My Surprise Mate Chapter 28

Dane easily caught up with me and began running beside me, “Babe, follow me. I believe your shifting is starting.”

He ran ahead of me, not giving me time to respond to him.

My mind whirled with questions; I’m not supposed to shift yet.

I followed Dane as emotions flooded my senses.

As we ran through the tree line and into the woods, pain shot through me once again, bringing me to my knees.

This time stronger than the first.

All could do was cry out in agony.

Never in my life had I felt this kind of pain, not even when I gave birth to Kyra.

“Babe I’m right here.”

I heard Dane as he kneeled beside me.

One hand gently started brushing my hair back as he looked down at me.

“I know it hurts, but don’t fight it.

It will be over soon.

Focus on me and try to take deep breaths.”

I did as he said.

Focusing on the beautiful caring man beside me.

How his eyes showed his emotions—the love he felt for me clear.

How I always felt mesmerized when I saw the silver swirling and mixing with the sky blue.

His hair was now ruffled from running and he always seemed calm when I wasn’t.

Just like now…I felt as though a storm larger than life was hitting me head-on and I was struggling to even breathe.

But here he was…calm and collected…holding it together to help me.

No trace of fear or worry to be seen.

I felt myself begin to relax the more I focused on him.

I took in his full l!ps and how they felt perfect when they melded with mine.

My bones began snapping, causing me to scream out.

“It’s okay babe.

I’ll be right here.”

Dane pulled away from me and I saw him standing to the side as my body continued to morph.

I could no longer scream.

I felt like I couldn’t get enough air in my lungs.

finally began to breathe evenly again.

I was scared to move; afraid it would trigger the pain again, so I lay as still as I could.

After several minutes, I slowly opened my eyes.

Everything looked so clear and vivid.

Even in the dark shadows of the trees, I could see clearly.

I finally saw Dane.

His shocked expression caused panic to begin to rise in me.

“You are absolutely stunning.”

He finally spoke, his eyes shining with pride.

Looking down, I realized I wasn’t me…well I was, but I had successfully shifted.

From what I could see, I was covered in shiny pitch-black fur.

I looked at Dane as I tried to stand.

Though I felt strange in this form, I managed just fine.

Dane began shedding his clothes as I watched in wonder.

Before I knew it, he had shifted as well, leaving a huge light-grey wolf in his place.

The tips of his ears were the same pitch black as my fur.

His normal sky-blue eyes were now shining a bright silver.

He slowly walked over to me, sniffing as he circled me.

He bowed his head as he made his way back in front of me, My Luna.

I was shocked to hear him speak.

He slowly began circling me again, rubbing his body against mine as he moved.

He nudged me playfully with his nose before turning and running off.

I followed him, catching up with him without any problem.

We ran side by side for what seemed like hours.

I felt free.

The wind blew gently through my fur as we ran.

I will race you home, my queen.

As soon as I heard his voice, Dane took off, sprinting back toward our house.

I didn’t want to lose…well, I didn’t want to lose badly, so I pushed myself to catch up to him.

I quickly realized I was catching up with him fast.

The sound of our paws hitting the ground seemed to echo around us.

With the house coming into view, I pushed myself harder, running past Dane with more speed than I knew I was capable of.

I reached the front porch just moments before Dane.


But I couldn’t help but wonder why I shifted today? It wasn’t supposed to happen yet.

Dane trotted up to me, nudging me playfully with his nose before shifting and standing in front of me.

That’s when it hit me…I had no idea how to shift back and I wasn’t sure how to mind-link with anyone yet.

How could I not have asked any of these questions before now! “Do you want to shift outside, or would you be more comfortable doing it in the house babe?”

Dane questioned.

I made my way to the front door and looked back at him eagerly.

He chuckled as he flung the door open to let me inside.

Once in the living room, I still wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do.

So, I sat down and waited for Dane to realize my problem.

He walked in after a few moments, a pair of sweatpants hanging loosely on his hips.

The sight of him made my mouth water.

“I can smell your arousal even in wolf form.”

He smiled slyly at me.

“Why haven’t you shifted back?”

he questioned.

No sooner did he say the words he realized he never told me how to shift back.

“I’m so sorry babe.

Just relax and picture yourself.”

I did as he said and soon felt my bones cracking as I shifted back.

It wasn’t near as painful as the first time, and I was grateful for that.

“That was amazing!”

I gushed full of excitement, “Painful, but so freeing!”

Dane smiled as he walked over to me, pulling me to my feet.

“I’m so proud of you.

You handled it well and your wolf is absolutely gorgeous…

just like you.”

He leaned down, catching my l!ps with his.

I let my hands roam his body before lacing my fingers in his shaggy hair.

“I need you…”

I m0aned as his l!ps left a trail of burning k!sses down my neck.

In one swift move, Dane picked me up and pinned me against the living room wall.

My legs instinctively wrapped around his wa!st.

I’m not sure how he had managed to lose his sweatpants, but I really didn’t care.

The feeling of his growing rod against my hot core felt right, but desperate need to feel him, all of him, growing inside me at an impossible speed.

Dane didn’t hesitate as he slipped between my wet folds, pulling a loud gasp from me.

He stilled, “Are you okay? Is it too soon?”

He stood frozen like a statue, his eyes wide and filled with worry.

“I’m okay.

I think I have the same healing as you now.”

I leaned, k!ssing him deeply as he began to thrust his h!ps slowly.

He moved us to the bedroom, never breaking our connection, laying me down on the bed and pulling my legs over his shoulders.

He was hitting all new spots in this position.

I could feel myself building with every deep thrust.

Before I knew what was happening, Dane had flipped me over, pulling my h!ps up so my as*s was in the air more.

I screamed out as his hips thrust, filling me more than ever before.

Dane had one hand tangled in my hair tugging slightly, as the other found its way around to my sensitive nub.

It was too much, sending me over the edge into complete bliss.

Dane pumped his h!ps faster, pounding into me harder.

With a loud m0an, I felt his hot seed coating my insides.

He slowly rolled over on the bed, pulling me close to him.

“I love you so much, Holly.”

I smiled at him, “I love you too.

We lay there in the silence, neither of us ready to move, afraid of ruining the peaceful moment we had.

Unfortunately, not everyone had the same thoughts as us.

Alpha Dane? My eyes shot open at hearing Ash’s voice, “How can I hear him?”

I questioned Dane.

“You are a wolf now, and the Luna of the pack, not to mention the daughter of the Alpha King.

Unless it is directed only to me, then you will be able to hear.”

This had better be good…

Dane growled out.

His agitation clear even at my mate who seemed to be pouting over the interruption.

Tatiana Sparks is here.

At the border.

She said it is urgent and needs to speak with you and Holly immediately.

I jumped from the bed as my heart started racing, Dane quickly following me.

We both threw on some sweatpants and a t-shirt before making our way to the front door to slip on our shoes, “Babe, I need you to take a deep breath.

Your emotions will be all over the place right now.”

Dane gently pulled me into a tight hug, “I love you.”

He held me tight until my heart rate slowed back to its normal speed.

“Now, let’s go see what your mother has to say.”

He grabbed my hand as he led me out the door and toward the border where Ash and Colby waited with Tatiana.

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