My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 17

Blaze POV:

Goddess, she felt so good against me.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the electrical current that races through my body when we touch. I let my hands roam her perfect body as she straddled me, moving my l!ps down her neck as she gasped for air.

I gr0aned as I forced myself to pull away, “I want you more than you will ever know, but not out here, babe.”I rested my forehead against hers as I tried to slow my heart rate down and get myself under control.

She’ll never know how hard it is for me to control my desires for her. I watched as she closed her eyes, “It’s okay…” she breathed out, “l understand.”

But I worried she didn’t.

After what she just confessed to me, how she feels, I feared she would think I didn’t want to be with her, that I was rejecting her in some way, even though that isn’t what I’m doing. I want to be able to take my time with her. I want to taste every last inch of her body before bringing her over the edge.

But goddess, she makes it hard to resist.

We sat in silence, clinging to each other and listening to the sounds of the world around us.

“I guess we should head back home. I’m sure my dad is beyond pissed at me.”

She slowly pulled herself away from me as she stood up.

Instantly, I missed her touch but knew we should be getting back. I stood up and draped race through me.

“I have a surprise for you,” I said nervously, hoping I wasn’t rushing things.

She smiled up at me, “Oh yeah? What is it?” she questioned me.

I couldn’t help but laugh at her, “Why would I tell you that?”

She pushed me playfully.

“There isn’t anything I need.You just being with me is enough, Blaze.”

My heart warmed at her words.

It felt nice to know she liked being around me as much as I did her.I was always afraid she wouldn’t want to be with me just because we grew up together.

The rest of the walk home was silent as I tried to keep my nerves under control.

“How mad do you think my dad is?” she asked softly as we neared the border.

I pulled her closer to my side, “Believe it or not, he’s not mad at you at all.He knows you are going through a hard time right now, and you’re his little princess, so even if he did get mad at you, it wouldn’t last.”

I didn’t know anyone who could stay mad at her for a long time.

Even her brother couldn’t last more than an hour.

She giggled softly, “So when do I get this surprise you have for me?”

“Now, if you’re up for it?” I told her sheepishly.

I couldn’t believe how nervous I was about this.I had been waiting for this day for a few years now.

What if she absolutely hates it? I thought to myself.If she does, it can be changed to suit her.

“Lead me to it, Prince Charming,” she said with a grin.

Prince Charming, huh? That was new, but I liked it.I’m giving Kyra her surprise.

Would yall like to meet us there? I quickly mind-linked both of our parents and her brother Zane, them to the big reveal.

They did play a big part in helping me get this done and keeping it a secret.

Everyone replied back with a yes.

I could hear the excitement in their voices. I began leading Kyra to the opposite side of the pack.

The side that only has a few houses, and they are pretty spread out from each other.

I have always loved it on this side; it’s quiet and more private than near the pack house.I led her to a stone path leading just into the trees, “When did this path get laid?” she questioned me.

It wasn’t too hard to keep the secret from her over the years because she never had any reason to be on this side of the territory. I just smiled at her as the nervous butterflies did flips in my stomach.

I pulled her in front of me and covered her eyes with my hands, causing her to stop walking, “Blaze! What are you doing?”

she whined.

“Just keep walking. We are almost there.”

She hesitantly began walking again.

“Okay, stop.”

Luna Holly and my mom had their arms linked with the biggest smiles I had ever seen on their faces.

Alpha Dane, Zane, and my dad all stood behind them, Alpha Dane’s arms crossed across his chest.He gave me a nod and a small smile.

I slowly moved my hands from her eyes, letting them fall to her waist as I waited for her reaction.

It felt like ages before she turned around to face me, “Is this what I think it is?” she asked as a tear rolled down her face.

My heart dropped; she hates it.

I should have waited longer.

Kyra’s POV:

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The cutest cabin parents had that I had always loved, the rose bushes planted along the front, and the stone path leading up to it.

It was breathtakingly beautiful.I had honestly never seen this cabin before, and then the thought hit me.

Did Blaze build this for me? I couldn’t stop the happy tears as they streamed down my face.

This was amazing.

Our parents and my brother all stood to the side as they watched me intently.I spun around to face Blaze, “Is this what I think it is?”

I questioned him with a shaky voice. I swear I saw regret flash through his eyes before he finally spoke, gently wiping the tears from my face, “It is…”

I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck, “It’s perfect, thank you!”

I gave him a soft, slow k!ss, feeling my cheeks heat with embarrassment as our families began clapping.I buried my head against Blaze’s chest, “How can you say it’s perfect if you haven’t even seen the inside yet? Anything you don’t like can be changed.”

He seemed unsure and nervous.

Something I wasn’t used to seeing from him.

“Did you build this?”

I wanted to know more.

He smiled sheepishly, “I had help,” he replied as he looked over at our parents.

My heart felt so complete.I felt so loved at this moment.

My mom walked up to me, pulling me away from Blaze, “I’m so excited for you, honey,” she whispered as she pulled me into a hug.

Soon everyone was giving us hugs as they congratulated us.

My dad walked up to me last, “I’m happy for you, princess. I know Blaze will take good care of you, but remember you can come home whenever you want. And you don’t have to move into here hugged me tight and k!ssed the top of my head.

“I know, dad, but I have a mate now, so I think it’s time.” He squeezed me before releasing me from his hold and turning to Blaze.

“You may be her mate, and I have always loved you like a son, but know if you ever hurt my princess, I will hunt you down.”


I shouted at him.

Blaze shook his head at me with a grin on his face, “I would never intentionally hurt her, but I also wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Alpha Dane.”

Everyone finally left, but only because our dad’s made them, telling them we needed some time to ourselves.I slowly walked up the porch steps, running my hand along the railing.

Blaze scooped me up bridal style before I could open the door, “Allow me,” he said as he opened the door and carried me inside.

As he set me down on my feet, I spun around slowly; the living room was huge.

This cabin was more significant than my parent’s house, and that’s saying something.

A fireplace sat in the center of the living room wall, with a large tan sectional and rocking chair placed in front of it.

There were no pictures or decorations on the wall, except for a wooden plack with both of our names engraved hanging above the fireplace.I continued walking through the house, amazed at each room I went to.

The kitchen had the newest appliances with marble countertops.

The adjoining dining room had a large table, big enough for at least 10 people to eat.

“When did you do this?” I asked softly as I continued to explore.

I walked down the hallway and found a full bathroom and three empty bedrooms.

“The last as he followed behind me.

“Why are these rooms empty?” I questioned curiously.

The rest of the house had been furnished, and I found it odd that these rooms had nothing.

When Blaze didn’t answer, I turned around to face him, “Umm, well, our mothers thought they should leave them for you to decorate when you decided what you wanted them to be…”

I could tell he wasn’t telling me the complete truth, so I narrowed my eyes at him, “And …”

He sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck, “They believe all three rooms will end up being nurseries,” he let out a light chuckle, “they actually thought we needed more rooms than this.”

I couldn’t stop the blush from creeping up my cheeks.I turned around, trying to hide it from Blaze, but he must have seen it as he laughed, “There is no rush, babe.I’m happy just finally being with you.”

I headed for the large wooded double doors at the end of the hallway.I looked over my shoulder at Blaze before swinging the door open.

He seemed to be holding his breath, “Oh my goddess! Blaze…seriously?”

A smaller fireplace was in the corner of the room, with a small couch and chair in front of it.

The king-size, four-poster bed sat in the middle of the room with light grey bedding, small turquoise swirls, and tons of matching pillows.

I knew my mother had a hand in decorating this room because she knows I love light grey and turquoise, and she is obsessed with pillows.

It was absolutely stunning.

I walked around, running my hand over every piece of furniture before opening the door to the ensuite bathroom.

A large bath, almost the size of a hot tub, sat to and double sinks seemed to be shining under the light. I noticed Blaze hadn’t followed me into the bathroom and made my way back to find him.

He was standing near the window, lost in thought.

He turned around as I approached him, “Tell me the truth…do you like it? Is it too much or too soon?”

I slipped my arms around him, “I love it, and it is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much, Blaze.”

I slowly k!ssed him, trying to show him how grateful I was and how lucky I felt in one k!ss.

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