My Surprise Mate Chapter 16

I woke up tangled in Dane.

His arms wrapped around me in a bear hug and one of his legs draped over mine, pinning me to the bed.

I wiggled slightly, trying to free myself without waking him.

“Be still…” he said gruffly.

I laughed, “I need to get up!” I squealed as his fingers started tickling my sides, “I have to pee!” He has never let go of me so fast.

Dane was up and getting dressed when I came out of the bathroom, “So can you please explain why Blaze’s behavior isn’t normal?” He pulled his shirt over his head as he sighed, “I have Ash and Genesis meeting us in my office to talk about it.” He waited in the living room for me to get dressed.

I opted for some leggings and a form-fitting long sleeve shirt.

I usually wear baggy shirts and this one showed my small baby bump.

I pulled my long brown hair into a messy bun before walking into the living room, feeling a little self- conscious.

Dane’s eyes lit up as a smile spread across his face, “I love it,” he said as he rubbed my belly.

“You don’t think I should change into something a little looser fitting?” He shook his head, “No! I want everyone to know that my spoke, giving my confidence a much-needed boost.

“Don’t forget we are having the ceremony tonight.” He told me as we walked hand in hand to the packhouse.

The thought of it made me nervous.

Dane squeezed my hand, “Don’t worry, everyone will love you.

I will introduce you to the pack as my mate and their Luna.

They will come up to meet you and then we will eat and dance.

That’s it, nothing to it.” Easy for him to say, he was used to everyone’s attention being on him.

This was all still new to me, and I didn’t want to mess up.

We walked up to his office to find Ash, Genesis, Zayd, and Adria all waiting for us.

I was surprised to see his mom and dad there, I thought it would just be us and Ash and Genesis.

Dane sat behind his desk and pulled me to sit on his lap, “So Ash, I take it you have filled in Zayd and Adria on Blaze?” he looked at Ash, who just nodded in response.

“We have two theories.” Adria started, “The first one is the fact that Blaze knows he is going to be the next Beta.

Ash has recently started warrior training with him, so he may just be saying this because he knows the Beta is a protector for the Luna.” Okay, that made sense to me.

Blaze was very excited as he told me about his training with Ash last night, and he did introduce himself as the future Beta.

“But there is feeling the mate bond.

Though he doesn’t know what that is yet.

Just that he needs to protect her.” Zayd spoke this time, staring at Dane and no one else.

“That is very rare though,” Dane told his dad.

Zayd shrugged, “It is, and it is rumored to only happen to.


you know.” I looked at Dane, who seemed deep in thought at this.

I waited for one of the others to elaborate for me, but no one seemed to feel like it needed to be explained.

“Rumored to have only happened to who??” I asked impatiently.

I mean we are talking about my unborn baby here.

“It doesn’t matter, it can’t be that,” Dane said, dismissing me.

Not only did that piss me off, but it hurt.

“ Blaze woke early this morning trying to get Ash to bring him to your house.

He said, and I quote, ‘I need to be there before Alpha leaves so she isn’t unprotected’ and he was very upset when Ash wouldn’t take him.

It was the first time Blaze had ever argued with his dad about something.” Genesis added, breaking the silence.

“Really?” Ash nodded at Zayd, “Yes, he was determined to ‘protect her.” Zayd looked at Dane again, c***g his head sideways in question.

“I know what you are wondering dad, and I just don’t see how it’s possible.

It can’t be.” Okay, that’s talk openly with me there, but none of them had the nerve to ask me to leave.

I wasn’t going to sit there any longer.

I knew when I was wanted and right now, I wasn’t wanted in that office.

“Holly!” I heard Dane shout as I walked down the stairs.

I turned around to find him walking down the hallway towards me, “What Dane?” I tried to hide the hurt I was feeling.

“Where are you going?” “Home.” I turned and started walking back down the stairs, making my way outside.

I took a deep breath of the cool air as I walked outside, letting it wash over me.

I walked slowly, watching the other people.

A large group in an open field caught my attention.

I stopped to watch them; they seemed to be fighting.

This must be the warrior training I keep hearing about.

I was impressed, to say the least.

These people were good.

Astrong grip on my arm brought me out of my trance as I was spun around, “You let him mark you? Really?” Nyla sneered at me.

“You’ve just destroyed this whole pack…what do you think is going to happen to Dane when Alpha Kain comes for your ass?” I looked at her in shock.

How the hell does she know about Kain? “Nothing is going to happen to him.

He’s a lot stronger than Kain ever thought about being.” I because I was angry.

I don’t know.

Nyla looked taken back, not expecting me to say anything, “Oh Alpha Dane won’t even know you’re gone until it’s too late, and once you have that mutt, you’ll be dead.

Hopefully, your death won’t kill Alpha Dane, but if you really are his fated mate, then it will.

He should have thought twice about marking a weak human bitch…” Nyla was knocked off her feet but quickly jumped back up.

Little Blaze stood in between me and Nyla now.

I reached down, grabbing his arm, trying to pull him behind me, “Blaze, come here.” I told him, trying to get him out of her reach.

He wouldn’t listen to me.

Nyla scoffed as she took another step forward, “You better go play pup, don’t want you getting hurt.” she looked down at the little blonde-haired boy.

An older lady came running up, stopping beside Blaze, “ You won’t touch him.” the old lady growled out, “you know the Alpha would have your head for hurting a child, not to mention what Beta Ash or Genesis would do to you first.” Before anyone could say anything else, Blaze had knocked Nyla to the ground again.

I had to give the little boy credit; he was fast.

A growl loud enough to rattle the packhouse windows erupted, bringing everyone outside to out the back door, a look of shock on both their faces.

Genesis ran by them, straight towards us, grabbing Nyla by her hair and pulling her to her feet.

Nyla, fueled by embarrassment and anger, swung at Genesis.

Genesis was fast though, blocking the punch and landing one of her own, knocking Nyla unconscious.




My son.” She growled out, standing over Nyla.

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