My Surprise Mate Chapter 22

Dane walked into the room smiling as he carried a tray of food.

“I could have come in there and ate at the table,”

I told him, feeling a little guilty.

He shook his head as he placed the tray on my lap, “Why would you do that when I am perfectly capable of bringing it to you?”

I couldn’t help the guilty feeling that seemed to settle in the pit of my stomach.

I tried to hold back tears as I started picking at the food, “Talk to me, ” he said softly.

I did my best to swallow the lump forming in my throat, “This is my fault.

You didn’t have any problems until I showed up and now y’all are being threatened by another pack.

You just handled Kain and his family and now you are cooking and waiting on me hand and foot…I should be doing this for you.”

By this point, the flood gates had opened.

Dane pulled me to sit in his lap as his hands snaked around my waist, “You have done nothing wrong.

I love having someone to wait on hand and foot.

I handled Kain because that is my job and even if it wasn’t, I still would have done it, and just so you know, the Oakwood Pack isn’t the first pack that we have fought.

Though I think they will be the He always knew what to say to calm me down, except this time I still couldn’t shake this nagging feeling.

I wasn’t sure if it was just because Kain said he would be back or if it was something else altogether.

I ate as much of the meal as I could, thanking Dane a million times for everything he has done for me.

“Babe, I have something I need to take care of, Ash will be with me. It shouldn’t take long, but mom is going to come over. You rest and I will talk to the doctor before I come home. Love you.”

He pulled the blankets over me before kissing me on the forehead.

“What do you have to do?” I questioned, finding it a little odd at how vague he was.

He looked everywhere but at me before answering, “Just some pack stuff, shouldn’t take long.”

Somehow, I knew he wasn’t being completely honest with me.

I narrowed my eyes at him as I heard his mom announce herself as she came through the front door.

“I’m going to talk to Nyla. See if I can get some answers from her. She was the one that told Kain you were here. We don’t know how she knew he was looking for you though.”

I nodded and rolled over, letting sleep overtake me. Darkness. I looked around realizing I was in the woods again.

The only light from the full moon peeking through the tops of dreaming, but it felt so real.

It was just the same dream, right? I started walking with no idea where I was heading when I heard it.

I will see you soon. I spun around in circles trying to find who was talking.

A sound to my left had me turning again.

A wolf stood behind the trees, its bright blue eyes staring straight at me.

The wolf let out a loud bark, scaring me.

I screamed as I fell back, my eyes popped open as I sat up in bed breathing hard.

The bedroom door bounced off the wall as Adria came running into the room frantically.


she spun around checking the room before sitting next to me.

“What happened?”

I began telling her about my dream, and how it was not the first time I had had it.

Adria looked shocked, to say the least.

Her face seemed to pale as her eyes grew wide.

“Adria, what is it? Please tell me what it means.”

I begged her.

I could tell by her reaction that she knew something.

“We’ll talk when Dane gets home dear.”

She stood to leave the room, “Is there anything you need?”

I shook my head as I laid back down.

Why did she react that way when I told her about my dreams, and why did we have to wait for Dane? Couldn’t she just tell me right now and then we could tell Dane later? Having to wait made me nervous.

I decided I would take a shower to try to sleep again right now.

I couldn’t get my mind to shut off.

I made my way to the bathroom and turned the hot water on, letting the bathroom fill with steam.

I stepped in front of the mirror while I waited for the water to warm up, a little surprised to see how fast my belly was growing.

I wasn’t sure how normal this was.

I could see a major difference today.

The hot water rolling down my back seemed to relax my tense muscles some.

“I’m home babe,”

I heard Dane’s gruff voice.

I wasn’t sure how long I had been in there, but I felt a little better.

I shut the water off and stepped out to find Dane waiting for me with a warm towel to wrap me in.

His eyebrows shot up in surprise, “What?”

I asked him as I quickly grabbed the towel from his outstretched hands.

“Sorry, it’s nothing.”

He tried to lie.

I gave him a pointed look, “It’s just that you are showing a lot more than I realized.

You are absolutely beautiful though.”

He followed me from the bathroom and sat on the bed as I dug through my clothes, trying to decide what to put on.

“I noticed that too when I was getting in the shower. Is it normal?”

I just grabbed one of Dane’s t-shirts and slipped it on as I turned to face him.

“I’m not a hundred percent sure, but we will go see Dr. Winters for you in the living room.”

Now I am worried.

He knew if this was normal or not, or at least I felt like he should know.

I slipped on some sweatpants after trying to find a pair of jeans that fit me and failing.

Dane led me to the clinic, letting me know that Dr. Winters was already waiting for us.

The same nurse from last time walked us back to the room, where Dr. Winters was indeed already waiting for us, “Alpha, you said it was important?”

he questioned before he looked at me.

His eyes widened, “I see.”

He muttered as he motioned for me to sit down.

“You should not be showing like this.”

he pulled a machine to the side of a bed as he spoke, “Let’s do an ultrasound and see what’s going on.”

I pulled the hem of Dane’s t-shirt up and Dr. Winters poured a little jelly on my baby bump before moving the wand across it.

After a few minutes, Dane spoke up, “Well…”

“It seems the pup is growing twice as fast as normal.

I really am not sure why though, Alpha.

Everything seems to be okay though.

All vitals are great.

At this rate, I would say she will give birth within a month.”

My breath hitched at his words.

I wasn’t ready, I still didn’t even have a room set up for back.

We haven’t even talked about that yet.

My mind started racing again as Dane k*ssed me.

His soft l!ps on mine brought me out of my own thoughts.

I relaxed into his touch, ni*ping his bottom !ip as I deepened the k!ss.

Dr. Winters cleared his throat, “I think it’s best if you spend the rest of the pregnancy on complete bed rest.

As far as checkups go, I think it is best to come in every three days, or l can have everything I will need brought to your house to do it there.

Whatever you would rather do, Alpha.”

He looked at Dane waiting for an answer.

Dane was grinning ear to ear like a kid in a candy shop, “I’ll send Gamma Colby over, and he will help you get what you need carried to our house.”

Dane helped me stand up and then quickly lifted me in his arms, “What are you doing?”

I sighed.

“Bed rest. I will carry you home.” He was still smiling as he bent down, k!ssing me gently.

Dane was beaming with excitement the whole way home, “Did your mom talk to you?”

I asked him as he walked.

He nodded but didn’t look down at me, “She is now convinced that you are most definitely the daughter of the Alpha King.

Said that rumors have it a witch was used to suppress the wolf until the girl turned 25.”

He chuckled a little, “When do you turn 25?”

his brows scrunched together.

“I need you to make a list of everything you want for our pup so I can get it bought. I know the basics, like a crib, but just make me a list. I can’t wait to meet our daughter.”

His excitement was contagious and caused me to get just as excited. Dane carried me through the door and sat me down on the couch.

“So do you believe what your mom said?”

I couldn’t help but wonder now if it could be true.

I mean nothing was making any sense.

He had quickly changed the subject earlier after I told him when my birthday was.

“I honestly don’t know.”

He plopped down on the couch next to me with a bag of chips and two cups of tea.

It didn’t look like I would be getting him to talk about it tonight.

“What about Nyla? Find anything out from her.”

His jaw clenched at my words, “No, nothing useful anyway.”

He slid his arm around my shoulders as he began flipping through t.v. channels.

A loud knock on the door startled us both, “LUNA HOLLY!”

we heard a small voice yell at the door.

Dane opened the door to find little Blaze standing on our front porch by himself.

“What are you doing, Blaze?”

Dane asked him as he led him to the living room.

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