My Surprise Mate Chapter 24

I sat in shock at his words.

Dane’s thumb gently car*essed the top of my hand as he waited for my reaction.

“Is she still here? How do you know for sure that she is my mother?”

The questions began flooding out of me as my mind raced.

Dane sighed as he pulled me close to him, I’m sure in an attempt to calm me down some.

I pushed away from him, “You didn’t think you should have come to get me or brought her here to meet me?”

There were so many emotions running through me that I wasn’t sure what I felt.

Anger seemed to be the most prominent though.

“Is she still here Dane!?”

I shouted at him as I stood up.

He followed, “No.

She left, but she said she would return tomorrow.

She wanted to talk to me first.

She said it was something she needed to do before she saw you.

I don’t know why, and she didn’t explain anything to me.

She just asked me a few questions before arranging to meet tomorrow morning.”

I still seemed to be having a hard time wrapping my mind around all this.

“But how do you know she really was my mother?”

I asked a little softer.

A smile spread on his face, “Because she looks just like you except for her eye color and chocolate brown hair, the same body build, everything.”

I sat back down on the couch, “She didn’t tell you anything though?”

I didn’t understand why she would show up and not say anything.

Not even want to see me yet.

“Her name is Tatiana Sparks, and she is the missing mate of the Alpha King.

His eyes studied me as the news set in.

“So, the rumors are true?”

I whispered in disbelief.

“Seems that way,” he chuckled.

My eyes shot up to meet his.

“This isn’t funny Dane,”

I could feel my anger starting to build again.

It seemed like lately I was either crying or pissed off.

He lifted his hands in surrender, “I know babe, I’m just surprised, is all.

I didn’t really believe any of the rumors, let alone that you were a key player in them.”

He k!ssed my forehead as his arms wrapped around me.

I relaxed in his warmth, in the protection I felt from him.

I tilted my head up and let my l!ps crash into his.

My hands snaked around his neck as I moved to straddle him.

I melted into his touch, not wanting him to stop.

But of course, he did.

I gr0aned as he pulled away, breaking the k!ss, “I want to babe, I do, but you’re supposed to be on bed rest.”

I let my head fall to his shoulder as I cuddled up against him.

A small smile crept across my face as I realized things I can still do for him.

I gently started placing k!sses on his neck as I let my hands travel all over his body.

I sat up as I tried to pull his shirt over his head, “We can’t Holly,”

I could tell he was struggling.

“I know.

Now str!p.”

I told him as I stood up.

He did as I asked, but I could see the confusion on his face.

I pushed him back, making him fall back on the couch as I dropped to my knees.


he gasped when he realized what I was going to do.

I softly stroked his member, letting my thumb glide over the tip that was glistening with prec*m.

I placed light k!sses from the tip to the base as my other hand cupped him.

“Babe, wait, you don’t need to do this.”

he was already getting breathless.

I didn’t bother to respond to him, instead, I took him in my mouth.

“Sh!t…Holly!” he gr0aned.

I felt his hand as it tangled in my hair and I began bobbing my head up and down, m0aning against him.

Every time I would come up to the tip, I would let my tongue circle around.

His h!ps started bucking slightly the faster I went, “Look at me babe,” he commanded gruffly.

I happily obliged, peeking through my lashes at him.

He gr0aned and tried to pull out, but I sped up my pace instead, wanting to taste him.

“Sh*itt…” he m0aned out as he unloaded in my mouth.

I pulled me off the floor to sit in his la*p once he had come down from his high some.

He k*ssed me deeply, “I love you, babe.”

I woke up in our bed the next morning alone.

Dane must have carried me to bed at some point last night.

I really didn’t want to get up, but I was starving.

As I pulled on some clothes, I could hear Dane talking to someone in the other room.

“Please, make yourself at home.”

I strained my ears, trying to figure out who he could be talking to.

“Thank you.”

A woman replied.

I knew that voice.

How did I know that voice though? I tried to pull on a pair of tennis shoes and finally gave up.

My belly was getting huge.

Growing rapidly daily.

I sighed and walked down the hall to the living room as the smell of bacon wafted through the air.

I came to a stop when I rounded the corner and saw a woman sitting on the couch.

It was her, and we did look just alike.

She smiled as soon as she saw me but made no attempt to approach me.

I felt Dane walk up beside me as one arm rested gently on my wa!st, “ Babe, this is Tatiana Sparks.

I decided it would be better for her to come over here to talk.”

He motioned toward the lady.

“Hello, Holly,”

she smiled, snapping me out of my daze.

That voice.

I know that damn voice.

But where have I heard it?

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