My Omega Queen Chapter 7: My Queen

POV: Edward

Arthur is on a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from extremely mad on whoever has hurt our mate to whining when thinking about her physical state. It takes my all just to keep him in check. Without thinking about anything else, I take my mate in my arms as gently as possible and I sprint towards the infirmary, passing by Kyle and his gorillas. They were screaming something that I didn’t pay attention to. Good thing I chose the crowded path yesterday as I managed to remember where the pack infirmary was. I kicked open the doors and screamed for a pack doctor. Due to the commotion, two nurses came with a stretcher, quickly followed by a doctor. I reluctantly let her down. They took her into a room where they examined her and attached all kinds of cords on her pale skin. It was like watching a horror movie behind the TV screen, waiting in suspense.

“Don’t worry, she’s just an Omega.” A voice says behind me. Arthur takes advantage of my surprised state and grabs whoever was behind me by the throat and swings him across the hallway, with no effort, leaving a dent into the wall.

Just then, the nurses and the doctor come out and they turn to me and Kyle interchangeably: “First of all, she is going to be fine. She has suffered multiple rib fractures, a broken nose and lip, but her tests turned out fine. The wounds are quite recent but they are already healing, to my surprise. My recommendation is bed rest for a day or two.” I nod, looking at her from the room window. My feet start moving towards her but I get stopped by Kyle:

“Alpha King, let’s talk about this. This girl is a traitor to our Pack and she should have no access to medical care. Let us deal with her in our own way.” and Kyle signals his pack warrior to check on the gorilla in the wall.

“Traitor? No… that cannot be…”

POV: Emily

I feel like I just had a very nice dream, from which I didn’t want to wake, but I don’t remember it. My eyes open slowly and I see white walls, full of cabinets, an IV connected to my arm and a few electrodes on my chest. Through the room window, my gaze stops at the back of a tall, buffed man with slick black hair talking to Kyle. On the other side of the hallway, there are my torturers. Just seeing their frames is enough to fully wake me up and feel the hate and rage build up inside my chest. Accalia is stirring to come up to the surface to show them her fury for what they have done to us while we were immobilized. The machine attached to the electrodes is denoting that my heart rate is increasing so I unplug it swiftly before it attracts any unwanted attention. My muscles tense and my jaw is clenched, as my fangs slowly elongate. I get up from the bed, pull out the IV and make my way to the door, silently. I’m having trouble hearing anything around me, as my focus is fixated on the two pack warriors that punched and kicked me all night long with no intention of listening to me. The moment I open the door, I jump on the one who looks like he had just gotten up and I start throwing punches left and right, in a fit of rage. I have never felt this kind of disgust towards a pack member. Taking down the first one was easily enough, as I had the element of surprise. The other one was taken aback for a few moments, but he quickly shifted and leapt at me. Mid-jump, I pulled my feet closer to my chest and then pushed him off me.

“MATE” says Accalia, distracting me.

“I know, Accalia, I’ll deal with Kyle later. Let me just finish the job here.” I push her at the back of my mind to focus on the disgusting piece of sh*t in front of me. And with that, I take my fighting stance, looking in the eyes of my opponent. But my opponent starts kneeling and I growl at him: “What’s wrong?! You don’t want to punch me when I’m not cuffed?!” And then, I feel a hand on my shoulder, which sends shivers down my spine.

POV: Edward

Kyle was telling me how the girl came to be tortured and why they suspected her of luring wild rogues on their territory. My hands stayed clenched all the while, holding Arthur down from killing this wolf that not only didn’t listen to my mate’s part of the story, but was proud of inflicting pain on a pack member. Then I heard a thump. As I turned around, I saw my mate in her full glory, punching Kyle’s gorilla to a pulp. Her way of dodging the jump of the pack warrior made us purr, admiring how strong our mate is. I must admit I feel a bit disdained that she’s ignoring the mate bond, but it’s understandable in her situation. Even so, she needs bed rest, as per doctor’s recommendations. Hence, I signal Kyle to let me deal with it and I make my way towards the fighting scene. She’s so enraged that she doesn’t even listen to her wolf. My hand moves by itself on her small and seemingly fragile shoulder, in an attempt to bring her attitude down. Her body freezes under my touch and she slowly turns her head around.

I could see it in her eyes that she recognized the mate bond, to which I nod my head in acknowledgment, but there was also a glimpse of fear. Everyone remains startled for a few moments, trying to process what’s going on before their eyes.

POV: Emily

When I turn around, I make eye contact with the buffed, black-haired man that was talking to Kyle.

“He’s the Alpha King, Emily” says Accalia, who can feel his strong aura.

“What? The Alpha King? Our mate?! This cannot be… I’m just an Omega. Ow… Oh no, he’s going to reject us, too.” The simple thought of going through that experience again made me take a step back by instinct. Also… as far as stories go, he’s believed to be a ruthless Alpha King who has earned his throne by killing his own father. None of these ideas help my situation. Should I make a run for it? I quickly try to figure out the easiest way to get out of the building. But where would I go? I’d definitely have to go rogue. Should I reject him first? With so many thoughts running through my head, I suddenly realise what being in front of the Alpha King means and I begin kneeling. His hand touches mine again, seeking to stop me, and says: “You don’t have to do that, uhm…”

“Emily” I say, sheepishly.

“You don’t have to do that, Emily. Ever.” he repeats, smiling kindly.

His touch makes me feel so relaxed and safe, sending sparks across my body and butterflies in my stomach. My rage has completely dimmed and Accalia is purring inside my head.

“After all, you’re our Queen.”

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