My Surprise Mate Chapter 40

Dane slipped his hand in mine as I walked beside him back to the packhouse.

My mind was whirling with questions that I doubt anyone could answer.

We quickly checked in on Kyra before making our way upstairs to his office.

Zayd sighed as he took a seat, “Well, Dominick didn’t tell us much more than we already knew.”

I couldn’t tell what Dane was feeling right now, his face showed no expression, but his body was coiled tight with anger.

“At least we know the vampires won’t be helping Devin”

I tried to sound confident even though I didn’t feel it right now.

We were interrupted by the phone ringing, and I tensed as Dane answered.

He slowly handed me the phone, mouthing to me that it was Apollo.

I took a deep breath before answering, “Hello?”

“Holly, how are you? Is Kyra okay?”

Apollo’s voice boomed through the phone.

“We are fine, but I should be asking you that. Have you fully recovered?”

I questioned as I stared down at the floor.

“I have, thank you. Don’t worry about me. You haven’t seen or heard from Devin, have you?”

“No, we haven’t. I don’t understand why you didn’t fight back. Why would you allow them to hurt you? And why would they want to anyway?”

I couldn’t resist anymore.I needed answers, I just had to be silence that flooded through the line had my anxiety spiking.I hope I didn’t just mess up by asking him these questions.

“He is my son…my only son.I couldn’t hurt him in any way. As far as why they want to…well, that isn’t important. As long as you and Kyra are okay, that’s all that matters right now.”

His voice sounded strained, and I could tell he was carefully choosing his words.

“You could have used a command on Nyla…then she wouldn’t have been able to stab you. And Apollo, I do think why they would want to hurt you is important. I’m worried about you.”

Agitation laced my words.

“Hurting Nyla, even just using a command on her, would be hurting Devin. But don’t worry about me, Holly, a lot of wolves would love to hurt me, and this isn’t the first time someone has tried to hurt me.It’s too bad it was my son though.”

He laughed a little, “but I just wanted to check in and make sure y’all were okay. Talk soon. And Holly, please don’t worry about me.I can handle myself.”

Without waiting for me to reply, he hung up.

Anger soaked through every cell in my body as I began pacing the office.

“Why is he acting so shady about this!! I just…l don’t know if he is really helping to kidnap Kyra or not.”

An overwhelming feeling began to take over…the same feeling I had when I first shifted.

I needed to get out of here.

Everything is bothering me right now.

Everything was pissing me off.

I hadn’t shifted much, still not entirely comfortable with the whole thing, but I needed to run.

“Let’s go for a led me out of the office and outback. Shifting was still a little painful for me, but it was getting easier. I’m sure if I shifted more often, it wouldn’t be so bad, but as much as I enjoy being a wolf, it still seems weird to me. Soon I was chasing after Dane’s light grey wolf.

His size, beauty, and power never failed to am aze me.

I pushed myself harder, easily catching up to him, nipping at his heels playfully as we ran.I could feel myself relaxing the more we ran.

Dane’s wolf darted in front of me, forcing me to stop.

I growled my disapproval, not ready to stop running yet.

Be quiet and still.I heard Dane say through our link. And then I smelt it…another wolf.

Tilting my nose higher in the air, I inhaled deeply.

There was more than one wolf.

Dane nudged me with his nose, Run back to the house babe. Don’t stop for any reason.I didn’t move.

There was no way I could leave him alone.

As scared as I was of the unknown threat, I was more scared of what would happen if Dane was left to fight alone.

Just then, a large grey wolf stepped out from behind a tree, followed by six other wolves.

Dane took a defensive stance in front of me as he let out a low, deep warning growl.

The sound of bones cracking let me know someone was shifting.

I slowly peeked around Dane’s body and saw the last person I ever wanted to see again…Devin.

My breath seemed to catch in my throat as I looked at Devin.

“Well, isn’t this just perfect? The two people I needed to speak with are both conveniently here.”

The look on Devin’s face was one of pure evil.

His appearance had changed scruffy from not shaving.

His eyes looked wild…pitch black and wild.

Dane didn’t move from his stance in front of me, but he growled again louder than before.

I knew that Dane had already alerted the pack, we just needed to wait for backup before anything happened.

“You remember my mate, right? Nyla Avis…the one you had locked up like a stray.”

At his words, a very light tan wolf walked proudly out and stood next to Devin.

He slowly began running his hand over the top of its head, petting it.

“Isn’t she beautiful? And yet you decided to lock her up.No worries though, she’ll get her revenge for that. What I am really here for is the little girl. You hand over your precious little Kyra, and I will let your pack live.”

It was now my turn to growl.

There was no way in hell I would ever be willing to hand over my baby.

Now I know for sure he has lost his mind.

As soon as I growled, so did Nyla. She had crouched down as if she was ready to pounce.

My instincts finally kicked in as I moved to stand next to Dane, taking a stance ready to fight for my family…my pack.

I sized her up, quickly noticing how much smaller and skinnier she was than me.I no longer felt fear coursing through my veins, but anger.

Fury so hot I felt as if I would explode.

Devin tilted his head to the side as he clicked his tongue, “And I thought you were smart mutt.”

He snapped his fingers as he jumped into the air, shifting before he landed on the ground.

The minute his paws hit the earth beneath him, we were attacked.

Dane was fighting had come with them were forming a big circle around us, but they weren’t joining the fight…Yet anyway.

I heard Dane yelp and turned to check on him.

Devin had him pinned to the ground.

I could tell Dane’s front leg was broken by the way it was twisted and that’s when I saw it.

It was shining in the dim light of the woods—silver.

Devin had silver on his claws.

The fear that I thought was gone had rushed back tenfold.

Without thinking, I launched myself at Devin, hoping to knock him off balance or at the least distract him.

I couldn’t let anything happen to Dane.

As my body made contact with his, searing pain shot through my body.

I yelped as I tried to regain my footing.

Nyla took advantage of my current state and jumped on my back, digging her claws into my sides as I tried desperately to shake her off.

My vision was fading as I fought to keep my eyes open.

My legs could no longer hold me up as I fell to the ground and darkness began to overtake me.

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