My Surprise Mate Chapter 44

Six months

“You need to sit down, babe. We have this under control,” Dane said as he wrapped his arms around my very pregnant belly.

He gently k!ssed my neck, sending goosebumps over my skin.

“I just want it to be perfect,” I sighed.

We were getting ready for Kyra’s one-year birthday party, hoping to make it through without me going into labor. Her developmental rate hasn’t seemed to slow much, and we are all positive the prophecy is talking about her. She began walking, running, and talking way sooner than other kids her age.

I let Dane guide me to a lounge chair to sit down, my eyes immediately falling on Kyra and Blaze playing together.

The two of them are stuck together by glue, I swear.

They are only apart when they are sleeping or when Blaze is training or in school.

I had been taking classes online to become a teacher, but I took the last two months off to focus on having this baby.

A boy.

We are having a boy, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Kyra is definitely the pack princess and has everyone wrapped around her little finger…, especially her dad and grandpa.

She only has to frown to get her way with them.

Apollo usually visits every two months for a few days. I haven’t met his mate, and I probably never will.

She doesn’t want to Devin.

Though Apollo is still searching for Devin, he hasn’t found any sign of him yet.

At this point, everyone assumes he has died.

I know better though. I know in my gut that he is alive, and he is just waiting for the right time to attack. I pray to the moon goddess that I am wrong though.

A growl had me snapping my head up as I focused my attention back on Kyra and Blaze, “Give it back,”

I heard Blaze growling at another little boy.

“Blaze, what happened?”

I holler at the kids as I tried to get out of the chair. I looked around trying to find Dane, but he hadn’t returned from checking on the party preparations yet.

Blaze is standing between Kyra and the other boy.

I’ve seen the other boy around before, but I can’t remember his name.

He is older than Kyra but younger than Blaze.

I finally managed to get out of my chair and start waddling toward the kids, but not fast enough.I didn’t hear what was said, but I panicked when the other boy pushed Blaze.

Well tried too, anyways, Blaze is built like a rock for a little boy.

“Kyra, come here!”

I yelled, trying to get her away from the boys, fixing to fight.

Blaze punched the boy in the face as I started trying to run to get Kyra out of the way.


I screamed as the boys started fighting.

Dane let out a deep growl from behind me somewhere, causing the boys and everyone to stop what they were doing and kneel.

I continued making my way toward the kids.

Blaze still had the little boy pinned to the ground, a slight snarl leaving his l!ps.

Dane was Dane told him, his voice stern.

Blaze slowly stood, “Levi thought it would be funny to take Kyra’s toy from her, and I told him to give it back.”

“It looks like he did give it back considering she is holding it…”

Dane pushed when he didn’t continue.

Blaze sighed, “He called her a name and I warned him he had better stop. He said he wasn’t scared of me and tried to push me,”

Blaze huffed.

Dane looked between the two boys, “Did either of you think about the fact you were fighting with a one-year-old little girl standing just a foot away from you? She could have been hurt.”

It didn’t surprise me when Blaze raised his gaze to meet Dane’s, “I would never let her get hurt.No matter how close to the fight she was.”

And he was serious, we all knew it, but I understood the point Dane was trying to make.

Blaze had to control his temper better, especially since he would one day be the alpha of this pack.

Pride flashed in Dane’s eyes, “We’ll talk more about this later, Blaze. For now, both of y’all apologize and then head over to the table. It’s time for cake.”

Both boys grumbled out their apologies before walking off.

Dane reached over, taking Kyra from me, “Are you ready for some cake, princess?” he questioned as he placed her on his hip and laced his finger with mine.

Everything was perfect.

The whole pack was there to celebrate her birthday and help make it special.

I was exhausted.

Even though I really didn’t do very much, it felt like my energy was games, and it was nice to see everyone getting along so well.

After feeling like I would fall asleep any minute, I decided it was time to take Kyra home and get some rest.

Dane came home long enough to help me get Kyra to bed but headed back out to help with the cleanup.

I took the chance to run myself a nice warm bath. I slid down into the bubbles, feeling the tension slowly leave my aching muscles. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I wanted to talk to Dane about Kyra when he gets home.

Adria asked me earlier if we would tell Kyra that Blaze is her mate or would we wait for her to shift and figure it out on her own.

It’s a good question, and one I hadn’t thought about.

I think it would be best not to tell her.

Let her have as normal of a life as she can.

I sat up, gripping the side of the bathtub as a contraction ripped through me.

I carefully pulled myself from the bathtub, wrapping an oversized towel around me before heading towards my bed. I made it halfway before another contraction tore through me, causing me to crouch down on the floor.

After a few minutes, I sat there, trying to keep my breathing under control. I had to get to my phone and call Dane.

“It’s time,” I huffed into the phone as soon as Dane answered.

It didn’t take him long to come home and get me to the hospital.

I saw Adria and Zayd in the living room as Dane rushed out the door with me in his arms.

“You’re doing great babe,” Dane told me as he pushed some hair from my sweaty face.

I tried to smile at him, but I was beyond appearance.

“We need to perform a c-section,”

Dr.Hazel stated calmly, “labor has stalled, and I have waited as long as I am comfortable doing. If we wait any longer it could lead to more serious complications for you and baby.”

I squeezed Dane’s hand as I fought back the tears, “I will be there with you,”

Dane told me as he k!ssed my forehead.

Before I knew it a newborn cry echoed through the room, “Congratulations!”

Dr.Hazel exclaimed as she laid our precious baby boy on my chest, “I will have you stitched up in no time. You did amazing Luna.”

“Zane,” I whispered before looking up at Dane.

His eyebrows scrunched together, “Zane. I want to name him Zane.After you and Zayd.”

I didn’t know Dane could smile as wide as he did at that moment.

“I love it, thank you, babe.”

His l!ps met mine, soft but so full of love, One Week Later: I sat on the couch in our living room as Adria cooked breakfast.

Dane was holding Zane and Kyra sat in Zayd’s lap. We were expecting Apollo any minute now.

He was over the moon with the news of Zane and surprised that his birthday is only one day after Kyra’s.

As I watched my little family around me, I couldn’t help but think about how everything is perfect.

I have come to terms with the loss of my wolf and everything that comes with that, though it was hard to do.

I still stand by the choice I made that day and would do it again if I had off this nagging feeling that Devin is plotting his attack, but until that happens there is nothing I can do.

As of right now, my life is perfect.

I only hope it stays that way.

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