My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 14

Blaze POV:

Kyra’s steps slowed before she whispered; she didn’t feel so good.

As soon as the words left her mouth, she blacked out. I caught her before she hit the ground, panic coursing through my veins.

With Kyra in my arms, I began running as fast as I could to the pack hospital.

Mind-linking the doctor to let him know what happened.

As I neared the building, I saw Dr.Hazel waiting for us, her normal soft brown eyes filled with worry.

“This way,” she turned, leading me down the long hall into a private room at the end.

“Lay her down here.”

I didn’t want to let her go, a wave of fear rushing over me, something I wasn’t used to. I reluctantly laid her down, keeping my hand wrapped tightly with her smaller one.

Dr.Hazel began checking her vitals while asking me questions.

“What was she doing when it happened?” Dr.Hazel questioned.

“We had just returned and were going to rest. She said she didn’t feel good and passed out,” aggravation apparent in my voice.

I knew she was only trying to figure out what could have caused this, but I had already answered that question.

“Dr.Hazel, what can you tell us?” Alpha Zayd’s deep voice sounded through the room.

I had been so lost in my own world that I hadn’t noticed anyone else’s arrival.

Looking around the packed in.

“I have no answers yet, Alpha. Her vitals are all good right now. I will run some blood tests to ensure that it is all good too. I really don’t know what has happened. She is slightly dehydrated, so we will be giving her fluids .”

“Thank you,”

Luna Holly told her, giving her a small smile. We all knew Dr.Hazel well, our parents especially.

She was Gamma Colby’s mate and Gunner’s mother.

He was in line to become Beta of the pack, though his dad was only Gamma.

Typically, I would have been next in line, but because I am mated to Kyra, that bumps him up.

My position.

..well, that’s undecided yet; it will depend on what Kyra chooses to do.

I watched silently as Dr.Hazel carefully drew blood from Kyra’s arm, my mind racing.

“Any word from Alpha Dane?” I questioned, never taking my eyes off my beautiful mate.

“Not yet, but I am sure he will be here soon with Devin,” Luna Holly spoke softly.

I nodded, my anger rising at the mere mention of his name.

Everything was that bastard’s fault.

All I want to do is rip him limb from limb because of all the pain he has caused Kyra.

Everyone except for Luna Holly took leave or sat outside in the hallway.

“She will be okay,” she whispered as she gently moved the hair from Kyra’s face.

I wasn’t sure if she was talking to herself or me, but then she looked at me, “She will be okay, Blaze.She’s strong. I’m sure she is just exhausted, but she will be okay; she has to be.”

We had been sitting there for hours already, and Kyra was still not awake yet. Her blood test results were all average, and seat next to her, needing to be close.

The fear I was feeling right now, watching over Kyra, was overwhelming.

I had never been scared, at least not until Devin had drugged and kidnapped us.

That was the first time, and then I wasn’t afraid of him, but I was scared for her…for Kyra.

Now, here I am again, terrified that I am losing her when I have only just got her.

Kyra POV:

I remember feeling weak and tired, telling Blaze I didn’t feel well, and then nothing.

Darkness took over.

I wasn’t scared, though…in fact, it was peaceful. I wasn’t feeling the rage I had been feeling lately.I felt normal again, like the old me. I took a deep breath and sighed as I released it, letting all of the stress that was weighing me down go with it.

“How are you feeling, dear?” I had heard this same soft voice before, but I couldn’t place where.

My mind seemed foggy as I tried to place it.

“For once, in what has felt like forever, I feel like myself,” I responded honestly.

A light giggle floated around me, “Yes, I’m sure you do. I wasn’t planning on everything happening at once to you; you were supposed to have time to adjust.”

I tried to open my eyes, realizing the voice I was hearing was the same one I heard when Devin had us. It’s the Moon Goddess.

“Calm down, dear,” she said softly, “You have pushed yourself too hard, and you needed to rest. There are a few things I would like to discuss with you, but always remember only you can choose your final path.”

Her tone had turned to one more serious, “Okay, I understand.” from Alpha King Apollo’s death.

You must accept that what happened is not your fault and no one blames you.

You did exactly what had to be done; unfortunately, sometimes, what is required of you will not be easy.

You must learn to process your emotions and lean on your mate for support. You cannot push it down and try to ignore it; that will only lead to the rage you are now experiencing.”

Silence surrounded me once again as I processed what she said.

“Now, you will be given a choice to take your rightful place, with your mate, as the new Alpha King and Queen. With that title comes many responsibilities, but know you will never have to face anything alone.

You are not alone, and that is what you must realize…” without thinking twice I interrupted her, “I don’t think I am strong enough to lead anyone.

I’m not strong enough to unite everyone like you want me to. My brother Zane would be a much better candidate for that position.”

Once again, her soft giggle surrounded me, “Your brother Zane is a strong wolf, but it is not his destiny. But remember what I just said…you will never be alone. Lean on those close to you. Once you

and Blaze are fully mated, he will be able to help you more. Your powers will also transfer to him, and he will help you through everything and with everything. The final choice is yours, though, my dear Kyra. And yes, you are more than strong enough for the position.”

“What if I fail?” I questioned, only to be met with silence.

I suppose she was done saying what she needed to.

But she left me again, thinking about what she had told me.

I wonder how Blaze will feel about having the same powers as me.

The prophecy didn’t say anything about that…well, at least that I know of, it didn’t.

What if he has decided I’m not worth the trouble, and he would rather have a normal she-wolf as his mate? And what if I take my position as Alpha Queen and fail miserably? What if it starts wars between the species instead of uniting them? My mind raced with so many thoughts it was making me feel sick.

A bright light engulfed me, and I waited a moment before opening my eyes.

Confused, I looked around at the crowd of people gathered.

“Excuse me, what’s going on?” I tried to ask an older lady next to me.

I had never seen her before, but she may be just visiting.

She ignored me as if I wasn’t there.

Okay…I slowly began making my way through the crowd, realizing everyone was acting the same way.

It was as if I weren’t even there.

As I neared the front, I gazed at the large stage set up.

I smiled; dad sets this stage up when a mating ceremony or something similar happens.I wonder who the lucky couple is.

Dad walked on stage, a massive smile on his face, “I want to thank everyone for coming today.I know having a large gathering with all walks of life present can be challenging, but I whole-heartedly believe it is worth it.”

He raised his hand to the side, and I watched myself walk across the stage hand in hand with Blaze.

Oh, my goddess! How am I seeing this right now!? My heart raced as I stood frozen in place, “I am honored to present the new Alpha King and Queen, Blaze and Kyra Price, my daughter broke out into applause, with many whistles and howls echoing around.

The sound became so loud I thought I would go deaf.

Dad smiled as he gave us each a hug and moved to stand behind us.

“We would also like to thank everyone who showed up for this special day…”

Blaze began talking.

“I challenge this so-called Queen Kyra!”

A lady shouted as she pushed her way to the front.

Blaze let out a deep threatening growl.

Before I could see any more, everything began to fade away.

NO! I have to know what happens! I have to know how to handle this!!

“I just wanted to show you a glimpse of what is to come, not everyone is going to be happy with the changes you bring, but that is just a part of life.

You cannot please everyone; you can only do your best to please the majority. It will not be a walk in the park, but it will be worth it. Did you see how happy everyone was, dear?” I heard that gentle voice once again.

“I need to see the rest. I need to see how it plays out!” I was feeling very aggravated by this point.

“You need to rest…” and with that, I felt myself falling into a deep sleep.

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