My Surprise Mate Chapter 39

Dane moved Kyra’s bassinet from the living room into our bedroom.

As I got Kyra situated in our room, Dane went outside to talk to the guys and fill them in.

He wasn’t gone long and told me our house would be guarded from now until Devin is found. I had this gut feeling there was more going on than we realized. I couldn’t sleep at all, and Dane slept off and on. I lay there watching Kyra most of the night and every little noise I heard had me sitting up in bed.

Kyra woke up around five that morning and I decided to stay up for the day.

After getting us both dressed, I headed to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Kyra seemed to be her normal happy self just like any other morning, blissfully unaware of what was going on.

Unsure if all three guys had stayed outside all night or not, I opened the front door and stepped out to find Zayd standing near the steps, “Good morning,” I told him.

He smiled at me as he walked up the steps, “Morning dear. You should still be asleep.”

He pulled me in for a hug.

Zayd and Adria acted like parents I never had, and they always seemed to help ease my worries.

“I couldn’t sleep and, besides, Kyra woke up hungry this morning.”

he smiled and nodded his head, “well she is a growing girl, and we tend to eat more than normal humans.”

“l was going to offer some breakfast and coffee but wasn’t sure or Colby.

“I’ll take some coffee,” Zayd replied.

“Me too!” I turned to find Ash walking toward the porch.

Neither of them looked as tired as I felt this morning. I led them into the kitchen and started pouring them each a cup while they sat down at the table.

“Good morning little princess,” Zayd cooed to Kyra. She smiled brightly at him as he picked her up.

“Did y’all stay outside the whole night?” I questioned them.

“Yes and no,”

Ash started, “Four people were guarding all night, but we did rotate out with three of our best warriors to be able to squeeze in a little sleep.”

I nodded in understanding as I handed them their mugs.

“Don’t forget Adria was here periodically through the night too.”

“I had no idea she was out here too.”

I watched as Zayd and Ash exchanged a knowing look, “What you have never seen is pissed off Adria when her family is being threatened. She wasn’t necessarily coming out to help guard but more to make sure we were doing it the ‘right’ way.”

Both guys began to laugh, “she had us stationed around the house so there wasn’t a single side left unprotected, and every 15 minutes we had to switch spots to keep us alert.”

Zayd was shaking his head as he spoke.

Dane walked into the kitchen wearing only a pair of sweatpants that hung dangerously low on his h!ps.

“Did we wake you?” I asked as he wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on top of mine.

He was watching Zayd playing with Kyra.

“No, you didn’t wake me. It’s just time to get up.”

The front door opened as Adria came rushing in, have no idea how much trouble you two were fixing to be in.” she pointed her finger at Ash and Zayd.

“Holly invited us in for coffee,”

Zayd started telling her as he walked toward her with Kyra, “you know I would never leave this angel unprotected.”

Adria sighed, “I know honey, I just…I won’t let them get to her.”

Zayd handed Kyra to her, “None of us will,”

Ash finally spoke.

I looked at Dane when there was a light knock at the door, “It’s Genesis and Blaze,”

Ash said as he went to open the door.

“Good morning,”

Genesis greeted as she followed Blaze into the house.

Blaze went straight to Adria and began talking to Kyra.

After setting Kyra on her playmat, Adria came and sat down at the table with us, “Should we have our meeting now or later in the office?”

She cut straight to the point.

“We just need Colby here and we can do it now.No reason to wait.” I answered.

“He’s on his way,”

Dane reached over, slipping his hand into mine.

Colby arrived within minutes and took a seat at the table with the rest of us.

I told everyone about my ‘dream’ and received many gasps and low growls in response.

I noticed Dane and Zayd exchanging looks the whole time I was talking, making me feel as if they knew something the rest of us didn’t.

“What is it?” I finally asked, looking back and forth between the two men.

“There are some things that just haven’t been adding up,”

Dane squeezed my hand gently.

I raised my eyebrows as I stared at him, “Like what?”

I questioned further when he didn’t elaborate friendly, maybe a little too friendly, and when he told us about the prophecy, he said he couldn’t remember all of it.

How convenient was that? Now we are to believe that Devin and Nyla were able to not only bring him down but wound him with a silver knife.”

Dane started explaining to me their thoughts, “Apollo has never been one to tolerate disrespect from anyone. He’s a very strict ruler. His command alone can even bring an Alpha to his knees, yet he couldn’t stop his own son??”

“He didn’t want to hurt him,” I repeated what Jarek had told me.

Everyone seemed to be shaking their heads at me, “I wish that I could believe that babe, but in all honesty, Apollo could have taken them both down without hurting them. His command may not work on Devin, just as it didn’t seem to affect you, but it would have worked on Nyla.”

I thought back on the day we met and our conversations since then, trying to think of anything that seemed odd, but other than what Dane pointed out, I couldn’t remember anything that would make me feel as though he had lied at any time.

“So, you think Apollo is a part of Devin’s plan?”

I looked at Zayd this time who had been silent.

“Yes, unfortunately dear, we think Apollo is more a part of this than any of us realized.I know this isn’t something you want to hear, but we don’t think he can be trusted.”

Zayd told me gently.

My heart ached a little at the thought of being betrayed by my father, the father lam just starting to get to know.

“Dad, do you think you could get in of his head.

“Mom and Genesis, I need you to find out as much as you can about this prophecy. Ash and Colby, I need training kicked back up and regular sweeps up to two miles outside the border done at least three times a day.”

With a bow of heads, a resounding, “Yes Alpha” filled the room.

Dane walked to the door as everyone slowly left, “When your dad calls, you need to act normal. Don’t let on that we suspect anything.”

Dane told me as he sat down next to me. I was now sitting on the couch feeding Kyra.

“Okay, I understand,” I replied, not really in the mood for conversation anymore.

“I’m going to the packhouse soon.I have some phone calls to make. Do you want to stay home today, or do you want to go over with me?” he questioned me.

“I’ll go to the packhouse.” I smiled at him.

“Okay, then we can go together. I don’t want you out walking around by yourself, especially if you have Kyra with you.”

I nodded at him in understanding.

Who knew when their next move would be? We walked together to the packhouse, stopping a few times to speak with a few people on our way.

Dane led me to the office next door to his where Adria and Genesis currently were.

They both had large books in front of them that looked to be hundreds of years old.

“Any luck?”

I sighed as I sat Kyra down in her bounce seat. I’m pretty sure Kyra has toys, playpens, and play mats in every room in the packhouse.

Adria and Genesis both looked at me shaking their heads, “Not yet, but we just got started,”

Adria replied.

I grabbed a book titled, Our to be read often.I carefully flipped through the pages as I scanned for anything about the Moon Goddess or prophecies.

“It says in this one that it is rare, but the Moon Goddess has appeared in dreams before. But it doesn’t really go into details or say anything of real importance though,”

Genesis stated as she rose from her seat.

“I need to go get Blaze and I will be back shortly.”

Kyra began to fuss just as Dane walked through the door, “Any luck?” he asked as he picked her up.

Adria closed the book she was currently reading and stood stretching her limbs out, “Not yet dear. Where is Zayd at?”

“He was still on the phone; he said he would meet us downstairs for lunch,” Dane answered.

I looked at the clock hanging on the wall above the door, surprised to see it was already time for lunch.

That would explain Kyra’s mood change.

That little girl isn’t about to miss a meal, I thought to myself.

We all headed downstairs together, meeting up with everyone as we entered the dining room.

Adria had sat Kyra in her highchair between her and Zayd.

Thinking back on everything that has happened and is still happening, I couldn’t help but realize that even though Apollo has been friendly since meeting him, I don’t really know anything about him.

All our conversations are focused mainly on Kyra and how she has been doing.

I didn’t think it was odd until now.

Any time I would ask about Devin, the prophecy, or how things were going there, Apollo would always quickly change the subject back to Kyra or give me very vague answers in return.

“Can’t be,” I murmured lost in my thoughts.reality.

“I think we should talk privately after lunch.”

His expression became one of worry, but he didn’t push the matter.

Surely, I’m just being paranoid, letting everyone else’s distrust get to my head, but I couldn’t help but wonder if Apollo could be in on this with Devin? I mean, I know that Dane doesn’t really trust him, but could Apollo be the mastermind behind this? I didn’t know Devin well enough to say if he had the brains to come up with this by himself, but Apollo could.

I couldn’t eat anymore, my stomach felt like it was twisted into a thousand knots.I didn’t want to believe that Apollo’s intentions had been anything but good—unfortunately, it looked like he had played us…well, me anyway.

After we finished eating lunch, Genesis and Adria took the kids to her house so they could take a nap while the rest of us went upstairs to Dane’s office.

“Apollo is the brains behind all of this,” I stated not waiting for everyone to get comfortable.

Dane’s eyebrows shot up in surprise at my statement.

“Hear me out. You had some good points this morning and it got me really thinking. Apollo was a little too friendly when he was here. He hasn’t been able to come back to visit in person since, but I have regular phone calls with him.

Every phone call is about me and Kyra, mainly Kyra though. Anytime I ask about Devin, or how things are going there, or the prophecy, he is quick to change the subject or gives

me very vague answers in return. Then there is the whole “attack”.. that really doesn’t make any sense now to be able to do this on his own, but Apollo is. What if Devin is nothing more than a foot soldier, so to speak? I know y’all already thought Apollo had a part in this.”

The room was engulfed in silence once I finished spilling my thoughts.

I stopped pacing the office to gauge everyone’s expression.

“I’m not saying that I don’t believe you, because I agree with you. I do think Apollo is playing a part, but whether he is the brains or not I can’t say. I think that Devin is cleverer than you think. We definitely shouldn’t underestimate him.” Ash spoke first.

I shook my head as I thought about it, continuing my pacing.

“How did the phone call go?”

I looked at Zayd.

Dane had said he was on the phone before lunch, and I am assuming or hoping, it was with Dominick.

“He doesn’t like to talk on the phone much, but he did say he was planning to come and speak with us. He wouldn’t say anything else other than he would be arriving soon.”

I scrunched my face a little, “Why not talk on the phone about it?”

They all smiled at me, “Vampires are very private, secretive people,”

Dane told me as he led me to sit down, “And your pacing is about to drive me crazy, babe.”

I sat down with a sigh, wishing none of this was happening.

After dismissing Ash and Colby, Dane looked at Zayd, “I spoke with Uncle Dayton for a while earlier.”

Zayd nodded his head for Dane to continue, “I explained everything that was going on. He’s one of the very few people I fully trust to discuss this with. He asked about the bordering land. He wants to move his pack next to ours.”

Zayd looked something as drastic as moving a whole pack, but then again, there aren’t too many things he wouldn’t do for family.”

I wasn’t sure why he felt he needed to move his pack next to ours.

“Why does he want to do that?” I finally just asked.

“He’s mentioned it before, but now he said he has good reason to do it. Dayton said his loyalty lies with his family and, as far as the Royal Pack goes, his loyalty is with you. He’s never been a huge fan of Apollo’s,” Dane explained.

I was shocked to hear his loyalty wasn’t with Apollo, but with me.

He barely even knows me, but he has been willing to stand beside us without hesitation from the beginning.

“I will have Adria call him later.”

Zayd said as he stood from his chair, “remind Ash and Colby that Dominick will be coming sometime. We don’t need anyone attacking him right now.”

Zayd left us alone in the office, the silence once again filling the room.

“I’m scared,” I told Dane as a tear slipped down my face.

“I know you are,”

Dane said softly as he wrapped his arms around me, “everything will be okay though.”

His hands gently rubbed my back as I let his scent engulf me.

Taking a deep breath, I pulled away, “I’m going to go read some more.”

Dane walked with me to the office before he left to go outside and see how training was going.

All I really wanted to do was get Kyra, go home, and curl up in bed, but I also knew that wasn’t an option right now.

Right now, we need to figure out exactly what the prophecy says and stop Devin…and Apollo.

I grabbed the same book I was reading this morning, Our My eyes were beginning to burn from reading for so long.

Just as I was about to close the book and call it a day, I saw it.

There will be a female heir to the Royal Pack, gifted with strength —both physically and mentally.

She will have a speed that surpasses that of her peers, Her beauty will be unmatched, her bright vivid green eyes will captivate many.

She is destined to shift late with hopes of keeping her safe until the time is right.

Her kind spirit will draw others to her.

She will bring together all species, creating a new world where all peacefully coexist together. She will be respected and loved all her life, though her life will not be an easy one.

There will be much conflict at the beginning.

Many will want to abuse her power for their own ill intentions, She has been blessed with a mate since birth—he will protect her and care for her all his life.

He will be the one to help her through her darkest times when loss becomes too much, and she loses herself.

I groaned out in frustration as I realized the next few pages had been ripped from the book.

I quickly stood and ran to Dane’s office with the book in hand, only to find it empty.

Dane come to your office.

I found something.

I sat down behind his desk and waited for him to arrive.

I kept reading over the last part.

When loss becomes too much and she loses herself, what loss is she going to experience? It made my gut twist the more I read it.

Dane came walking through the office door with Zayd following close behind.

I left the book open on his desk, “Here.”

I pointed to the beginning of the paragraph, “but huddled around the book reading the same paragraph I had read.

Zayd shook his head, “But how can everyone be so sure it’s her? This doesn’t say anything that would make me believe without a doubt that it is her.I mean it mentions green eyes, but hell Holly has green eyes too, and she shifted late because of Tatiana. How can we be sure it’s not about Holly or anyone else, for that matter?”

My eyes widened at the thought, “But I’m not fast, strong, or anything special.”

Dane was staring down at the book lost in thought.

“You are special, but I must agree with Holly. I don’t think this is about her.I could be wrong though.”

Dane sighed as he looked up from the book, running his hand down his face.

Zayd simply shrugged his shoulders, “I’m just saying that it could be about anyone. There is nothing right now that 100% points to Kyra.”

We sat in silence, each of us deep in thought when Ash mind linked us to let us know that Dominick had arrived.

Dane grabbed my hand as we headed out to meet him with Zayd.

As we approached the border, the hair on the back of my neck stood on end.

A slender man, a little shorter than Dane, stood waiting.

His light blonde hair seemed to shimmer in the fading sun and his pitch-black eyes seemed to pierce right through me.

His face showed no emotion as he stood silently.

There were two men with him, but they had stood further back, watching from a distance.

“Dominick! Glad you are here. You remember my son Dane—and this is his mate, Luna Holly.”

Zayd greeted him as he shook his hand. Dominick gave a Zayd. I wish it was under better circumstances though.”

Zayd dismissed Ash and Colby before turning back to Dominick, “So what is the word?”

“I was contacted by Prince Devin Sparks. He was trying to make a deal with me.”

Dominick paused as his eyes scanned the area again.

“He wanted our help in kidnapping a child. Not just any child though, this one is the heir to the Royal Pack. I soon found out that it was none other than a child from your pack. We may not be the best of friends, but we do have an agreement of sorts. I refused him, not trusting what he was saying and not caring to go to war with Apollo.”

Zayd nodded his head at the man, “I understand…and yes, the child he wants is my son’s daughter. Holly is Apollo’s daughter.”

Dominick turned his gaze to me, sending cold chills up my spine.

“What I can’t seem to figure out is why they would need to kidnap their own family? It doesn’t make any sense.I have heard the rumors just like everyone else, but I wanted to warn you that Devin is trying to recruit help with this.

One thing you and I both have in common is children are not to be messed with. I must go now, but Zayd…if you need me, please don’t hesitate to call me. If what I hear about this child is true, I will help protect her.”

Without waiting for anyone to say anything else, Dominick turned and left.

His speed surprised me as I watched him, and the two men disappear. I felt more uneasy and confused than ever.

He wasn’t what I thought he would be, and he offered his help should we need Alpha King after all.

He’s supposed to be powerful, right? If he really wanted Kyra, then why wouldn’t he just come and take her himself?

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