My Surprise Mate Chapter 14

Dane led me out the front door to his pickup and opened the door for me.

His hands slipped around my waist as he hoisted me up.

“You should really get a normal-sized vehicle.

One that I don’t need assistance getting into.

Why do you have such a tall pickup anyways?” I asked curiously.

He just laughed, “I just like it.” It ended up being only a 30-minute drive to the next town.

“Dane, I don’t have money to shop here,” I confessed as he parked the pickup.

“My money is your money.

You don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

I promise I’ll always take care of you…in every way.” He helped me out, taking my hand in his, “I can’t use your money.” He laughed, “You can, and you will.

Look if it makes you feel better.

I make sure everyone in my pack has what that need.

From clothes and food, to further their education—whatever it is they need.

It’s how I was raised and how I run the pack.” It didn’t take me long to have a few outfits picked out until Dane pointed out that I should probably get a few different sizes of maternity clothes while we were there.

“ You’ll be showing soon,” he said with a grin.

As we stood in his hand on my belly.

“I’m excited,” he whispered in my ear.

He was excited—even though it wasn’t his baby.

“I meant what I said, this baby will be raised as my own.” I raised my eyebrows at him questioningly.

“I can feel what you feel now baby.” I had forgotten about that.

He had told me on the way here more about our bond.

He can now feel my feelings.

Just like when I had a panic attack after Kain had called, he felt it before Ash had even told him.

I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or not, but I know I can’t change it.

“Are you hungry?” he asked as he started the pickup to leave.

“Can we stop at the diner and eat? I’d give anything for a juicy burger and some French fries.” We both laughed as my stomach growled as if on cue.

“Sure, babe.” After eating at the diner and talking to his mom for a little while, we headed back to the house.

His mom was absolutely amazing.

I hoped I would be as good of a mother as she was.

“What is this house for? I know the big one is the packhouse, and you had referred to this house as the guest house, but is it really for the guest?” I hadn’t seen any guests here yet.

Not saying they never had any though.

Dane cleared his throat, “Actually, it’s my house.

Well, our house.

I had it built when I first became Alpha.

I wanted it to be ready so that packhouse while it was built.

I never stayed in it until you came.” Oh my god, Dane was blushing! It was cute…this was a side of him I hadn’t seen before, and I loved it.

Dane drove around back to our house.

..I felt giddy thinking I had a house now.

It just felt so surreal.

How can a girl like me go from having no family, no friends, and living in a run-down apartment—to this? It felt like a dream.

After helping me out, Dane grabbed my bags and followed me inside.

I noticed a small box sitting on the kitchen bar, “What’s that?” I asked, kicking my shoes off near the front door.

Dane set my bags down on the couch and walked over to pick it up, “I had Ash get you a new phone on our plan.

Kain can’t call you anymore and Ash has already added all of our numbers.” “Dane, you don’t have to do all this.” I wrapped my arms around him.

“I know I don’t have to, that’s what makes it more fun!” he growled playfully as he picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder.

I squealed in surprise.

I had never seen him playful like this.

He spanked my ass as he carried me into the bathroom, sitting me down on the counter.

I couldn’t stop giggling at him.

The bathtub was still full of water from this morning.

I never did get to take my bath earlier.

“You need to relax,” he started pulling his shirt off me, “it’s been along day.” He trailed k!sses all over me as he finished undressing me, then he gently set me down in the bathtub.

The warm water felt good as I sunk down it.

Dane sat down behind me, pouring body wash on his hands.

I had never had anyone wash me before.

“Just relax babe.” His hands gently washed my arms and shoulders before rubbing over my bre*sts.

I could feel the heat building between my legs as I clenched them together, but it didn’t take Dane long to have them pulled apart and his hands washing my most private area.

He moved on to washing my hair.

His fingers massaged all the tension from my body and replaced it with l*st.

I tilted my head back, so my l!ps met with his.

“I love you Dane”, I whispered between k!sses.

His hand trailed down my neck following a path to my center, “I love you too,” he growled out as his fingers dipped inside me.

I m*aned at the sensation giving Dane a chance to slip his tongue into my mouth.

His finger pumped faster as his thumb rubbed circles.

I gasped as his other hand pinched and pulled my n*s, sending me over the edge.

He continued to caress me as I rode out my org*sm.


I reached up, pulling his shorts down, his member bouncing out already hard.

“You don’t have to do this,” Dane panted.

I l!cked my l!ps as I gazed up at him through my lashes before slowly taking him all the way into my mouth.

I gagged trying to find a rhythm.

I slowly started bobbing my head, flicking my tongue across his tip each time.

“f**k Holly,” he m*aned as his fingers tangled in my hair.

I loved that I could pleasure him the same way he does me.

His h!ps bucked forward, sending him further down my throat.

I hollowed my cheeks, creating a tighter suction.

His grip tightened on my hair as his seed slid down my throat with a final m*an from Dane.

He pulled me up out of the bathtub, wrapping a towel around me before carrying me to the bed, gently laying me down.

Dane started peppering k!sses down my neck, stopping at my mark, as he held himself over me.

My old phone rang on the bedside table, interrupting our moment.

“It’s nobody,” I m*aned.

Dane stopped, reaching over me and grabbing the phone, “ Unknown?” he questioned.

My heart dropped…Dane instantly knew it was Kain.

“Alpha Kain, what can I do for you? ” he answered.

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