My Surprise Mate Chapter 31

We had spent the past five days training from sunup to sundown, only stopping to eat.

My training consisted of working with Ash in the mornings, Dane after lunch, and Alpha Dayton in the evenings.

All of them have told me that I’m a natural, but I still am not near as good as they are.

I have even seen Adria and Zayd training.

I was very surprised at Zayd; even though he walks with a cane, he is still a force to be reckoned with.

He is still a good fighter in human form, but when he shifts to his wolf, he is much better.

After a heated discussion, it was decided that Zayd and Adria will protect the packhouse should anyone make it in.

Genesis will be with Blaze and Kyra and the other woman and children in the bunker under the packhouse.

She didn’t want to at first but finally agreed to it.

Some women have stepped up, volunteering to fight, and have been training alongside men.

Dane had never told women they couldn’t be warriors, but with such a large pack, they just never really wanted or needed to.

We haven’t heard anything from Tatiana since her last appearance, but she did say she wouldn’t be back until Apollo arrived.

I wish she would come before then.

She could train with us, and maybe even teach us a thing or two.

The office door flew open as Genesis came running in with Kyra in her arms and Blaze leading the way.

“What happened?”

I questioned as I ran to her, grabbing Kyra from her arms.

She looked at Blaze and nodded her head.

“Something bad is about to happen,”

he said confidently.

Dane stood and walked beside me, taking Kyra from my arms as Ash picked up Blaze.

“What do you mean son?”

Ash asked the little boy.

“In my dream, a lady talked to me,”

he told his dad.

“What did she say, wiggled from his father’s arms and ran to stand next to Dane.

“He will be here tomorrow my little warrior.

Don’t worry though, you are ready to protect her.”

We all looked at each other in shock.

Blaze wasn’t done talking though, “Kyra is special.

She will have power that no other has had in a thousand years.

She has been blessed.”

Dane growled, causing everyone except me to kneel, bowing their heads.

“He will not get either one of you! Holly, you will be in the bunker with Genesis and the kids.

There is no way he will get to you in there.”

Anger built inside of me at his words, “NO! I will not run or hide from him anymore! I’m not going to sit by while everyone fights for me.

I will fight alongside you, as a true Luna should, I will protect our daughter, family, and pack from this monster!”

I was shaking with rage, daring Dane to try to stop me.

He stared at me for what felt like hours, “I understand Holly, but babe please, I need you safe.”

His voice was softer now and full of so much emotion.

I stepped closer to him, resting my hand on his arm as I leaned and gave Kyra a k!ss on the cheek.

“I know Dane, but I have to do this.

And I will be safe, I will not be fighting alone.”

I smiled at him hoping he would understand why I will not hide.

It was because of Apollo that I didn’t have a family growing up.

It was because of Apollo that my life wasn’t what it should have been.

And now he wants my daughter.

I will die before that happens.

“I understand.”

He finally told me, and for the first time, I saw his confidence slip for just a brief second.

He was more worried and afraid of the outcome than he would ever let on.

Dane called a mandatory pack meeting, informing everyone that Apollo will more than likely be here tomorrow and that he wasn’t after just me, but Kyra as well.

The angry growls that erupted throughout the members were deafening.

To threaten a Luna was one thing, but to a death sentence, but we were talking about the most powerful wolf.

After the meeting, everyone filed into the dining hall to eat dinner.

It was an awkward, eerie silence; the tension and anticipation filled the room.

Everyone knew what to do tomorrow.

First thing in the morning, anyone not able to fight or who chose not to fight would be taken down to the bunker.

We wanted to make sure they were safe before Apollo showed up.

Everyone else would be waiting for his arrival, but Dane had made clear we will not be the first to attack.

I knew no one would be getting much sleep tonight.

Blaze has refused to leave Kyra’s side for even a second.

I’m not sure if he told us everything the ‘lady’ told him or not.

One thing everyone agreed on was that the ‘lady’ must be the Moon Goddess.

She is the only one that they know of that would be able to enter his dreams and tell him everything that she has.

Adria has been doing her best to figure out what ‘powers’ Blaze could have possibly been talking about, but if it was really a thousand years ago, we don’t think she will be able to find anything.

Dane held Kyra all through dinner, refusing to let her go.

I sat watching him as a thought popped into my head; Dane doesn’t think he is going to see her again.

He thinks he is going to die protecting her.

Tears welled in my eyes at just the thought of losing him.

“Babe, what’s wrong?”

Dane’s soothing voice broke through.

I just shook my head, “I just have so many emotions running through me right now.

I love you so much, Dane.”

I leaned over, giving him a soft k!ss.

His brows furrowed briefly before a small smile appeared, “I love you more my Queen.”

As soon as the dining hall cleared out, we made our way to our house with a sleeping Kyra.

When it was time, we would meet Genesis and she would take Kyra to safety.

I didn’t want to admit it to Dane, but I was terrified.

This was all so new to me, but I was scared that my dad, the Alpha King Apollo, would be successful.

I was scared we wouldn’t be enough to stop him, and we still hadn’t seen or heard from my mother.

I hoped she was okay, and nothing had happened to her.

I lay in bed, listening to the sound of Dane and Kyra sleeping, trying to calm myself.

Just as I began drifting off, a siren began blaring outside.

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