My Surprise Mate Chapter 34

We stood in silence waiting for Dane to decide what we should do.

“I think that a talk is definitely needed, but unfortunately we have other matters we need to settle, I’m sure you understand.”

I was surprised at Dane’s confidence and politeness as he spoke to the king.

Worry flashed through Apollo’s eyes, “What matter could possibly be more important than the conversation that we need to have?” he spoke with authority dripping from his words.

He didn’t seem mad…yet.

“Believe it or not, you aren’t the only one trying to get to me or my daughter!”

I couldn’t hold back my frustration anymore. I was tired and overwhelmed and I just wanted to get back to Kyra.

Apollo seemed shocked by my sudden outburst.

“I was never out to hurt you, but who are you talking about?” he calmly questioned.

I’m not sure why but the fact he was calm somehow managed to piss me off more.

“It’s not your problem. It’s nothing my mate can’t handle himself,”

I was done with this night.

“As the Alpha King and your father, it is my problem.”

He growled out at me.

I scoffed at his words, “Father, right.”

Dane squeezed my hand as he looked down at me.

“Fine if you really must know, long story short, Alpha Kain from the Oakwood pack is the biological father of our daughter. He didn’t want her but has now decided that he is going to come and try to take sure she is safe.”

Apollo let out a deep growl.

“I will destroy that whole pack if he lays a finger on my granddaughter.” He snarled.

I turned to walk off, trying to pull Dane behind me.

“Can I meet her?”

I heard Apollo ask softly behind us. I froze in place at his request, “Can I meet her? I am no threat to you or her. I will come alone with you, my men will stay here, at the border.”

I turned slowly to face him, “How can I be so sure?” I questioned him.

Babe, I think we should talk with him.

Find out what is actually going on and then decide if we trust him enough to let him see Kyra.

Everyone will stay in the bunker until I tell them otherwise.

She will be safe, I looked at Dane hesitantly before nodding my head in approval.

“We will talk in Dane’s office first.If I feel you can be trusted after that, then I will allow you to see her.”

Apollo’s face lit up as a smile spread across his face, “Thank you.”

Apollo ordered his men to stay at the border before following us back to the packhouse and into Dane’s office.I sat down in Dane’s lap behind his desk and Apollo sat in the plush chair across from us.

The silence was deafening as we all thought over the best way to even start this conversation.

“Did you ever say you didn’t want me, or did you have plans to k*ll me, all for being a female?”

Straight to the point is how I decided we should do this.

Apollo sighed, “No. It was all rumors Tatiana started. I never thought she would have been capable of any of this.”

I stared blankly “Well, I wasn’t sure what her plan was until now. All for revenge against me finding my true mate. I would never have left her to fend for herself. Though I wouldn’t have been in a relationship with her anymore, I still had every intention of taking care of both of you. I hoped she would eventually find her true mate as well.”

He seemed to get lost in his thoughts before clearing his throat and giving me a small smile.

“Why didn’t you ever end the rumors. Tell everyone that none of it was true?”

If she really is the one who started all the rumors, then why didn’t he clear the air and set everything straight.

“For a few reasons, some of them I am not proud of.”

He looked down at his feet, “Back then I felt as though the more people feared me the better control I would have over the packs. And that is what the rumors did…they sparked a fear of me in every one.I planned to let everyone believe her until I found ya’ll, but she had help hiding. I know I should have spoken out, but when I realized she was hiding I knew then if I spoke out it would only backfire on me.”

he looked at me, shame written all over his face.

I wasn’t sure what to say to this, I actually felt bad for him, for what my mother caused us to go through.

“I could have and most definitely should have handled it a lot better. Unfortunately, I cannot change the past. I just hope that you can find a way to forgive me.”

I believe he is telling the truth.I don’t feel he is a threat to us.

Dane linked me, letting me know what he was feeling. I was still think about it, babe. You heard what Tatiana said yourself.

She started the rumors.

Apollo came to talk to you alone.He left his men behind at the border, which is unheard of. He has never gone anywhere alone.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, “My mate doesn’t think you are a danger to us, “He stated happily.

I started.

Relief seemed to wash over Apollo as he nodded his head toward Dane, “I promise I am not.”

“We will let you meet Kyra. You wait here with Dane, and I will go get her.”

I stood making my way out of the office. I knew that Dane would let Zayd, and everyone know that I was on my way to get our daughter. As I walked down the hallway, making my way to the bunker, I smelled something off. I stopped and lifted my nose in the air more, taking a big whiff.

I had smelled it before; I just couldn’t place it.

Light footsteps falling behind me caught my attention. I spun around and was faced with none other than Kain Shelton.

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