My Omega Queen Chapter 6: The Alpha King

POV: Edward

I had a hard time falling asleep last night, thinking about Kyle’s reckless actions. Alphas can also have fun once in a while, but it must always be moderately when accompanied by so many wolves that can take you down when you least expect it. Especially when your borders are open and the party is not exclusive. I’ll have to keep an eye on how things are run around here. sigh Duties over girls, was it?

The mansion is oddly quiet. It seems that everyone is busy with the feast preparations. Outside, a great deal of people are running around doing tasks like positioning tables, arranging plates, bringing chairs, carrying bags of meat from the truck to the kitchen. It appears that the feast is going to be held in the village center. They’re preparing 10 rows of large tables, each row being composed of 10 smaller tables. These would fit around 400 people which sounds about right, considering some are waiters or cooks. There is going to be a row of tables perpendicular to the others, that is meant for the alphas, their families and elders. Behind this row, a stage is being assembled on which pack introductions are planned to be made. From the distance, I can see Kyle already sitting at the table, playing with a glass of wine, thoughtfully. The elders and his Beta are throwing orders around.

“Morning, Kyle. How are you feeling?” I ask him, getting closer and touching the chair next to him. He seems taken aback by my supposedly sudden appearance.

“G-Good morning, Alpha King. I’m better, t-thank you for asking.” and he goes on playing with his little glass. Something seems to be bothering him.

“Let’s go for a walk.” I usher him to follow me. He gets up and attempts to come but he is stopped by a flustered voice coming from a petite girl with short, brown hair. She smells like one of my Gammas, and I can’t help but smile at the thought that one of my own found their mate.

“A-Alpha, c-could we t-talk for a s-second? I-it’s about O-omega Emi-” but she is stopped in her tracks by Kyle’s slap which sends her small frame to the ground.

“Are you blind?! Can’t you see I’m talking to the Alpha King, you mutt?!” A few of my pack members and another she-wolf I don’t recognize noticed the incident and started making their way up front, clearly enraged. I mind-link them to stand down. Nothing good can come out of a fight with an unbalanced Alpha.

The girl holds her burning cheek, turning her eyes towards me. “I-I’m really sorry, Alpha King, A-alpha Kyle, for disturbing.” and she swiftly gets up and leaves.

Alpha Kyle stares at her back for a moment and then says: “We can go now.” I nod.

We walk quietly for about 10-15 minutes until we make it quite far into the forest. “I think this is far enough.” I say, and I position myself in front of him and I cross my arms. “We should talk about your latest actions, Kyle. Firstly, An Alpha getting wasted in front of unknown people, while his territory is free-for-all, is a very reckless thing. On top of it, you were touching those unmated she-wolves all over instead of protecting them for their mates. Secondly, you were lazily hanging around instead of helping your elders and Beta with the feast preparations. At last, you go and hit a girl for trying to talk to her Alpha. I’m afraid I’ll have to bring these up to my elders as this is not the attitude an Alpha should have in my county.” I ‘ve been having a hard time holding Arthur down ever since he slapped that girl. Having to remind him of these things makes my hair stand up.

Kyle looks aggitated and worry is written all over his face. “Yes, I’ve made a mistake getting drunk like that last night. It won’t happen again. But the girl from today interrupted our conversation. She should feel lucky I didn’t decide to kill her on the spot!”

“Careful, Kyle, you’re talking about a future member of my pack.” I growl at him warningly. “This is exactly why I’m starting to doubt you’re fit to protect your Pack anymore.”

Kyle’s face goes blank. “Not fit to protect my Pack?! You have no idea what I’m capable of doing for my Pack! You know what? I’ll show you. Follow me.” And he starts walking. “There’s been an unfriendly rogue attack during the first day of the Mating Season and one of our own lured them at the least-secured spot of our territory. We quickly captured her and we are torturing the truth out of her as we speak.” He says, with a proud smile on his face, stomping the ground.

I follow him quietly to the entrance of their pack’s dungeon. He opens the door and we go down numerous stairs placed between narrow walls that are plated with silver. Even though silver affects any werewolf’s strengths, the lower we go, the stronger the smell of freshly baked cookies gets. I could feel a lump in my throat as Arthur got more and more excited. Finally, the stairs end with an overly large space that accomodates multiple rows of enclosures made of silver bars. There are two pack warriors sitting at a desk near the entrance, playing cards. They are startled by our appearance and quickly get up on their feet, baring their necks and greeting us: “Alpha Kyle, A-Alpha King, we weren’t expecting you.”

Kyle commands them: “Take us to the traitor.”

The pack warriors exchange proud smiles and excitedly lead the way.

By this moment, the breathtaking scent I’ve been smelling has gotten extremely strong. I stop caring about whatever Kyle wanted to show me and I sprint towards where the smell is coming from. My feet halt in front of an enclosure. Inside, in the middle of the room, there’s the girl that smells like freshly baked cookies. Tied to a chair with silver cuffs. Unconscious. Covered in dried blood that dripped on the red-stained floor. I try my best to breathe-in and breathe-out slowly, making sense of the situation.

“This… is her, isn’t she, Arthur?” I ask my extremely enraged wolf.

“Yes.” I make out through his growls.

Kyle and the pack warriors catch up to me, but they have no time to explain themselves when I burst out:

“OPEN THE DOOR IMMEDIATELY!!” it comes out as an Alpha command since Arthur is fighting for control. My fangs are growing and black fur is slowly covering my body. I’m doing my best to keep him in check as I wouldn’t be able to stop him from killing anyone who’s done this to her.

The three of them are frozen. They do not seem to understand what’s going on, but eventually Kyle pushes one of the pack warriors forward. This seems to help because he starts looking for the keys. After a few seconds, which felt like an eternity for me, he finally opens the door and I dart towards the chair. I use my extended claws to break the silver cuffs and I take the girl in my arms. The moment I touch her, I feel sparks going all over my body and butterflies in my stomach. For sure she has also felt my touch as she opens her eyes for a few seconds, just enough for Arthur to recognize it.

“MATE” he says.

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