My Surprise Mate Chapter 37

It’s been 6 months since everything happened, and it’s been very calm and quiet.

Apollo hasn’t been able to come back and visit as he had planned, but he usually calls every Saturday.

Our relationship has grown tremendously.

He still feels like he needs to apologize, but I don’t feel like it was really his fault.

Though I do think he could have handled the whole situation with my mother differently, everyone makes mistakes and all I can do now is leave the past in the past and move forward with my life.

Last Saturday he did tell me that Tatiana had been sentenced to death and he was afraid it would ruin the progress we had made.

I assured him that it wouldn’t. I had only recently met her, and she lied to me the whole time.

She didn’t care about me, only about her revenge against him.

I did tell him that I didn’t want to know when it happened though. I’m not sure what exactly is going on with Devin or Nyla, but I feel that it hasn’t been easy.

Apollo is always quick to change the subject when I ask him about the two.

Our last conversation was cut short because of a ‘disturbance’.

Kyra has grown so much and is absolutely beautiful.

To say she has everyone wrapped around her little finger would be an understatement.

If Blaze isn’t training with Ash, then he is with Kyra.

Adria has been teaching me the responsibilities of the Luna and I can say it feels natural to me after, the door to my office flew open as Colby came running in; he quickly scanned the room before shutting the door and locking it.

“What the hell Colby?”

I jumped from my seat and quickly picked Kyra up from her playpen.

Colby stood protectively by the door with his back to me.

“Rogue breach, Luna. Alpha Dane ordered me to come to protect you.”

My eyes widened at his words, “Rogues?! How did they get through? How many are there?”

Colby shook his head, “Those are questions for Alpha.”

After several minutes, the doorknob jiggled before there was a pounding on the door, “Holly…”

Colby unlocked the door immediately to let Dane in.

He had on a pair of shorts, but the rest of his body was covered in blood as he made his way over to me and Kyra.

“Dane, what happened?”

Careful not to touch us, he leaned in, inhaling deeply.

“Are you okay? Kyra?” he began checking us over.

“We are fine. Now tell me what happened.

How many and how did they get past border patrol?”

Dane took a step back as he scratched the back of his head, “…there were eight of them. It’s like they knew where and when to go through. We were caught completely off guard!”

He was pacing the room as he spoke.

“They almost made it all the way to the packhouse! Damn it!!” he turned around and stormed out of the office.

I hadn’t seen him this mad in a long time.

Dane this angry can be dangerous.

I mind-linked Adria to come to get Kyra while I tried to talk to Dane.

After I knew Kyra was taken care of, I took off outside, following Dane’s “Why are you out here? Go back inside babe.

There may be more.”

I could tell he was trying to control his anger as he spoke to me.I shook my head, “Even if there is, I doubt they would attack again right now.”

I could tell he didn’t like my response, but he also didn’t argue with me as he pulled me close to his side and continued talking.

“Like I was saying, this wasn’t a random attack, Alpha. They were not only able to sneak past the patrol but also almost made it to the packhouse undetected. It’s just not possible for them unless they know the packing grounds, routines, and such,” Ash said.

I could sense the anger in his voice.

Dane growled slowly, “I agree. But how could they have known any of that?”

I lifted my hands at both, “Enough. Right now, everyone needs to calm down and decide what is going to be changed to prevent it from happening again. Then we can try to figure out the rest of the details.”

Ash closed his eyes as he bowed his head at me, “Yes Luna, you are right.”

Dane glared at me for a moment, not saying anything.

I took a step away from him as I placed my hands on my hips, “I want to know what’s going to be done to stop them from getting that far again?”

Dane huffed before pulling me back to him, “Your right babe.”

He leaned down, burying his nose in my neck, “Ash, get cleaned up and meet me in my office in 20 minutes.”

With that Dane turned, pulling me with him.

We went to our house so he could take a quick shower before going to the packhouse.

“I know I don’t know much about the patrol, but it does sound like it was planned,” I told Dane as I watched him get dressed worry he was feeling through our bond.

I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

“I don’t know, but I trust that you will figure it out and you will put a stop to it.”

I felt Dane let out a deep breath, “What if they made it into the packhouse? What if they had got to you and Kyra?” he whispered.

“But they didn’t. You were able to stop them before they could, and Colby was with us. Don’t forget I have become quite the bada*ss since I have been training with you and Ash.”

His whole body shook as he started laughing, “You think so?” he said playfully as he spun around to hold me.

“I know so buddy…” he sighed as he looked down at me, his smile fading from his face, “You have become a good fighter, but that is not the point. Rogues are ruthless. And the thought of y’all being in danger because I didn’t protect y’all kills me. It is my job to make sure y’all are safe. I failed.”

I could see the guilt swirling in his eyes.

“You didn’t fail Dane. We were safe. Now it’s time to figure out what needs to be changed. Find our weakness and fix it.”

Dane leaned down, letting his l!ps crash with mine.

I snaked my arms around his neck as he lifted me, wrapping my legs around his waist.

Luna Holly, you have a phone call, Zayd told me through the link.

Dane quickly set me back down on my feet as I groaned in frustration.

Who is it, dad? Dane questioned him.

There was a long pause as we waited for Zayd to answer.

He said his name is Jarek. He claims to be Alpha King Apotio’s Beta.

I remember Apollo mentioning Jarek a few and up the stairs to Dane’s office.

I took a minute to compose myself before answering, “Hello,”

I said into the speaker.

“Luna Holly, this is Beta Jarek.”

I could tell he was trying to hold in his anger as he spoke.

“What’s going on?”

I questioned as I felt the nerves start to build in my gut.

“There was a situation here at the palace…”

he started and then paused for a few seconds, “Just spit it out already! Is my dad, okay?”

I was starting to lose my patience.

The longer he took to tell me what happened the more I felt sick to my stomach.

“Devin and Nyla attacked your dad. They rushed him from behind and Nyla had a silver knife. Apollo is in the hospital, but he will survive.I mean no disrespect when I say this, but your dad could have ripped them both apart but chose not to. He was barely fighting back at all.

When I questioned him about it as we carried him to the hospital wing, all he said was, ‘That’s my son. I can’t hurt him. That little s**t has been nothing but problems since he turned 18, and it has only gotten worse since he found his mate. Apollo asked me to call and warn you that they are both out there, he wanted you to be ready in case they come for you. We already have warriors and trackers searching for them.”

“I stood in shock at his words. I knew that no good would come from Nyla mating with Devin, but I never thought he would attack Apollo. I’m not sure what their plan is or why they feel the need to do any of this, but they have to be stopped. I looked at Dane who stood next to me, his expression seemed to say everything I was thinking Apollo is well enough, can you have him call me?” I asked.

“Absolutely, I’m sure he would even without you asking. We will keep you updated on our search.

Be safe.”

With that, he hung up.”Nyla knows everything about our pack and patrols. They have to be behind this rogue attack.”

Dane growled out.

“Time to change things up.”

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