My Surprise Mate Chapter 33

Tatiana stood unmoving, glaring at Apollo. It took him a few seconds to regain his composure.

“Tatiana, I have been looking for you all these years.” He began slowly walking towards her.

She threw her hand up, stopping him in his tracks, “Don’t come any closer Apollo.”It was then I saw the blade of a knife gripped tightly in her hand; Apollo saw it too.

His eyes grew wide, “Tatiana, what are you doing with that?” his voice was no longer as soft and gentle as before.

A sinister smile spread across my mother’s face, “This?” she questioned as she held the knife up for everyone to see, “Oh, this is what I’m going to use to stop you from hurting my baby, your majesty.”

She spits the last part out like venom.

Apollo looked surprised at her, but for just a moment I swear I saw pain flash through his eyes.

“What makes you think I would hurt her?” he took another step toward Tatiana.

She tilted her head to the side, “Is that a real question?” she scoffed.

“Tell me…did you forget why [ran in the first place? Tell me old age hasn’t affected your memory.”

I stood in disbelief at the way my mother was acting.I wish she could have been this brave before I was born, then maybe my life would have been different.

Fury coated Apollo’s face, “Are you talking about the rumors you spread my dear? The rumors of me going insane over the thought of not having a male heir.Or the ones about me wanting to find my daughter just to k*ll her and my grandchild?”

She brought the knife out in front of her, “Don’t move Apollo.”

I watched as the mighty Alpha King stood frozen in place.

What the actual hell is happening right now? I couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around their current conversation.

Argument? Whatever it was that was happening right now.

What did he mean by the rumors she started? Why would she start such vicious rumors herself? I didn’t realize how tightly I was squeezing Dane’s hand until I felt his fingers wiggle a little bit in my hold.

I could feel my heart thudding against my chest as I looked between the two of them, “What is he talking about Tatiana? Why would you start those rumors?”

A cruel smile curled across her face as she turned to look at me, sending chills down my spine. Dane must have felt the same as he tried to pull me behind him.

Tatiana began giggling, “Oh my, isn’t this entertaining.”

She began circling Apollo, looking him up and down as she walked.

“Can no one figure anything out? I would have thought y’all were smarter than that.”

She stopped in front of Apollo, staring at him, her face showed no emotion.

“Did you know that I am not his true mate? No, I’m not.I was his chosen mate because he hadn’t found his and thought he never would.I was ecstatic about it, of course. But then I found out, just before I discovered I was pregnant, that he had found her…his true mate.”

Her eyes glistened with hatred as she spoke.

“Tatiana, you know I had no control over my mate. There was no reason to do all that you did. You would still have been taken care of and Holly would have been raised Tatiana huffed at his response, “I refuse to be the laughingstock of the royals. Now, if you don’t mind, I would like to continue with my story.”

She looked at Apollo with so much disgust, “As I was saying, I was devastated when I learned of her, but then that turned into rage. When I found out I was expecting, I thought maybe now he would still choose me.

But no, he made it clear he wouldn’t. It didn’t take me and a very talented friend to come up with a revenge plan. It was one that would play out over time. Runaway and hide, start the rumors, and then when the time was right—make him watch you die before I take his life.”

My own anger was about to boil over.

How could someone be so damn heartless? I was nothing more than a pawn in her game.

“If he marked you as his chosen mate, then what were you so worried about? We can only mark one person and until that person dies, we cannot mark another.” Dane questioned her.

I looked at her expectantly, I couldn’t wait to hear her response.

Tatiana pulled her shirt over her head and threw it to the ground as she slowly began spinning in a circle, her arms held out in the air, “Do you see a mark? No!! He never marked me and never allowed me to mark him!”

“Now I would like to get this over with, I have a b***h to go k*ll still” Tatiana snarled.

Before she could move, Apollo let out the loudest growl, making the whole earth feel as if it would crumble beneath our feet.

Apollo lunged at Tatiana as Dane pushed me behind him, watching the fight unfold before us.

My eyes scanned, trying to so fast that my eyes had trouble focusing on them.

“Someone do something!” I yelled.

Apollo’s men stood, unwilling to get involved without his consent.

A faint shimmer on the ground caught my eyes.

The knife! Tatiana had dropped it when Apollo attacked her, now I just needed to get it before she could.

Everyone was so engrossed in the fight taking place before us they didn’t notice me slipping out from behind them.

I waited for an opening before I darted toward the knife.

I had almost reached it before Tatiana barreled into me, knocking the air from my lungs as I slammed to the ground.

She grabbed the back of my hair, snarling, “Not so fast…”

The next thing I knew, I felt her weight being lifted off me. I rolled over and saw Apollo pinning my mother to the ground, “I’m done with your bullsh!t. You will never lay your hands on her like that again.”

He growled next to her ear.

“I never took you as stupid until now.” he chuckled, “You really thought you would be able to touch her with me standing here? Did you think you could overpower me?”

He laughed at his own words before turning to his men, “Take her back to the palace. I want her in the dungeon. I will deal with her when I return. When you arrive, I want you to fill Devin in on what has taken place and send him here immediately.”

I had managed to crawl over to the knife while Apollo had her pinned down.

The anger and power radiating from him was intense.

I had never felt anything like that before.

Two men walked over, grabbing Tatiana and pulling her to her feet before bowing to Apollo and leaving. I was speechless.

What was me stand to my feet and I could feel his whole body shaking with rage.

Alpha White cleared his throat next to me, bringing me out of my thoughts.

I stared at Apollo, unsure if he could really be trusted.

A part of me really wanted to trust him, but then the other part was screaming at me not to. I had never been more conflicted.

“What the hell just happened?” I yelled, not meaning it to come out as loud and rude as it did.

My mind was spinning at record speed, trying to process everything.

Apollo smiled at me, “I would love to talk to you and Alpha Dane privately if that is okay.”

His voice was soft when he spoke to me.

I squeezed Dane’s hand, hoping he would know what to do. I wasn’t sure if we should or not.

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