My Surprise Mate Chapter 30

Dane called everyone to his office, both his parents and Ash and Colby.

The anger that flooded the room when he told them what Tatiana said was almost unbearable.

Zayd and Adria were the first to speak, “He will have to k*ll us if he wants to get to our granddaughter.”

I had never seen them so mad before and to be honest, Zayd was scary when he was pissed.

Ash and Colby both vowed to protect us with their lives.

Though I don’t agree with that.

The thought of people I cared about, innocent people, dying because my father is insane didn’t sit well with me.

But there is little I can do about it.

One-pot of coffee and five hours later we felt we had a good starting plan.

Ash was instructed to kick up the training.

Every healthy male 18 years and older, and any female that wants to fight would be required to train with Ash.

Dane had made a few phone calls knowing they wouldn’t have a positive outcome.

Should Apollo get word of Dane trying to recruit outside help, he could easily spin it to make it look as if we were trying to rebel against him.

Dane only called Alpha’s, which he and Zayd fully trusted and were close friends with.

“Call my brother.”

Adria sighed.

My eyes widened in surprise.

I had no idea she had a brother, which made me realize I really don’t know much about my newfound family.

“He will help.

As much as I hate to see him involved in this fight, we will need his help.”

Adria looked at Zayd, who only nodded in agreement.

Dane picked up the phone and dialed a number before putting it on speakerphone.

After two rings, a deep gruff voice answered, “Alpha White…”

“Hello brother,”

Adria responded, a smile creeping onto her face.

“ Adria! How are you?” Adria hesitated a second too long, “Sister, tell me Dane decided to take over the phone call, “I’m right here, Uncle Dayton. Sorry to have to wake you up. But we have a slight situation we need your help with.”

“I will be there in three hours.”

His uncle replied, hanging up the phone.

He didn’t even wait to hear what the situation was.

I couldn’t believe he was going to come without knowing what he was getting himself and ultimately his pack into.

If this doesn’t end in our favor.

..if we don’t win this.

..Apollo will slaughter both packs.

I sat confused and lost in my own thoughts, “Adria is Alpha White’s baby sister. He has always and will always be protective of her. And we have never needed his help before, so he must know it is serious.”

Zayd chuckled as he thought about the siblings.

“He didn’t even ask what the situation was…”

I blurted out.

Zayd shook his head, “He doesn’t care what it is.

If it involves his sister or his only nephew …”

Zayd nodded his head toward Dane, “He will come full force to eliminate the threat.”

Adria and Dane had huge smiles on their faces, “With Uncle Dayton’s help we just might win this.

We should all try to get some rest before his arrival.

Genesis will keep Kyra here at the packhouse while we sleep awhile.”

Dane stood grabbing my hand in his and leading me out the door.

As we walked into our home, I couldn’t help but miss Kyra.

This was the longest I had been away from her.

“She is safe, babe.”

Dane said softly as he pulled me to him, “the best thing right now is to get some rest before training.

We aren’t sure how long we have until Apollo shows up and we have a lot to do beforehand.”

I let out a deep breath I didn’t realize I had been holding.

So much had happened in the last few months and I hadn’t stopped to really take it all in, and now it was all crashing down on me.

Tears burned my eyes as I tried to hold them back.

Pushing my face further lips as the tears streamed down my face—I couldn’t hold it back any longer.


it’s okay.

I promise everything will be okay.”

Dane whispered as his hand slid up and down my back lovingly.

Dane stood there patiently, holding me as I cried, letting me get it all out, before leading me to the room.

I laid my head on his chest as his protective arms laced around me.

I fell into a deep sleep listening to the sound of his steady heartbeat.

When I woke up, Dane was no longer in bed, but a note lay on his pillow telling me he was at the packhouse.

I looked over at the clock next to the bed and realized I had been asleep for almost five hours.

That means his uncle should be here already.

I couldn’t help but feel a little mad that he didn’t wake me.

I would have loved to be there to greet his uncle when he arrived.

I climbed out of bed and made my way to the shower.

Dane was going to start training me today, so I showered and dressed as fast as I could.

Dane said he isn’t worried about my endurance right now, but he does want to teach me as many fighting techniques as possible.

I walked out our front door and began walking toward the packhouse.

In the field, halfway between our house and the packhouse, I noticed all the people gathered.

It looked like the whole pack was there.

I made my way through the crowd to the front and couldn’t believe what I saw.

Dane was in the center of the field squaring up to a huge male.

He was a little shorter than Dane but made up for it in muscle.

Neither of them had shirts on and both had sweat dripping off them.

The other guy was covered completely in tattoos with short dark brown hair.

“Hello dear,”

I turned to see Adria smiling at me sitting in a chair a few feet from me, “come sit with me?”

She motioned to a chair next to her I didn’t see at first.

I slowly made my way over to her, not wanting to take my eyes off Dane.

“That is Alpha Dayton “What are they doing?”

I questioned as I sat on the edge of my chair.

She chuckled, “Tell me what you know about Alpha White?”

I shook my head at her, “I know he is your big brother, and his pack isn’t too far from here.”

She smiled again, “Yes that is true.

Let me fill you in.”

she looked at me, making sure I was listening to her, “Dayton is the Alpha of the Hollow Moon Pack, the pack I am originally from, and the second largest in the whole state.

The Hollow Moon Pack is known for being some of the toughest wolves.

When it comes to fighting, very few can compare to them.

They are brutal.”

Adria paused, looking back out at her brother and son, pride rolling off her.

“My grandfather is the one that started the way they trained and fought after a deadly rogue attack.

Their training is long and hard.

Both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Once we told Dayton what was going on, he volunteered to start training our men.

Though our warriors are tough and are more than capable of handling themselves, the training they will receive from Dayton will be much harder.

He has already sent his Beta back to their pack to gather their warriors and bring them here.”

I watched as Dayton flipped Dane over effortlessly, pinning him to the ground and then quickly helping him back to his feet.

They were both smiling and laughing as they walked toward us.

Dane grabbed my hand, pulling me up to him, “Uncle Dayton, this is my mate, Holly.”

Dayton bowed his head, “So nice to meet you and it will be an honor to fight and protect you, my Queen.”

I looked from Dane to Adria confused at his words.

“When we take down Alpha King Apollo who do you think will take his place?”

Dane explained with a smile on his face.

My eyes grew wide at the realization.

If we kill Apollo, the title will fall to me.

I don’t know if I am ready for that.

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