminded me of fresh baked cookies. But no matter how many tables of snacks we’ve passes by, none of them smelled so pleasant.

“Do you think that could have been our mate?”

“Possibly, I cannot be sure unless we make eye contact with her. It could just as well have been a breeze bringing in the smell from the pack kitchen.” says Arthur.

We arrive at the mansion and there seems to be a private party going on. There’s a great deal of wolves dancing and drinking in there. Most of them are quite wasted, but not wasted enough not to realize who is walking by them. Those who are way too drunk to think things through by themselves just get a friendly back-knee kick from the ones who can tell what’s going on. In the middle of their living room, there’s Alpha Kyle dancing on a table with three unmated she-wolves. One of his hands is on a girl’s hips and his other hand holds a bottle. Slowly the people around him stop dancing.

“C’mon mutts, dance!” says the Alpha while turning towards me. His face displays a shocked expression, as if he forgot he invited me over just 25 minutes ago. “A-Alpha King Edward” He says, while getting off the table. Then continues to extend his hand for a handshake: “W-we haven’t managed to prepare properly since we didn’t know you’d come, s-sorry for the mess”. I take a good look at him. He can barely stand and his breath is outright repulsing. I can feel Arthur stirring inside my head and I let out a menacing growl. Eventually, Alpha Kyle bends the knee. I guess the survival instinct was still stronger than the alcohol in his blood.

“Let’s meet in the morning, Kyle. I expect you to be more…” and I look disgusted at him before continuing: “…presentable tomorrow.”

I turn my back and leave. I decide to spend a few hours in the village before returning to my assigned room in the mansion. By the time I came back, Alpha Kyle was passed out in his office and everyone else had left.

POV: Emily

When I came to, I quickly assessed my situation. It appears that I was brought in the dungeons. My hands are cuffed with something that seems to be silver, as my wrists are burning me. My mouth had not been gagged, but I know that no sound would escape this place. Not even mind-linking can bypass these silver plated walls.

“You’re awake, b**h?!” Two buffed pack warriors came inside the room: “C’mon, confess you whre, who were the rogues you lured on our territory?!” but first, they punch me in the stomach as if true words come out of there instead of puke.

Even so, I still feel a bit glad that I finally get the chance to speak my truth: “I actually helped with driving them away!! They were already there when I got to th-” and they punch me in the face mid-sentence.

“LIAR! DON’T YOU LIE TO US AGAIN!” they sputter in my face. My mouth tastes metallic and I can’t help but spit the blood on the floor. This reaction seems to have made things worse, as they do not wait for another word out of me before they start throwing punches and kicks.

Is this really how I’m gonna die?

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