My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 1

“I need a real challenge!”

After pinning another male down during training, I huffed and stood up.

Yes, I am a good fighter, better than most.I don’t claim to be the best, though; that would be stupid.

The worst thing you can do is get big-headed and think you can’t be beaten.

My dad, Alpha Dane, has ensured that I can handle myself should I ever need to.

I remember questioning my mother when I was around ten years old about why I had to train when other girls didn’t.

That is when they sat me down and told me about Devin.

They explained the little they know about the prophecy and how they think he is dead, but they aren’t one hundred percent positive.

They want me to know how to defend myself should the need ever arise.

I understand that I won’t shift into my wolf until the ‘time is right’.

Thinking back to that conversation, I feel like there was information left out, though I’m not sure why.

That was also the day they told me that Dad isn’t my biological father.

I’m glad he’s my dad, though; the other guy sounded like a complete douche.

So anyway, Dad has had me training since I was around six years old, and I am now eighteen.

I turned to walk off, ready to go home and shower, when I heard his deep voice, “You need a real challenge, huh?”

I rolled my eyes as I turned to face non-other than Blaze.

We used to be best friends, but as we got older, he changed.

We are still somewhat friends, I guess. He seems to always be around, looking out for me.

It doesn’t help that he will be Beta one day, so he spends a lot of time around Dad and Ash, learning everything he can before he takes over.

The girls are always flocked to him, and it’s easy to see why.

He looks like a damn god walking around this place. He’s a lot bigger than the other guys blonde hair falls around his perfectly chiseled face as if highlighting his sky blue eyes.

Whoever his mate is should feel lucky to have him.

He’s a very caring man, and I know his mate would be well cared for.

Rumor has it that he’s never been with a girl; supposedly, he is waiting on his mate.

We are all encouraged to wait for our mate.

Most still date others, but never anything very serious.

“Yeah, I want a real challenge,” I replied as I stared him down.

“Then let’s go, tough girl.” He took a stance waiting for me.

I know, in reality, I can’t beat him, but I’m also a little proud.I didn’t hesitate to make the first move, which he dodged easily.

“Come on, Kyra, you can do better than that, ” he smirked and bounced on his toes, mocking me.

I could feel my anger already rising as people formed a circle around us.

He knows exactly how to piss me off.

I studied his movement for a minute before making another move, this time landing a hit straight to his gut.

Though I’m sure, it hurt my hand more than it hurt him.

As soon as I drew my hand back, Blaze kicked out a leg, knocking me to the ground.

I rolled as he came down to pin me, barely escaping his grasp as I jumped to my feet.

“Getting faster finally?” I narrowed my eyes at him, “Always been fast, just never wanted to make you look bad,”

I shot back.

I am the fastest in the pack, human form anyways, aside from Blaze.

He is the only one that can keep up with me.

I hope my wolf is just as gifted, but I don’t know yet, seeing as how I haven’t shifted.

hit the ground with a thud as Blaze took me down, “I need a challenge,” he said as he pinned me to the ground, using my own words against me.

He stood up, pulling me to my feet, “Shows over,” he clapped his hands together, causing everyone to turn and go their own ways.

“Hey, over to me, keeping a few feet away, like always, “Look, there have been some rogues roaming around the borders.”

I raised my eyebrows at him, “And?”

He shook his head as he sighed, “And I’m sure Alpha Dane will talk to you about it, but I know how you like to go running early in the morning and sometimes late in the afternoon. Just …If you go, don’t go alone, and be careful.”

I know he means well, but I swear Blaze is worse than my little brother and dad.

He seems to worry about me constantly.

“Got it…”

With that, I walked off.I know I was a little rude, but lately, I’ve been feeling weird when it comes to Blaze. I can’t really explain it, but something has been off lately. I want to figure out why we aren’t close as we used to be.I know he is older, but still, I guess I just miss the friendship we had. I know I could go to him for anything, and I always see him watching me from a distance.

We talk but not often, and usually, it’s because he feels the need to tell me something.

He didn’t say anymore, but I could feel his eyes bore into me as I walked home.

“Hi, honey” my mom greeted me as I walked through the front door, “how was training?”

I huffed as I plopped down on a barstool, “Same, I guess. Is dad home yet?”

I questioned her.

She shook her head, “No, but he should be here soon. What are you wanting?”

I laughed at her question.

She already knows when I want something, I go straight to him, knowing I will get my way.

Yes, l am a big-time daddy’s girl, and I may be a little spoiled.

“Nothing really; I just wanted to talk to him.”

She pulled a pan of cookies from the oven, “You can talk to me, ya know,” she smiled.

“I know, mom.”

The front door opened as dad and Zane walked in, making their way to the kitchen.

As usual, dad headed straight for mom, pulling her close to him and inhaling deeply before kissing her.

They acted like they had just met each with mom one day.

“So, princess, I have some bad news.”

Dad turned his attention to me, “if you want to go running, you are not to go alone…”

I cut him off before he could finish, “Blaze told me about the rogues already. But dad, you know my morning runs are my alone time. Is it really that unsafe? I mean, I’m sure you’ll have the problem solved quickly like always.”

“I’m doing what I can, and they won’t be around much longer, but I want you to have someone with you for my own peace of mind. Okay, my little princess?”

He pulled me in for a hug, kissing the top of my head.

“No one can keep up with me except for Blaze, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even really like me.” I tried to persuade him from thinking I needed a babysitter.

“Then let Blaze know when you want to go, and he will be there. I can tell him to keep some distance so you will feel like you are alone. And honey, you have no idea how Blaze feels about you.”

Dad grinned as if it was the best idea ever.

“Your dad is right, honey. If there are rogues around, you need someone with you.”

When mom spoke up, I knew there would be no convincing Dad otherwise.

I might be a daddy’s girl, and he might be the Alpha, but mom’s opinion held more weight than anything else when it came down to it.

“Fine, how much longer till supper?” I stood from the stool I was sitting on.

“About an hour,” mom replied as she stirred something on the stove.

“I’m going for a run then.”

I slipped my running shoes on before heading back outside, “Blaze will be around,”

I heard dad yell after me as I shut the front door.I rolled my eyes as I started off in a jog. I loved running.

It was a chance for me to relax, but tonight all I could think about was my future. I can’t help but wonder when the ‘right time’ to shift will be.

What if my mate has given up hope and taken a chosen mate by then? That would be around the waist before I knew it.

Blaze in all his glory.

“Don’t move, Kyra.” He ordered me.

Blaze let out a deep warning growl.

I didn’t argue, knowing I don’t stand a chance against a wolf without being able to shift.

A mangy wolf stalked out of the bushes, followed by two more.

“Kyra, I need you to run home as fast as you can. Your dad is on his way.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Blaze jumped and shifted in mid-air before landing in front of the three rogues.

He looked monstrous compared to them.

I started walking slowly backward before turning to sprint off, only to be met by three more rogues.

Their heads were low as they flashed their teeth, growling at me.

I frantically looked around, trying to find a way to escape.

The sound of fighting broke out behind me, and I knew Blaze was fighting the first set of rogues.

My heart was racing as I tried to figure out what to do.

My eyes searched for anything I could use as a weapon.

Anything to swing at these mutts.

“Well, what do we have here,” a man I have never seen said as he stepped out from the trees.

He was skinny, dirty, and everything you would think a rogue looked like in human form.

The smell coming from him almost made me gag.

Yes, he stunk to high heaven, but there was another smell mixed in.

One I wasn’t familiar with, and it was causing my nose to burn.

Standing around the man, the rogues had retreated, “I’m glad everyone is comfortable enough to let you out by yourself.”

I was starting to feel nauseous from the god-awful scent of him.

“I’m not alone, obviously,” I stated as Blaze moved protectively in front of me.

“Yes, I can see that. Too bad he’s not strong enough to protect you right now.”

My heart began racing faster; it felt like it would beat right out of my chest.

Blaze released a growl, more profound than I had ever heard before, as he crouched down, ready for a fight.

I heard a howl in the distance and immediately recognized it as my dad’s.

He wasn’t far off; I just hoped Blaze here.

“s**t,” the man muttered, “no time for a fight now.”

He quickly pulled something from his pocket and threw it at Blaze.

Blaze staggered before falling to the ground.

“Blaze!” I shouted as I fell to my knees next to him.

“Bring him.He’s the Beta’s son and possibly her mate. Could be of use to us,” the man shouted over his shoulder as he stalked towards me.

I stood up as anger began coursing through my veins.

It was a wave of rage I had never felt before, and honestly, it kind of scared me.

As the stranger reached to grab me, I dodged and kicked his feet out from under him, but I underestimated him.

Though he doesn’t look strong, fast, or skillful…he was.

He grabbed my ankle, yanking and pulling me to the ground with him.

I felt a stabbing pain in my leg as I tried to roll over.

“Damn b***h,” I heard him mumble as everything began to fade away.

Part 2: Chapter 2

I groaned as I woke up, my whole body felt heavy, and my mouth was dry as if I had eaten an entire bag of cotton balls.

A chill ran up my spine as I remembered what had happened.

My head spun, “Stay calm, princess,”

I heard Blaze’s calming voice as I tried to sit up.I couldn’t see a thing in the darkness that surrounded us, wherever here was.

“Blaze? Oh my god, are you okay? What happened? Where the hell are we?” my heart began to race as the reality of our situation set in.

But I couldn’t have been happier to know that he was okay.

“Shhh…It’s okay.I won’t let anything happen to you; I promise.”

The sound of his calm voice seemed to calm me some.

“Blaze, who was that man?”

I whispered, unsure if anyone else was around to listen to our conversation.

“That would be Devin, and he drugged us with wolfsbane.High doses of it.”

His voice was laced in anger as he spoke.

My eyes widened in shock.

Devin? The Devin from the stories everyone told me about.

The Devin that everyone thought was dead.

My mate? The comment Devin made before I passed out ran through my head.

“Blaze, what did he mean when he said you could possibly be my mate?”

I could hear Blaze sigh as if he was unsure of what to say.

“I guess he is referring to the prophecy.Anyone you grew up around could be your mate,” he gritted out, “you won’t know who your mate is until you shift.”

I knew that, and I also knew that my mate would have already given up on finding me and moved on by the time I shifted.I heard a door bang before I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to adjust to the sudden bright light that filled the room.

“Thought I heard the two of you in here talking.” I slowly opened my eyes and saw Devin standing near the cell door.

I looked around and chains held his arms above him, with shackles around his ankles.

This sight broke my heart.

I moved, trying to crawl to him, but my body felt too heavy.

“Aww, look at that, but just a warning, you will regret it if you try to get close to him,” Devin snarled at me.

Blaze let out a growl as he eyed the sickly-looking man, “Hurt her, and I will make sure you suffer a long, painful death before I rip your throat out.”

Devin let out a dark chuckle before clicking his tongue, “Don’t try to be a hero, kid.Haven’t you heard? Heros always end up dead.But don’t worry, it won’t be her I hurt; it’ll be you.Well, at least until my patience runs out anyways.”

“Go to hell,”

I sneered as I held on to the wall to stand up.

Devin opened the cell door and slowly made his way toward Blaze.

I tried not to show how scared I was as he stared at me intently.

With a nod of his head, another man entered the cell, a smile plastered on his face.

“Finally,” he said before laying into Blaze.

The sound of the man’s fist connecting with Blaze had me cringing.

“STOP!” I shouted as I tried to lunge for the man.

Devin stepped in front of me, blocking my way as he lifted his hand, “Trey!”

Relief washed over me as the man stopped his assault on Blaze.

Blaze turned his head, spitting blood onto the concrete floor, “Is that it?”

I narrowed my eyes at Blaze; I couldn’t believe he was trying to taunt them into beating him more.

“Take the chains off, and we can have some real fun,”

Blaze smiled at the two, not paying any attention to me.

“You’re brave, ll give you that, but for now, I need you to shut up so! can talk to the princess here,” Devin snarled before turning back to me.

“What do you want?” I questioned.

Devin stared at me, no emotion in his eyes.

“I have what I want,” his eyes scanned over me, “you.”

A growl erupted from behind him as Blaze yanked at the chains holding him.

“Calm understand what he wanted me for.I know it had something to do with the prophecy, but I’m useless until I shift.Even then, we don’t know exactly what will be so powerful about me.

“My dad will find us, so you should probably start running now,”

I smarted off, trying to get his attention away from Blaze.

I noticed Blaze wasn’t healing as he should be, and I’m sure it had something to do with the wolfsbane he had been injected with.

Devin laughed sinisterly, “He won’t find us, and before you say anymore, Apollo won’t either.

Hell, do you know how long they looked for me and never succeeded?”

“Look, princess, it’s simple.You will stay here until you shift, which should be soon, or you should hope it’s soon; then you will work for me.You will control all the supernatural and have them do what I want.The first thing we will do is kill the vampires.They should have helped me when they had the chance.”

It was my turn to laugh now, “No one knows when I will shift, and sorry, but control all supernaturals? You should stop reading fairytales, Uncle Devin,” I spat out like venom.

Devin spun around, coming face to face with me, “You will learn to keep your mouth shut!”

With a flick of his wrist, Trey started hitting Blaze again.

“Every time you think about running that mouth of yours or fighting back, or disobeying in any way…Blaze will pay the price.Got it?”

I could feel his hot breath against my face as he spoke, “Yeah, I got it.”

I glared at him as! watched him and his puppet leave the cell.

“Blaze! I’m so sorry!”

I fell to my knees, unable to stand anymore.

“It’s okay, princess.I’m fine.”

I crawled toward him as the tears began to fall down my face.

“I’ll do whatever he wants me to.I’ll make sure you are safe,”

I cried as I pulled myself up in front of him, wrapping my arms around his waist.I felt Blaze inhale deeply before he spoke again, “You won’t do more than they can give.”

I didn’t respond; in my mind, I had already decided I would do whatever I had to to keep Blaze safe.

He didn’t ask for this, and he wouldn’t suffer because of my crazy family.

“Kyra, look at me.”

I lifted my head just enough to look into his sky blue eyes that already had black circles forming around them.

“Promise me.No matter what they do to me, you will not give in to what they want.If you promise me this, I will promise you that I will be okay. I need you to be strong, the way your dad raised you.”

I shook my head; there was no way I could agree to that.

“Kyra, please, babe, I need you to promise me.”

My eyebrows scrunched in confusion at him, but now wasn’t the time to question him about it, “I promise,”

I whispered as I watched his face relax some at my words.

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