My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 10

Blaze began carrying me back to my house.

His soft voice tried to soothe the heartbreak I was feeling.

I could hear my mother’s gentle sobs as we neared the porch and the hushed whispering of the others.

The room went silent as Blaze walked through the door with me in his arms.

“ Princess, I’m so sorry.” Dad stood from mom’s side and headed toward us.

I wiggled in Blaze’s arms, and he gently set me down.

“Sorry for what? It wasn’t you that killed him.” I turned and walked to my room, shutting the door behind me.

I crawled onto the bed and pulled the blanket up to my chin as I curled up.

My mind was racing, and I couldn’t get it to slow down.

Thoughts of what happened when Devin took us flashed through my mind before the scene of me killing Scarlette played on repeat.

I killed her, though she deserved it, I killed her.

I didn’t think twice about the effect it would have on Grandpa Pollo.

If I had thought about it…even for just a second…I could have done something different.

I could have saved his life.

But I let my anger cloud my judgment that day, and now…my best friend is gone.

He was such a fantastic person.

He was kind, gentle, loving, caring, and easy to talk to.

I could talk to him about anything, and I did talk to him about everything. I spoke to him about Blaze and how I thought he secretly hated me. I always knew Grandpa Pollo could be ruthless, strict, or mean if he had to be.I mean, he was the Alpha King after all, but I never had to see that.

He would train with me and sometimes even let me win against him. I heard a light tap on my bedroom door but just ignored it.

A moment later, it slowly opened, “Hey,” I heard Zane whisper as he made his way to feeling aggravated at his words.

If one more person says that, I might just lose my s**t.

“You don’t know anything then, Zane. I killed her. I did! And you know what, she deserved it! I thought she deserved it until I came home to find out Grandpa Pollo was dying because I killed his mate. I thought she deserved it until Grandpa Pollo died….” I stood from the bed and began pacing the floor.

The guilt I was feeling was starting to overwhelm me.

I felt like I was suffocating.

“He’s gone, Zane!! Because I didn’t take a second to think about how it would affect anyone besides her! Zane walked up to me as he wrapped his arms around me, “I know it’s hard for you right now, but we will get through this together, sis.” I wanted to believe him; I always trusted everything my little brother would tell me.

He was more like a big brother, but this…he was wrong…I just didn’t see any way to get past this.

I didn’t see any way to overcome these feelings.

“YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING! HOW?” I heard my dad shout from the living room.

“Let’s go see what’s happening,” Zane told me as he led me to the living room.

I could feel the anger rolling off everyone in waves.

I looked around the room and saw grandpa Zayd standing between my dad and Dominick.

My heart dropped, “he’s escaped, hasn’t he?” I questioned, my voice dead of all emotion.

Everyone turned to look at me, “I’m so sorry, my Queen.

I’m still unsure of exactly what happened.

I swear to you, I will find him.

He couldn’t have gotten too far.” Anger began to build as he spoke.

We trusted him, my dad trusted him, to bring Devin here, and he failed miserably.

Devin is now free…again.

Devin was now a threat to everyone…again.

The anger quickly began to turn into rage.

I could see Blaze standing directly in front of me and was my heart pounding in my ears.

All I could think about was how all of this was Devin’s fault.

My mother lost her wolf because of Devin.

My family always lived looking over their shoulder because of Devin.

The more I thought about him, the more furious I became.

My kidnapping and all the torture Blaze went through because of Devin.

I killed Scarlett and, in turn, killed my Grandpa Pollo because of Devin.

I was done with Devin.

I pushed everyone out of my way with ease as I moved to the front door.

I felt a hand grab my arm and slowly turned my head to see my dad, “ Princess, I swear to you…he will be found.

Nothing will happen to you again.” I smirked at his words as something shifted inside of me.

He thought I was scared of Devin kidnapping me again? I wish he would…

I shook my dad’s hand from my arm, “I know he will be found, and I will make sure he suffers a slow, painful death.” My dad’s eyes widened at my words as I chuckled darkly at his response before heading out the front door.

As I stepped off the porch, I took a deep breath before starting off in a run, I could feel my heart turn to stone with every step I took.

“Kyra!” I heard Blaze as he ran beside me, “Babe, please talk to me.

You don’t really want to do this.” I ignored him as I continued running to the border.

“Kyra! Stop!” his voice was more demanding this time, and I slowed down before stopping and turning to him.

“Go home, Blaze.

This isn’t your fight, and I can take care of myself.” The look of hurt that flashed through his eyes should have bothered me, but I felt nothing.

“I’m going wherever you go, Kyra.

I’m never going to leave your side.” I huffed and shook my head as I turned and began running again.

If he wants to come, then so be it.

I’m sure he’ll go back home before long.

I started plotting different ways to make Devin suffer as I slowed at the border, picking up his scent and following it to the north.

Blaze didn’t say anything else as he followed me into the night.

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