My Surprise Mate Chapter 10

She led us into a large room and motioned for us to sit, “The doctor should be in soon.”

She closed the door quietly behind her.

“I can wait outside if you prefer.” Dane offered.

God, this man was amazing, “No, I would like you to stay…please.”

He smiled as he walked to stand next to me and gave me a light k!ss on my forehead.

The door opened and a middle-aged man walked into the room, bowing his head like I saw Ash and the young girl do.

“I’m Dr.Ethan Winters.”

He stuck his hand out as he introduced himself.

I shook his hand, “Holly Ellison, nice to meet you.”

I remembered how the doctor back home seemed to look down on me with disgust when I found out I was pregnant and wondered if this doctor would do the same.

“So, Luna Adria has filled me in the best she could.” he smiled as he opened a folder and clicked his pen.

“You’re human, correct?” he looked at me over the top of his glasses.

I nodded at him in response.

He jotted it down in the folder.

“And you are pregnant by a werewolf. Do you know anything about werewolf pregnancies?”

He looked at me.

His tone all Dane growled next to me getting the doctor’s attention, “Why do you think I have brought her in? Stop with the questions and just do the exam. And if! were you, I would watch my tone.”

Dr.Winters quickly bowed his head, “Sorry Alpha.”

He moved to stand next to me, listening to my heartbeat and checking my pulse.

“I’m going to need to do an ultrasound. Then we will know exactly how far along you are and make sure pup is doing fine.”

I nodded in understanding as I lay back on the bed.

“Unfortunately, it will have to be a transvaginal ultrasound,” he said as he turned to hand me a sheet.

Dane’s eyes narrowed at the doctor, “I’m sorry Alpha, but I don’t think she is far enough along for a regular ultrasound. This will be the only time we have to do this kind. You can wait in the hallway if you are uncomfortable or unable to keep your wolf in check.”

Dr.Winters quickly realized his mistake when Dane took a threatening step toward him, “Sorry Alpha, again.”

I reached out, touching Dane’s arm, “It’s okay Dane.”

He stepped back beside me.

“I’ll go get the machine while you get settled. Undress from the wa!st down and cover with that sheet.”

He quickly walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

Dane turned his back to me as I undressed as Dr.his problem is today, but I will take care of it.

Dane commented before turning back around once I was covered.

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but I had a feeling the doctor would be regretting his actions soon.

It bothered me the way he was acting toward me when he didn’t even know me, but at the same time, I am used to it.

When you grow up the way I did, you come to expect to be treated a certain way.I laced my fingers through Danes as Dr.

Winters began the procedure.

“And there is your pup,” he said, pointing to the black and white screen.

My heart skipped a beat as I looked.

It was tiny and was nothing more than a small spot on the screen right now.

But there it was.

There was absolutely no denying it now.I felt Dane wipe a stray tear off my cheek.

“Everything is looking good so far, Alpha. She seems to be around 8 weeks. I’ll give you a minute and then I’ll be back in to talk to you some more.”

I noticed he wasn’t even acknowledging me at this point, only Dane, but that was fine with me.

Dane turned his back to me once again, while I got dressed.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” I whispered more to myself than anyone.

Dane spun around quickly, “You can do this, and I’m doing this alone—I promise.”

He leaned down, our l!ps meeting in a soft k!ss.

Dr.Winters entered the room, clearing his throat and killing our moment.

Dane sat down in the chair and pulled me to sit on his lap.

“So, Holly, werewolf pregnancies are a little different. Everything will start progressing at a much faster rate. Our females only carry for 6 months, and you’ve made it through two of those already. The labor and delivery are the same as humans though. I would like to see you back in two weeks for a follow-up.”

I looked at Dane, who nodded in agreement to the doctor as he led me back outside.

We walked in silence for a few minutes, “Dane, do you know of anywhere I can find a job? Maybe your mom would be willing to hire me as a waitress at the diner? I’m a decent waiter.”

I looked at him hopefully. I really need to start getting some money coming in fast.

If I only have four months until I have the baby and that’s assuming I can work until I go into labor, I don’t have much time to get everything I need to buy.

I hadn’t noticed where we were going until I heard Adria, “Come in dear! How did the appointment go?”

I smiled at her as I looked around.

We were at the huge house that Dane called the packhouse.

Adria held the door open waving her looked back at Dane, who still hadn’t spoken since we left the clinic.

“Are you hungry? Supper was just being served.”

It was only then I noticed the delicious smell wafting through the house.

My stomach growled, “I’m starving!”

I laughed.

Adria led me through the house to the dining room, sitting me down next to her.

We were the only ones at this table.

I looked around at all the people making their way in with plates full of food.

They all seemed to be happy and chatting with each other.

I then realized Dane wasn’t here.

“He’ll be down soon, don’t worry. He went upstairs to talk to his father before supper.”

Adria informed me as if she had read my mind.

A young girl pulling a serving cart approached our table bowing her head, “Luna Adria will the Alpha’s be joining tonight?”

she asked politely as she set a plate of food down in front of each of us.

“Yes, they will. There they come now!”

I looked around to see Dane walking down the stairs next to a man with a walking cane.

A smile spread across my face as soon as my eyes met his, but he didn’t return it.

He still had that same stoic face that he’s had since we left the clinic.

Was he regretting his decision about me already? When his doctor confirmed I was pregnant, it must have made anyone to step up with this baby.

“Thank you for this meal, but I’m feeling sick all of a sudden. Would it be a problem to go back to the house?” I turned to Adria.

“You need to try to eat. Would soup be better?”

Dane startled me.

I hadn’t noticed him walking up behind me.

“No, that’s okay, thanks though. I’m just not feeling good.”

My voice cracked at the end. I turned my head, blinking my eyes, trying to push back the tears.

The thought of Dane being mad at me or deciding he didn’t want me killed me.

Why am I so attached to him already? I’ve never let anyone this close to me…even Kain didn’t make me feel this way.

“Are you okay?” he asked, sliding into the chair next to me.

“Yeah. I’m fine—just tired. I’m going to walk back to the house if you don’t mind.”I nodded at Adria as I stood, “I’ll walk you back.”

I shook my head, “No it’s okay. I’ll be fine.”

I kept my head down as I found my way back to the door we had entered from.

There was just enough light left in the sky that I could see where I was going.

A woman stepped out in front of me, “You shouldn’t be here.”

I looked at her confused. I had no idea who she was or how she knew me.

“Alpha Dane invited me here,” I told her as I tried to side-step her.

I flinched as she reached out, grabbing “ He needs someone strong to lead with him…” she didn’t get to finish her sentence before another girl came out of nowhere knocking her down.

“Don’t touch her Nyla!” the new girl growled lowly at her.

Nyla, who I now knew was her name, jumped up quickly dusting the dirt off her jeans, “I was just talking to her Genesis.”

Nyla turned, leaving me standing next to the girl who helped me but not before throwing me one last glare over her shoulder.

“I’m Genesis Price, Beta Ash’s mate.”

I smiled at her, “Holly, nice to meet you,” she seemed friendly so far, “Umm thanks for that.” I told her as I started walking again.

Genesis walked beside me.

“So, who was that?” I couldn’t help my curiosity.

Genesis sighed, “She is a desperate female.”

she laughed, “She has been trying to get Dane’s attention for years. All she has ever talked about is how she’s going to be Luna one day.

About two years ago, Dane took her out on a date a few times. He was thinking about taking a chosen mate since he still hadn’t found his mate.

But he couldn’t stand her from what I heard. She’s very rude and obnoxious and entitled…the complete opposite of Dane.

Oh, I already let Ash know what she did…” she trailed off as we heard the door to the packhouse fly. We both turned to see Nyla rolling across the ground and Dane jumping off the porch after her.

Genesis laughed, “Well, it looks like she is getting what she deserves.”

Dane jerked her up from the ground, keeping her face to face with him. I couldn’t hear what he was saying but the look on Nyla’s face told me it wasn’t good.

Dane let her go, taking long strides towards me.

Genesis took a step back as he approached us, bowing her head.

“Did she hurt you?”

He began looking me over and a deep growl escaped.

“No, I’m fine, Genesis helped me.”

“She did hurt you…l should have walked you home,” his fingers softly rubbed over a bruise forming on my arm where she had grabbed me.

“It’s nothing,” I tried to assure him.

Ash walked up, pulling Genesis to his side before burying his nose in her hair and inhaling.

“Thank you, Genesis, I’ll walk her the rest of the way.”

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