My Surprise Mate Chapter 32

As the sirens pierced the silence, Dane sprung from bed, eyes wide as he realized what was happening.

| grabbed Kyra, forcing the tears back that threatened to spill over.

Now was not the time to cry.

| needed to pull it together, and show no fear.

Dane looked down at Kyra, who was beginning to cry in my arms.

“Everything will be okay, princess.”

He leaned down k!ssing her on her forehead before looking at me, “Let’s go meet Genesis and make sure Kyra is safe.

Then we will deal with Alpha King Apollo.”

To my surprise, everyone was calm as they made their way to where they needed to be.

Dane led me down a corridor through a doorway with a ramp going down.

Zayd and Adria were already there assisting those who needed help.

Genesis appeared beside them with Blaze at her feet.

His little face lit up when he saw us.

They all gave me a tight hug before Genesis reached for Kyra.

Looking down at my precious little girl made my stomach twist into knots.

What if I never see her again? Kyra was still crying as I handed her to Genesis, “We will all protect her with our lives, Luna.”

And with that, Genesis disappeared into the bunker with Kyra and Blaze.

“Dad, if anything happens…”

Dane was abruptly cut off by Zayd, “Son, don’t worry.

| may be old and wobbly, but | still have some fight left in me.”

Zayd pulled Dane into a bone-crushing hug, “Now go do what your best at.”

| could feel the confidence begin to roll off Dane in waves at his father’s words.

Dane slipped his hand into mine as he began to lead me back outside, “Let’s go show your dad why he shouldn’t have ever messed with us.”

As we quickly made our way outside, | could see the large crowd of members who had chosen to fight beside us on the training field.

My eyes scanned the crowd before finally focusing on Alpha White, Ash, and “How do you want to do this?”

Alpha White asked as we walked up to them.

Dane looked around, “How far away from the borders are they?”

Ash spoke up, | had never seen him this serious before, “Alarms were triggered when they were a mile out.

Trackers have reported that they should be at our border within ten minutes, Alpha.”

Ten minutes.

Ten minutes until our world will change.

Ten minutes until the biggest battle this pack has ever been in takes place.

Ten minutes until lives are lost.

Ten minutes isn’t enough time.

I’m not ready for this.

I tried to keep my panic from showing the best I could.

I hadn’t realized that my breathing had quickened as | began to hyperventilate.

“Babe, listen to me.”

Dane turned me to face him, “Everything will be okay.

You and Kyra will be okay.

Remember, when the fighting starts you only worry about keeping yourself safe, even if that means running to the bunker.

You keep yourself alive.”

He gave me a deep kiss that | wish didn’t have to end.

“Now let’s be waiting for them.”

Dane ordered most of the warriors to stay back and hide in the shadows, only to come out when the time was right.

| walked hand in hand beside Dane with Alpha White on my right.

Ash and Colby walked to the left of Dane, while two large men I didn’t know walked to the right of Alpha White.

I did feel a little more at ease surrounded by all of them but knew it probably wouldn’t last long.

“Has anyone seen my mother?”

I whispered to Dane as we neared the borderline.

“No, not yet.”

He replied.

He was no longer my Dane, no, right now he was in full Alpha mode.

His wolf shone through, and authority dripped off him.

Any other time | would have been a little scared, but right now it was somehow comforting.

We stood in the darkness letting the silence surround us as we waited for the King.

It didn’t take long before the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard approaching.

Taking deep breaths, I managed to keep my heart There were only about twenty men with Apollo.

Though those men were the largest | had ever seen in my life.

I’m sure he has more warriors hiding.

The King would never come with so little, Ash spoke through mind link, never taking his eyes from the King’s men.

Dane and Alpha White shared a look and Dane squeezed my hand.

“ Holly Ellison?”

one of the men said as they reached the border.

Dane growled lowly, “You will address me as I am the Alpha.”

I was relieved when Dane responded.

I really didn’t think I could speak right now.

The man that spoke smirked at Dane, “I will address whomever I please.

Alpha King Apollo has business with Holly that doesn’t concern you.”

At his words, all the men around me growled in warning.

The King’s warriors all began bowing their heads as they parted down the middle, and there he was.

Alpha King Apollo, my dad.

He was huge but wasn’t dressed the way I imagined he would be.

| was expecting a long red robe to be draped around his shoulders with an overly shiny crown on top of his head.

But no, he was dressed in normal clothes.

A t-shirt that seemed as if it would rip at the seams from being stretched across his bulking muscles and jeans that seemed a bit too snug.

He was tall…at least a few inches taller than Dane.

“Alpha Dane, is it?”

Apollo’s voice was deep and full of authority.

Dane nodded his head as his eyes narrowed in on Apollo.

“With all due respect your majesty, what exactly are you here for?”

Dane questioned without hesitation.

We knew why he was here, but | knew Dane was waiting for him to say it or make the first move.

We would play stupid as long as we could.

Apollo smirked before looking at me.

Our eyes locked as Dane pulled me closer to his side.

Though Apollo was scary, there was something in his eyes I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

It seemed as their own daughter doesn’t feel emotions.

..right? It felt as though we had been staring at each other for minutes, but | know it was only seconds.

“ Holly…”

Apollo said softly before clearing his throat, “You look just like your mother.”

At his words, I could feel the anger boiling inside me.

I let out a deep growl, surprising even myself, “You do not get to talk about my mother, not after what she has had to go through because of you.”

I don’t know where my courage came from suddenly, but there wasn’t an ounce of fear left inside of me.

“And you have that same fire she had.”

He smiled at me.

It wasn’t an I’m-about-to-slaughter-you- smile, but an actual smile.

What the hell was happening? Was this part of his plan? Apollo took a step toward me and in turn, Dane and our men surrounded me.

Tension was now high as I heard Apollo laugh, sending a chill down my spine, “Alpha Dane, if you know what’s best for you, you will move out of the way.

Don’t interfere.

This should be a happy reunion.

The first timeI| am meeting my daughter!”

he clapped his hands together.

Dane growled, “Do not try to approach my mate.

| don’t care who you are, no one will touch her.”

| couldn’t see what was happening because everyone was blocking my view, but I could tell Apollo had stepped closer now, “You think you can take me? You really think you could stop me if I wanted to get to her?”

his voice was deep and threatening, not a trace of amusement left in it anymore.

| couldn’t hold back my anger that had been steadily building.

He thinks he is going to intimidate my mate! I felt my claws as they extended from my fingertips, and | pushed my way past Dane.

“You have the nerve to call me your daughter?!”

I growled at him as | stood beside Dane.

“You don’t have that right.

And a happy reunion? Really? There would be no need for a reunion had you not threatened and planned to kill me just because | was a girl!”

My whole body was shaking now.

Though | was trying my best not to shift and attack this monster, it was proving to be hard.

Two of Apollo’s men stepped up beside him defensively, “Control yourself little one,”

one of the men warned me.

Apollo surprised us all when he turned, grabbing the man by his throat, “You do not speak to her!”

he growled deeply at the man before throwing him to the ground.

“I am more than capable of handling my child.”

He looked back at me, but to my surprise, I didn’t see any anger in his face, and that, for some odd reason, pissed me off more.

A rustling in the trees had everyone snapping their heads to the side.

Trying to see who would have the nerve to appear at this moment.

Tatiana slowly walked out; her chocolate brown hair pulled back into a tight

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