My Surprise Mate Chapter 26

Dr. Winters was waiting for us when we arrived, leading Dane to a room down the long hallway. The pain was excruciating. I had heard how painful labor was, but I never imagined it could be this bad.

I felt like I couldn’t breathe every time a contraction started. Dr. Winters began examining me as soon as Dane had laid me down on the bed. “It’s time,” he looked up at me, “

when the next contraction starts, I need you to take a deep breath and push as hard as you can.”

With the next contraction, I started pushing, squeezing Dane’s hand as I screamed. I wasn’t sure how long I had been pushing but it felt like hours, and I was exhausted. The pain was almost unbearable. “I can’t do this anymore,”

I looked at Dane. He brushed the hair from my face before placing a k!ss on my forehead, “You can do this babe. You’re almost done.”

With a deep breath, I began pushing again. “One more time Luna,”

Dr. Winters said encouragingly. I squeezed Dane’s hand as another contraction started. Within minutes, the small room filled with the sweet cry of my baby. “It’s a girl!”

Dr. Winters grinned as he held up my daughter. No, our to me. “She’s beautiful and looks just like you, babe.”

Dane slowly ran one finger along her cheek. She did look like me. I was amazed at the amount of chocolate brown hair covering her small head. Her bright green eyes stared into mine. I had never felt so much love for one person before. The nurse walked up to the side of my bed, reaching her arms out, “Luna, we need to examine her real quick, and then she will be all yours.”

I didn’t want to hand her to this woman. She seemed nice enough, but Kain’s words started playing in my head. Then I thought of how Nyla had been talking to Kain, working with him. What if this woman was doing the same and she handed my daughter over to him? “Ill go with them. I promise she will be safe.”

Dane whispered to me, never taking his eyes off the precious little girl lying in my arms. I reluctantly handed her to the nurse and watched as Dane left the room with them. As silence filled the room, I started to doze off. Exhaustion slowly taking over. A small knock on the door had me wide awake, “Come in!”

I hollered. The door opened slowly as Genesis and Adria walked in grinning. Adria quickly went into mother mode, “How do you feel dear?”

She questioned as she gave me a hug. “Your food I chuckled lightly, “I’m fine thanks. I’m just so tired, but the pain isn’t as bad now as it was during labor.”

I joked with her. Her l!ps formed a tight line, “Genesis, go find Dr. Winters and have him bring something for her pain. He knows she doesn’t have a wolf, so her healing will be much slower than ours and her pain tolerance isn’t like ours either.”

Genesis quickly nodded and made her way out the door. “Really, it’s okay. I can wait for the nurse to come back.”

Adria shook her head, “No, it’s no problem. You just gave birth. The least they could do is give you some pain medicine.”

A young girl knocked on the door carrying an assortment of food, with Dain following in the room behind her. He had a small pink bundle in his arms.

I reached my arms out ready to have my baby back in my arms. He carefully handed her to me, “There is a very impatient little boy waiting to see her…”

he chuckled lightly, “Do you have any names picked out?”

I hadn’t even thought of names much…I mean I had a few that I liked, but I hadn’t decided on one yet. “I really like the name, Kyra. What do you think?”

I asked Dane, quietly afraid of waking her up. She looked so peaceful sleeping. “

Kyra Black….”

Dane whispered his eyes, never leaving her. I raise her as his own, but I guess I hadn’t thought about her last name. My heart swelled with love. He wanted her to have his last name. “I think it sounds perfect.”

I smiled at him. “Me too …”

he leaned over, giving me a light k!ss. ..Dr. Winters interrupted as he entered the room, “Luna Holly, I have some pain medication for you. My apologies it wasn’t brought in sooner.”

He handed me two small pills that I quickly took. Dane didn’t speak to him, just watched him closely. I could tell there was something Dane wasn’t telling me.

The way he stared at the doctor had me a little concerned. Dr. Winters didn’t stay in the room long after giving me my medicine and checking my vitals. “Do you feel up for visitors?”

Adria asked and I noticed Genesis standing next to her. “Just two more?”

Genesis smiled at me, “And I promise we won’t be long.”

I knew who she was talking about. Ash and Blaze. I nodded my head, giving her the okay to bring them in. Dane helped me to sit up more in bed before they came in. Blaze was the first one through the door. Though he was running, he was very quiet. “

Hello, Luna Holly.”

He whispered as he reached the side of the bed. “Hello, Blaze. Are you ready to meet our daughter?”

I looked at Dane who was grinning just as much as Blaze was. to be very gentle, okay?”

Blaze looked at Dane as if he had grown three heads, “Alpha, I will always be gentle with her.”

I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped me. Dane sat him down beside me on the bed and I adjusted Kyra so he could see her. I didn’t think his smile could get any bigger, but it did. “She’s perfect. What’s her name?”

he asked softly as he held her little hand. “Kyra Black,”

Dane spoke up proudly before I could answer. “Congratulations Alpha!”

Ash pulled Dane in for a hug, “Welcome to parenthood…”

Dane smiled and thanked him. “Blaze, we need to leave now. Luna Holly and Kyra need to rest okay. We’ll see them tomorrow.”

Genesis tried to help Blaze off the bed, but he didn’t budge. He looked at the three adults standing behind him, “Alpha Dane…”

he whispered softly, “something is going to happen. I know it. Please don’t make me leave. I need to protect Kyra.”

He looked as if he was going to cry. I’m sure my face looked just like the others… surprised. “What do you mean?”

I asked Blaze as fear started creeping through my veins. His blonde hair bounced as he shook his head, “I don’t know Luna, but I feel it. Something is going to happen soon. Please don’t make me leave.”

Now he was begging me, his eyes clearly showed how worried he was. I noticed Dane and Ash exchanged a few looks, “We will sleep in the waiting room. Is that okay, Blaze?”

Ash asked him, trying to compromise with him. Blaze looked back down at Kyra and leaned closer to her, “I’ll be right outside, okay? I’ll keep you safe.”

Blaze gave me a quick hug before jumping off the bed and leaving with his parents. My anxiety was steadily growing. “Dane…you have precautions in place, right?”

Adria asked her son. He only responded with a nod of his head, though he seemed lost in deep thought. I knew there was something he wasn’t telling me.

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