My Surprise Mate Chapter 13

How in the hell does he know where I am at? And he knows I’m here with Dane.

Anxiety crept through my veins, turning my whole body ice cold.

I pulled my last pair of clean sweatpants from my bag, pulling them on as fast as I could.

I couldn’t find any of my t-shirts, so I pulled on Dane’s that he had left thrown.

I ran out the front door, not even bothering to put my shoes on.

Ash was standing at the bottom of the porch steps when I came running out.

“Holly!? What’s wrong?” he met me halfway down.

“Where’s Dane?” my eyes scanned for him.

I couldn’t get a handle on the anxiety and the fear that was now coursing through my system at record speeds.

“Why don’t you sit down a minute?” Ash tried to help me sit.



This…s**t I can’t breathe.

..I have to find Dane…” I was hyperventilating.

My vision blurred from the unshed tears that had formed.

Two arms wrapped around me, lifting me up.

Tingles erupted across my skin as his scent engulfed me—Dane.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as he held me close.

“Shh.’s okay.” He walked us back got you baby.

You’re okay.” He whispered as he sat us down on the couch.

My breathing started to even out as he gently rubbed my back.

“Tell me what happened,” he finally said after I had calmed down some more.

I told him about the phone call.

How Kain is giving me one week to go back to him before he comes and gets me himself.

I told him everything.

Dane’s eyes were no longer their beautiful sky blue, but now silver.

“Ash!” he yelled out from the couch, his arms still protectively around me.

Ash came running into the house, “ Alpha?” he bowed his head.

“Get Colby and Alpha Zayd…

meet me in my office in 10 minutes.” He growled at him.

Ash gave a nod of understanding before leaving back out the door.

Dane pulled me to look at him.

His eyes were such a beautiful silver; I knew that meant his wolf was in charge, he had told me.

When there is no longer any blue to be seen, then his wolf has taken charge.

But he had said that doesn’t happen often with him.

I wasn’t scared at all, in fact, I felt more at ease, more protected, “You are coming with me to this meeting I am holding.

Everyone of importance will be there.

Let that sack of s**t come.” he laughed, his voice a little I slipped my shoes on but didn’t bother to change my clothes.

Dane led us to the packhouse and up the stairs to his office.

The men were there and waiting.

Ash and the other one both stood as we walked in, bowing their heads to Dane.

The older man, whom I knew was his dad, just nodded his head in respect at him.” Dane led me around his desk and pulled me to sit on his lap.

“Calm yourself Dane…control is everything…” Dane looked at the man sitting across from us.

He closed his eyes and buried his face in my neck.

Inhaling deeply a few times.

When he looked back up, I could see the silver turning more of a grey as it swirled with his sky blue.

Dane was back in control, but his wolf was still there.

The grey never disappearing completely.

“Holly, this is my dad and former Alpha, Zayd Black.” he introduced me to his dad.

He didn’t try to shake my hand, just smiled at me and nodded his head as an acknowledgment.

“ Nice to meet you,” I told him.

“And that is Colby, my gamma.

You already know Ash.

I marked her and we mated.

The bond is complete, she is now your Luna.

The ceremony will be held tomorrow to introduce her to the pack.” All three men grinned at the news, “Congratulations,” y’all here though.

Alpha Kain thinks he is going to come and take Holly.” Zayd immediately started laughing, followed by Ash and Colby.

“You can’t be serious?” Zayd finally asked when he saw Dane wasn’t joking.

“He knows he can’t take us, right? He isn’t that stupid, is he?” Colby questioned.

“Why the hell does he want Holly?” Ash followed up.

I could feel the anger rolling off Dane in waves and if I could sense it, then I knew everyone else could.

Dane told them of our situation, though it was really just my situation.

“ Son, you know about that pack, do you not?” Zayd questioned Dane.

“I do know about them…” Dane growled out, “What’s your point dad?” His grip tightened around me, “Then you know there is nothing to worry about.

The only way they would be able to do anything is if you don’t keep control.” I looked at Dane to see most of the blue gone from his eyes again, only small, speckles remained.

“No one is going to threaten my mate!” he boomed, slamming his fist down on the desk.

Colby and Ash both had their heads down, afraid to look up.

Zayd stood from his chair, “Then you need to take control of the situation.

Kain might be stupid, but his father isn’t.

With Kain to figure this out on his own.

I’ll talk to Adria, and have her start preparing for the ceremony tomorrow.

If you need me, you know where to find me.” With that, Zayd left the room.

“I’m taking the day off.

Ash step-up the training sessions and double border patrol.

Colby start looking into how Kain might have found out Holly is here.” With that, Ash and Colby left the office.

I sat on Dane’s lap with my head on his chest.

His arms still wrapped around me like a warm blanket.

“Why do you have my shirt on? I don’t mind, I like it, I’m just curious.

” Dane broke the silence.

I felt myself blush, “Well, I don’t have a lot of clothes.

This was my last pair of clean sweatpants, and I didn’t have a shirt.

So, I threw yours on.” Dane k!ssed the top of my head, inhaling my scent again.

“Let’s go shopping then.

Can’t have you without your own clothes.” He sat me on my feet and led me out of the office.

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