My Surprise Mate Chapter 27

Zayd and Adria drove us home from the hospital.

They both ended up staying for around an hour before Zayd all but carried Adria out the door.

She Is already the best grandmother a child could ask for, and so helpful already.

Dane Is so proud to call himself dad.

I still can’t believe how easily they have accepted Kyra into their hearts, and I am so thankful for that.

Kyra does seem to prefer Dane over me though.

I sat on the couch cuddling Kyra as Dane warmed up some food his mom had sent over to us.

My thoughts travel to everythIng that Is still to come.

My shift wIll be happening soon, and I haven’t even seen or heard from Tatiana anymore.

What Is going to happen when I do shift? Is my dad, Alpha King Apollo, going to find me and try to kill me still? Or wIll he just leave me alone? I haven’t done anything wrong that deserves a death sentence.

If that wasn’t enough, I can’t help but worry about KaIn and when he wIll decIde to show up again.

I still can’t figure out why Dr. WInters acted the way he had and what exactly dId he mean? I’m not even sure what happened to him.

Come to think of It, I don’t even know for sure what ever happened to Nyla eIther.

Are they both helpIng KaIn? I hope not.

If Dr. Winters Is helpIng KaIn then he has already told hIm about Kyra.

My anxiety contInued to rise as my thoughts kept racing through my head.

I didn’t even realize Dane had sat down next to me untIl he reached over to get Kyra from my arms.

I gently shook my head, trying to clear the thoughts, and gave hIm a small smile.

“What’s wrong babe?”

he asked, concern dripping off his words.

How could I tell hIm everythIng I am worried about? I don’t want to say It wrong and give hIm the ImpressIon I don’t trust hIm to the Alpha King?”

I didn’t even have time to think about what I had said.

It just came out.

My heart was racing as my breathing became more erratic.

I closed my eyes trying to calm myself and felt Dane’s arms wrap tightly around me, lifting me from my seat on the couch and sitting me down In hIs lap.

“I don’t care what KaIn does.

No one.

Not even the Alpha King Is going to hurt you.

As long as! am alive, you and Kyra wIll be safe.”

He peppered light k!sses on the top of my head before meetIng my l!ps wIth hIs.

The k!ss was soft, but I could feel hIs love so strong at that moment.

“ Let’s eat and then get you and Kyra settled for the night.”

We have been home for a week now and Dane Is amazIng.

It doesn’t feel like It’s been a week though.

The days and nights seem to have blurred together.

I love watching Dane wIth Kyra, hIs lIttle prIncess, so he says.

The formal introduction of me and Kyra wIll be held after my shift, though the whole pack knows about us already, and from what I have seen and heard they have already accepted us wIthout questIon or hesItatIon.

Genesis and Adria have been amazing! I really don’t know what I would have done wIthout them.

Adria comes in the mornIngs to have her ‘ grandma time’, as she calls it, and GenesIs comes in the afternoon wIth Blaze.

I’m sitting on the couch holdIng Kyra as I wait for Dane to get home.

“ Hey, baby! How are my girls?”

he questions as he walks through the front door.

After kIckIng hIs shoes off, he comes straight over to the couch, giving me a deep k!ss before takIng Kyra from my arms and sitting down wIth her.

Isat watchIng hIm as he talked to Kyra softly.

I haven’t felt right all day.

I’m not sure how to explain It, but I just feel off.

Like there Is a storm brewing and there Is no way I can avoid it.

“My birthday Is tomorrow…”

I try about this several times and I know he will be wIth me the whole time to help me get through it.

Zayd and Adria had already said they would have Kyra for the night.

‘Sleepover with grandma and pop, she had said excitedly.

“It is…I had a meeting wIth everyone today.

Colby wIll be handling any situations that arise tomorrow with dad and Ash assisting if he needs them.

Ash will be with about ten of our warriors making sure our area is not entered and nothing happens.

Kyra will be with my mom and dad, and Genesis and Blaze plan to stay wIth them too.

I wIll be with you.”

He laid sleeping Kyra down In her bassinet next to the couch before pulling me close to hIm.

I felt better knowing that he was doing everythIng he could to make tomorrow easier for me.

“So, Ash linked me, saId Blaze Is beIng very persistent about seeIng Kyra tonight.

I know you are tired, but do you mind If they come over for a lIttle bIt? If you don’t feel lIke It, they wIll understand.”

I smiled, thinking about how Blaze acts wIth Kyra.

It’s so cute.

Right now, It’s more of a guard or protector, but we all know that wIll change as they both get older.

Blaze knows that Kyra Is hIs mate but Is still too little to fully feel the mating bond effects.

“They can come by.

Genesis was busy earlier and wasn’t able to bring hIm at their normal time.”

I heard my phone buzz on the dining room table, notifying me of a new text message, and gr0aned before standIng to go get it.

I’m sure It’s Genesis askIng about coming by tonight.

As I picked up my phone, my heart dropped Into my stomach as I read the message.

I’m happy to hear my daughter is strong and healthy.

I wIll be there soon to pick her up.


We hadn’t heard anything from him since hIs last appearance here.

And how did he get my new phone number? Though he is biologically unexplainable.

She has Dane’s last name.

He Is her dad in every sense.

I felt a rage begin to boil inside of me; a rage I had never felt before In my life.

I barely noticed Dane as he quietly moved behind me, his arms wrapped protectively around me, “What is it?” he asked softly.

His words, though they should have been calming, seemed to only fuel the rage that was growing inside me.

I could feel myself begin to shake, “He wIll not touch her,”

I said between gritted teeth.

I wasn’t sure what was happening to me.

I felt utterly consumed by this rage.

I closed my eyes and began taking deep breaths, trying to calm myself.

“Babe, no one Is going to ever touch her.

Take a deep breath and try to calm down.”

I opened my eyes to see Dane looking at me Intently, worry lacing hIs face.

Dane placed a hand on each side of my face, forcing me to meet hIs gaze, “I promise babe, I wIll die before I ever let harm come to our daughter or you.”

Deep down I knew what he was saying was true.

I could feel it in my bones.

This man in front of me was more than I could ever have asked for.

In an instant, my rage was gone.

Looking Into Dane’s eyes, I could see all the love he had for us.

I leaned forward, letting my l!ps crash Into his.

My hands traveled up his hard ch3st as he deepened the k!ss.

A m0an escaped my l!ps as he started placing k!sses down my neck.

Without any warning, Dane had grabbed the backs of my th!ghs and lifted me, my legs InstInctIvely wrapped around his wa!st.

Dane gently sat me down on top of the table, his l!ps never ceasing their attack on my neck.

My hands traveled back down finding the hem of his shirt.

Dane quickly stepped back and pulled his shirt over his head.

His hands made their way under my shirt, leaving a trail of sparks In theIr wake.

A light knock on the front door brought us out of our moment.

With a deep sigh, he helped me off the table and made hIs way over to the door.

Not bothering to put hIs shirt back on.

“This Isn’t over, babe,” he told me as he adjusted himself before opening the door.

I smiled, knowing tonight would be good.

After having Kyra, we haven’t had much time to ourselves, and I am very much looking forward to tonight wIth Dane.

I may not be healed enough for s*x, but there are so many other things we can still do.

As soon as Dane opened the front door, Blaze came bounding In, hIs lIttle eyes scanning the room for Kyra.

As soon as he spotted her asleep In the living room, he quietly made his way over to her.

I watched him as he sat down next to her and smiled.

Genesis and Ash made their way in, “Well, tomorrow is the big day.

Are you ready?”

Genesis questIoned.

“I’m nervous …”

I replied, giving her a small smile.

She walked over, wrapping her arms around me In a tight hug, “I know you are, and that is expected, but I also know how strong you are, and you wIll be okay.”

Dane and Ash were standing near the front door talking.

Both men had serious looks on their faces.

I don’t usually question theIr conversatIons or feel the need to join In on them, but for some reason, I just had to know.

Curiosity killed the cat, as they say.

I walked over to Dane, wrapping my arm around his wa!st, “What has y’all so serious?”

I questioned, looking between the two of them.

Ash cleared his throat as he looked down at the floor.

“Nothing you should worry about babe,”

Dane bent down, k!ssing me on the top of my head.

And just lIke that, I could feel the rage as it began to slowly build inside me.

I took a deep breath, still not sure why I was getting mad so quickly tonight, “I won’t worry.

I just want to know what’s going on.

I know that you have everything under control.”

I tried to keep my anger from seepIng didn’t work.

Dane pulled me close to him, “We were talking about Dr. Winters and Nyla.

They are both beIng held In the silver cells.

There is Something WInters Is hidIng from us, but we haven’t figured it out yet.”

A fire seemed to explode inside of me.

My whole body began to shake

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