My Surprise Mate Chapter 18

“it’s almost time,” I heard someone say softly.

Almost time for what? The sound of voices around me began to grow louder until I realized who they were.

..Dane and Dr.

Winters? I heard a door close and then, “Blaze! Do.





” I heard Ash growl out lowly.

I slowly blinked, my eyes trying to adjust to the bright light.

The first thing I saw was a little Blaze in a standoff with Ash.

“Go wait with your mother,” Ash pointed toward the door.

Blaze stayed where he was.

Ash looked as though he was about to explode.

“Hey Blaze,” my voice raspy.

Ash and Blaze both ran to the side of my bed.

“I’ve let Dane know you are awake.

How do you feel?” Ash questioned.

I thought for a minute, “Tired.” That’s the only word to describe how I felt.


I felt like I could sleep for a week.

The door flew open as Dane came running in.

He gently wrapped his hands around mine and gave me a light k!ss on my forehead.

“Hey,” I told him, “What happened?” He sighed and looked down, “I failed you, that’s what happened.” I stared at him, waiting for him to explain, “You’re dehydrated, stressed out, and not eating enough.

All of those understanding, “Okay, so how did you fail me?” I understood what happened to me and why, but how did he fail me? “I wasn’t making sure you were okay.

I wasn’t making sure you were getting enough to eat or drink.

I didn’t make sure you were resting enough; I should have done a better job taking care of you.

I was distracted by Kain and having you that I didn’t pay attention to anything else.

I’m sorry.” I scoffed, “Really Dane?” He looked at me and I could tell he really believed what he said, “this isn’t your fault.

There is nothing you could have done any differently.

I’m grown…I should have been the one making sure I was doing right.” I could tell he didn’t believe me though.

“When do l get to go home?” Just then Dr.

Winters walked into the room, “If you feel okay then you can go home already.” Thank God! I hate hospitals! Dane helped me get dressed, even though I told him I was perfectly capable of dressing myself.

Once I had my shoes on, Dane bent down scooping me into his arms, “What are you doing?” I questioned as I tried to wriggle my way out of his arms.

“I’m going to carry you.” He said bluntly as he walked out of the hospital and down the path to our house.

I knew I couldn’t get out of his grip, so I snuggled up Oh my god! The ceremony!! What time is it??” I screeched, remembering that it was tonight.

Dane shook his head, “ Don’t worry about it.

Genesis sat with you at the hospital while I announced you to the pack.

I told them you were sick, but they would be able to meet you as soon as you feel up to it.” He kept walking, not even worried about me missing the ceremony.

“(feel up to it now, so let’s go to the packhouse so I can meet them,” l insisted.

Dane kept walking, “Not tonight.

You need rest.

Mom made you some soup, it should be at the house already.” Aww, his mom made me soup! That’s so sweet.

I can’t believe how accepting she has been of me.

I always wondered what it would be like to have a mom, and Adria is giving me a glimpse.

Too bad I wasn’t hungry though.

“That’s really nice and I do appreciate it, but I’m not feeling really hungry,” Dane growled, actually freaking growled at me.

My eyes widened at him, “Did you just growl at me?!?” I yelled at him as I hit his arm.

“Yes, I did.

You will eat Holly.

I don’t care if you feel like it or not.” What the hell!! Dane had never talked to me like this before.

I mean, not that he said anything mean, but the tone of his voice.

I didn’t say anything else the rest of the walk.

Dane sat quickly bringing me a steaming bowl of soup with crackers on the side and a bottle of water.

I just stared at him as he handed me the food and the remote to the TV.

He sat down next to me as I kept my eyes locked on him.

“What? Did you need something else?” “No.” I started eating the soup, gosh it was so good! I didn’t realize I was hungry until I had a few bites down me.

I handed Dane the remote, not really caring what we watched.

As he flipped through the channels, I remembered the voice from earlier.

It’s almost time.

Assuming it was Adria or Genesis, I heard talking in the room.

I asked Dane, “At the hospital, someone said it’s almost time? Were y’all talking about the ceremony?” He looked at me confused, “Who said that?” he asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders, “I’m not sure.

It was a girl, so probably your mom or Genesis.

I didn’t recognize the voice, but it could be because I was just waking up.” He looked at me like I had grown three extra heads, “I think maybe you were dreaming or something.” I nodded at him as I stood to go get another bowl of soup.

“What are you doing?” he jumped up beside me, “Umm getting some more soup?” Now it was my turn to look at him crazy.

rolled my eyes as I sat back down on the couch.

“You need to tell Ash not to be so hard on little Blaze!” I told him as he handed me my second bowl.

“What do you mean?” “When I woke up, Ash was being kind of harsh with little Blaze, I didn’t like it.” Dane started laughing, “So, I somehow Blaze knew something was wrong with you.

Genesis chased him the whole way to our house.

They saw me running, carrying you to the hospital, and followed me.” Dane started laughing again, “Of course, they came into the room with me at first, until I needed to get a hospital gown on you, then Genesis pulled Blaze out to the waiting room.

Ash showed up and immediately started getting on to Blaze for running out of their house like he did.

You should have seen it.

Blaze just listened to Ash and then told him, you would have done the same for mom.” At this point, Dane’s face was turning red from laughing and I couldn’t help but start laughing too.

“Blaze has never talked to his parents like that.

Well, no one talks to Ash like that because he’s a Beta, and I swear it looked like someone had dumped a bucket of ice water over his head! When I left to go to the ceremony, Ash had to go with me, of course, so I asked Genesis to sit in the room with you.

We hadn’t been back long when you woke up.

Ash was trying he refused because I wasn’t in there…I was talking to Dr.


That’s when you woke up.” Dane shook his head, “ We’ve never seen anything like this before.” I finished my food feeling like I would pop from eating so much.

“I’m going to lay down, are you going to the packhouse tonight?” I slowly stood making my way to the bedroom.

“Nope, Ash will let me know if I’m needed, until then I’m with you.” I pulled my pants off and crawled into bed, opting to sleep in my t-shirt and p*nties.

Dane crawled in behind me, wrapping me in his arms, “I love you, babe…you really scared me.” I smiled inwardly, “I love you too Dane.”

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