My Surprise Mate Chapter 29

I was amazed at how well I could see in the dead of night now.

I looked around as we walked, taking in everything.

I wasn’t sure if I would ever get used to this.

I felt so much stronger now, almost invincible.

As we approached the three at the border, I immediately noticed the look of fear and panic on Tatiana’s face.

Though she was standing, she couldn’t seem to stand still, her anxiety clear in her twitchy movements.

In turn, it caused my own to rise.

I didn’t know her well, but I knew she was about to tell us terrible news.

“Alpha Queen Tatiana, what can we do for you?”

Dane addressed her.

Anger flashed briefly in her eyes, “Thank you for showing respect, but please do not ever call me that.

Tatiana is fine.”

Dane nodded in understanding as he wrapped a protective arm around my waist, pulling me closer to his side.

“You have shifted. That’s good.”

She started wringing her fingers together nervously.

“Yes, I did. But why? I thought I wouldn’t shift until the night of my birthday?”

I questioned her.

Her eyes darted around the area before she spoke again, “Is there somewhere we can talk privately?”

I looked up at Dane, “Follow us,”

he told her as he turned around leading in the direction of the packhouse.

“We can talk in my office.”

Ash and Colby followed close behind Tatiana as she followed us.

Once in Dane’s office, he instructed Colby to check on patrols and Ash to stand guard outside the door in the hallway.

After shutting the door and motioning for Tatiana to sit down, he questioned her again, “So what is going on?”

I stood next to Dane unable to make myself sit down.

Dread was building in the pit of my stomach at what she was here to tell us.

or not…”

she looked at me, then at Dane.

“I have heard some people talking about how he has completely lost his mind, but who knows if they are true or not.

No one is stupid enough to cross him and find out.”

Dane replied flatly.

I had no idea that Dane had been hearing about my so-called dad.

No one had said anything to me about him.

I watched Tatiana as she searched for her next words.

“Yes, well…the rumors are true. All the ones I have heard are true anyway. He was already insane by my book, but yes, he has completely lost it.”

She looked at me with a deep sadness I had never seen before.

“Alpha Dane, someone from your pack has been feeding him information.”

Her sadness was quickly replaced with anger.

Dane let out a deep growl as he stood from his chair with such force that the chair flew back, hitting the wall behind us.

Tatiana was just as fast, jumping to her feet, “Do not get angry at me! I trusted you to keep her safe.

To keep her hidden! You have failed to do either!”

She took a threatening step toward Dane as her rage continued to build.

“lam not angry at you, Tatiana, but I think I know who did this.”

Tatiana glared at him with hatred, “Then I suggest you deal with them and do not show mercy.

Putting my daughter, your Luna, and the blood-born princess at risk is no simple crime.”

I could feel Dane’s anger rising as Tatiana continued, “but I have more to tell you before you do so.”

Tatiana looked back at me as if she only just remembered I was standing in the room with them.

“lam so sorry my sweet angel. I am sorry for the hand you have been dealt.”

Her eyes became glassy with unshed tears, and she quickly blinked them back, not willing to let them fall.

“You need to prepare Alpha Dane. Call in any favors or alliances you may have. Alpha King Apollo is coming for Holly and your sweet daughter. The force he will be coming with is going to be hard to defeat.”

I gasped at again, he didn’t want me and is still hell-bent on killing me.

Mixed emotions swirled within me.

Anger at someone threatening my daughter, my new family, and fear that Alpha King Apollo is strong enough to do exactly what he wants to without anyone being able to stop him.

“No one is going to be willing to fight against him. You know this as well as I do. My pack will fight to the death to protect Holly and Kyra.”

Dane’s face showed no sign of worry or fear.

He still held the same confidence as always.

“You are right. No one will be brave enough to go against him and his army. But the bad news doesn’t stop there,”

she took a deep breath, sitting back down in her seat, “Kain is planning to take Kyra.

I have no doubts about the outcome of that, but I need to warn you of all that I know.

Big and small.”

Dane was still standing, but at the mention of Kain, I could feel anger begin to rise inside of him.

“That piece of s**t would not make it more than two feet past the border.

He has no daughter here to take and I will be damned if he thinks he is taking mine.”

Tatiana nodded her head in agreement and understanding.

The office fell silent as we all soaked in the conversation.

“How can we stop Apollo? You must know of a way.”

I asked her, hoping she would be able to tell us a weakness he may have.

“I’m not sure. I couldn’t stop him before either. That’s why I ran and did everything I did.”

Tatiana stood walking towards me.

She gently grabbed my hands in hers, “Holly, you have not had an easy life, since the day you were born, but you have grown into such a beautiful, caring, intelligent, and strong woman. I am so proud of you, and I hope you can forgive me for not being there for you like I should have been. I love you so much and I promise you, my sweet angel, I will not let him harm you or my granddaughter—no matter what I have to do.”

When she pulled away, I saw a tear as it slipped down her face, “You did what you could to save me…there is nothing to forgive.”

She gave me a weak smile that didn’t reach her eyes, “Thank you, Holly.”

She turned from me and looked at Dane, “I am trusting you, Alpha Dane, to do everything in your power to keep them safe.”

“I will protect them with my life,” he told her, and she surprised us both by pulling him in for a hug before turning and making her way to the door.

“You only have a few days before he arrives. I will be back then.”

With that she left, leaving Dane and me standing in the office alone.

I wasn’t sure what to think or even feel.

So many things have just been laid on us.

This should have been a night of celebration and tomorrow too, but now it would be days and nights of planning and training and waiting for the impending war.

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