My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 15

I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in a dimly lit room, the sound of hospital monitors softly humming around me. I slowly looked to the right to find Blaze crouched over asleep, his head resting on the side of my bed.

His hair was a mess, and he needed to shave. I smiled to myself as I watched him sleeping. I still am amazed at the fact that he is my mate.

It all makes sense now.

The reason why we were so close when we were smaller and why…as he got older, we grew distant.

It explains why he seemed to always be around, watching me from a distance.

He’s perfect, and I don’t feel that I am good enough for him.

He doesn’t deserve all the drama that comes with being my mate. I wonder if he has ever regretted being my mate…if he ever wished it was someone besides me.

The short conversation I had with the Moon Goddess popped into my head.

I had a choice of what I wanted to do. I can become the Queen and somehow unite all of the species, or I can refuse that role. I don’t know what will happen if I refuse, but I highly doubt it would be anything good.

And, obviously, not everyone will accept me being the Queen, which means they probably won’t accept Blaze as the new King and will challenge him and me.

Would Blaze even want to be the King? The responsibility that will come with that is much more than just being an Alpha.

“Hey, babe….how are you feeling?” Blaze asked, his husky

“How are you? How long was I asleep?”

I responded as I watched him stand and stretch his arms in the air before he leaned over and k!ssed my forehead softly.

“Never better beautiful,” he smiled, “and you were asleep for three days.”

My eyes widened slightly in shock; the Moon Goddess wasn’t exaggerating when she said I needed rest, I thought to myself.

Blaze chuckled softly, “I have already let Dr.Hazel know you are awake. She should be here shortly.”

I nodded at him in understanding, still distracted by knowing I still had a choice to make.

Blaze sat down beside me once again, “What’s wrong?”

I sighed, deciding I should talk to him. I mean, if I choose to become the Queen, then he will need to determine if he is up to be the King.

Might as well get the talk over with now.

“I spoke with the Moon Goddess while I was asleep…” I started telling him.

He smiled widely, “I figured you did, and what did she tell you this time.”

“She started by telling me that I had overdone it and just needed to rest. Things didn’t necessarily play out like she had intended them to. She also told me I have a choice to make…”

I paused, feeling nervous all of a sudden.

Blaze gently squeezed my hand, “it’s just me; you can tell me anything, Kyra.”

And I knew I could; I wasn’t sure why I felt so nervous about this.

I took a deep breath before continuing, “I am to be the next Queen and unit the species, but she said it was my choice. If I don’t want to be the Queen, I don’t have to. She didn’t tell me what the consequences would be if I didn’t, though.”

I looked up at him, searching his face. You know what that means, right? If I become the Queen and we are mated, you will be the King. You have a choice just as much as I do.”

I thought maybe, for some reason, that hadn’t clicked in his brain yet.

He laughed, “I am quite aware, babe. Do you know what you are going to choose yet?”

Silence filled the room as I contemplated it. I had no idea what to do.

Dr.Hazel knocked softly on the door before entering, “Hello Kyra, how are you feeling?” she asked as she made her way over to the bedside.

“Rested,” I smiled.

She nodded as she continued checking me over, “That’s wonderful. I do believe you needed a good rest after everything that has happened. Everything looks good, and you are free to go home. I recommend taking it easy for the next day or two, though, ” she looked at Blaze as she said the last part, “maybe spend that time with your mate.

And Kyra,” she turned back to me, “if you ever need anything, even just someone to vent to, know I am always here for you.”

She quickly gave me a hug before leaving us alone.

Blaze stood and walked over to a bag sitting across the room on the counter, “Your mom brought you some clothes to wear, and I quote, ‘here are some clothes for her if she happens to wake up and be released when I am not here.

I know she is your mate, but she is my baby, and I want her to come straight home…you are welcome there too.”

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing as Blaze made his best impression of my mom.

“I can hear her saying that. Will you help me up, please? I really want to lay in a more up and walking with me to the bathroom so I could change.

After putting on my clothes, I opened the door to find Blaze standing right where I left him. I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck. As if on instinct, his arms wrapped tightly around my wa!st.

“Thank you for everything Blaze,” I whispered.

He shook his head, “You never have to thank me for anything.”

I pulled his face down closer to mine, our l!ps almost touching, “I will always thank you for everything; get used to it.”Before he could try to argue with me, I closed the gap. I smashed my l!ps into his and loved how warm sparks flew through my body.

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