My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 13

Blaze POV

As we returned home, I couldn’t help but steal glances at my beautiful mate.

Her wolf was stunning, to say the least.

Her solid black fur seemed to shimmer in the moonlight, and her green eyes seemed to glow.

She wasn’t huge, but anyone could feel the power she held within.

I had seen black wolves before, but nothing like her.

She seemed more relaxed now, knowing her dad would get Devin; it was as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

I just hope I can help her work through all the emotions she is feeling now.

Kyra slowed before coming to a stop, her hair standing on ends as she sniffed the air.

I walked around her, nudging her with my nose.

Do you smell that? She questioned through our mind link I just recently found out we had.

No, what is it? Vampires.

More than one.

The wind shifted, and that’s when the scent hit me.

I still couldn’t tell for sure which direction they were coming from handle herself, but it’s engraved in my very bones to protect her.

We heard leaves and twigs breaking before we saw them emerge.

Three of them.

I let out a low warning growl as I crouched down, ready to attack should I need to.

“What are two pack wolves doing out here alone?” the man in the middle hissed as he stared at us.

His two companions only smiled.

I recognized the tallest one; I had seen him at Dominick’s when we were there.

“I can’t believe it,” he said as he stepped forward, “this is the girl King Dominick has pledged to stand by and her mate.

The ones he housed not too long ago.” He turned and faced his friends.

“If they are both here, that means Devin hasn’t managed to catch her yet.

He was going to send rogues after her,” he laughed as he spoke, “I tried to tell him they would be useless against her if he couldn’t even handle her.” I didn’t like the way this was going, and I had a feeling he was involved in Devin’s escape.

“With her, we can negotiate new terms with him,” he said thoughtfully as he stared at my mate.

My anger was almost to its boiling point.

I am sick and tired of everyone trying to take my mate or kill my mate.

I began stalking closer to the men, causing them to take a step back.

“We don’t give a s**t about you, just let us just hand her over, they were bigger dumbasses than I thought.

Even if she wasn’t my mate, I would never do that.

Obviously, they have no idea what loyalty is.

I eyed the three of them, deciding which one I should rip apart first.

I would like to save the one I recognized so I could question him before I killed him.

I lunged, grabbing the one closest to me and ripping his throat out.

I felt as though I had moved faster than ever before as I spun around, grabbing the second one and giving him the same fate as his friend.

I stalked toward the one I recognized growling, his companions’ blood dripping from my fangs.

“I-I-I’ll just be going now…” he stuttered as he tried to turn to leave.

“Kneel.” I not only heard Kyra behind me but felt the power coming off her in waves.

The leech dropped to his knees with his eyes wide with fear.

“You will quietly and calmly go with us.

Understood?” she questioned him, her voice laced with raw power.

He nodded in agreement as Kyra commanded him to stand and begin our journey back.

I chose to stay in wolf form just in case he decided to try and be stupid.

As we walked behind him, Kyra’s hand rested gently on my back, sending shock waves through me, but it felt so nice to feel her touch and helped to keep my anger my mate, help her through everything that has happened and is still happening, but now all I want to do is get home and beat the hell out of this traitor.

I doubt he knows very much, though.

As we neared our border, I mind-linked my dad to meet us with some of the warriors.

Not because we need the help but more to intimidate, and we both need to eat, shower, and try to get some rest before Alpha Dane returns with the real problem.

My dad didn’t just come with some warriors, but he came with everyone, right down to the former Alpha and Luna, and to my surprise, there stood Dominick.

The look of shock passed briefly on his face before it was replaced with pure rage.

Kyra POV

“What’s going on?” Dominick asked though I’m sure he already knew.

I could feel my anger start to rise again, though I tried to fight it.

“You should ask him.

He is one of yours, isn’t he?” I countered.

I hated how furious I was; nothing had even been said wrong, and I felt ready to attack.

I’ve never been an angry person or a mean person.

I’ve always prided myself in being caring and understanding, but now.

..there is something in me that just wants to fight.

To show dominance had his arms around me is long gone, once again replaced by a blinding rage.

Blaze must have noticed as he leaned against me slightly, nudging me with his nose.

I’m here I heard Blaze tell me through our mind-link.

I rested my hand on his back again, letting the warmth of the sparks travel through me, calming me some.

Dominick stepped forward, grabbing the man by his neck, “What did you do, Ray?” he hissed.

The man we now know as Ray closed his eyes, not wanting to face his own King.

That act alone sparked the already burning flame inside me.

“Open your eyes and answer truthfully now!” I ordered.

Ray slowly opened his eyes as he began to speak, “I have been working with Prince Devin,” he whispered.

That wasn’t good enough for me, “Tell us everything!” I raised my voice as I stepped forward, not paying attention to anyone else around us.

“I have been working with Prince Devin from the beginning.

He offered a deal I couldn’t pass up.

I would be by his side to rule with him as an equal.

I would be the new King of Vampires.

You were never supposed to have escaped from him, but after you did, I had to help him escape during transport.

We agreed that we would kidnap you, bring you said he had followers, rogues, that would also be helping to get you back.

It was supposed to be the beginning of a new life.

But you ruined my chance of getting to rule! I should be King…” Before he could finish his last sentence, Dominick had torn his head from his body.

He stood there shaking with rage.

After a moment, he kneeled in front of me, “I’m so sorry, Queen.” His head was bowed, but he was telling the truth.

He was sorry it was one of his people that had betrayed us.

As I looked up, I found everyone staring at me in awe, and I realized they didn’t know what powers I possessed yet.

Blaze shifted beside me, quickly pulling on a pair of shorts, “If you don’t mind, we are going to go shower and rest.” Everyone nodded as he slipped his hand into mine and began leading me home.

We had only taken a few steps when exhaustion seemed to take over, “I don’t feel so good,” I whispered to Blaze before everything went dark.

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