My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 19

Blaze POV

Nothing ever felt as right as Kyra sleeping in my arms.

I felt like it was a dream, and I didn’t want to wake up.

I felt different after marking her; I wouldn’t say different in a bad way…just different.

As the night went on, the feeling became stranger.

The only way I could describe it is a feeling of power.

My mind raced with so many different thoughts. We would have to face her dad in the morning, and he would see that we marked each other.

He’s going to be pissed, I already know.

Through the years, we have talked about this.

Kyra is his little princess, and even though he always knew we were mates, he made sure I understood that things needed to be taken slowly.

This is definitely the opposite of what he wanted to happen with his daughter. I don’t regret marking her as mine at all, and I will gladly face his anger.

Finally, I fell into a deep sleep. I woke suddenly to the sound of a door creaking.

Instinctively, my arm tightened protectively around Kyra. My eyes shot open as I listened carefully.

Light footsteps could be heard heading toward the kitchen. I glanced down at Kyra to find she was still asleep.

As the footsteps began to get closer, I slipped myself from her grasp and stood at the end of the bed. I let out a low warning growl; no one should be inside our home.

“Blaze! You better not growl at me again!” I heard my mother whisper yell from down the hallway.

My whole body relaxed, but my frustration continued to grow.I slipped on some sweatpants, not worried about a shirt right now, and quietly slipped from the room.

“What are you doing in here, mother? You can’t just walk in whenever you want,” I started gripping.

Mom narrowed her eyes at me, “You listen to me. Just because you are grown and the future King doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. Growl at me again and see what happens,”

I watched as her eyes grew wide, “oh my goddess! Y’all marked each other already!?”

She rushed over to me as she examined my mark from Kyra.

“Yes, mom. We marked each other.” I said proudly.

She pulled me into a hug, “I’m so happy for you! Have you gotten bigger since yesterday?!”

She joked with me.But soon, her excitement began to fade as the realization really set in.

“Alpha Dane isn’t going to be happy about this. You know he wanted y’all to take it slow.”

I shrugged my shoulders in response and made my way to the kitchen, “So why are you here this early?”

I changed the subject.

Mom shook her head at me as she opened the fridge and began to pull out eggs and bacon.

“I thought it would be nice if I came and cooked y’all breakfast. I know both of you must be exhausted, and I wasn’t sure if Kyra would be up for eating with the pack just yet. Of course, she’s here to cook.

“Your mark is very unique compared to most. Have you looked at it?” she questioned as she pulled the pans from the cabinet.

“No, I haven’t had a chance to yet. What makes it unique?”

She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled, “Why don’t you go get dressed for the day, and while you’re at it, take a look for yourself”

I slowly made my way back to our bedroom and slowly opened our door.

Kyra was still sleeping as I tip-toed to our bathroom after grabbing some shorts and a t-shirt. I turned on the shower and walked to the mirror while I waited for the water to warm up.

Wow! I carefully ran my fingers along my new mark as I looked at it in awe.

A half moon that seemed to be glowing.

My mother was right; it was unique. I had never seen one that looked even remotely like this.

“Good morning,”

Kyra whispered as she slipped her arms around my waist.

“Morning, beautiful,” I slowly turned around and gave her a soft k!ss.

She still looked tired even though she had slept well last night.

“Blaze…have you not looked at yourself in the mirror? You’ve gotten bigger. I mean, not in a bad way, but holy hotness!”I looked back in the mirror, “It does look like that, doesn’t it…” I trailed off.

It did look like my muscles had grown overnight, but surely that’s not true. I’ve always been built.I turned back to Kyra and gently brushed her hair from her neck as I looked at her mark.

It matched mine, a half moon that seemed to glow. I turned her to face the mirror as I continued to hold her hair back.

Her eyes widened in surprise, “Is this normal?”

I shrugged at her, “I guess it is. How do you feel today?”

A big smile crept onto her face, “I feel like myself again.”

Her arms snaked around my neck, pulling me closer, “Do I smell bacon?” she asked, her eyebrows furrowed together.

“Mom came to cook breakfast for us,” I chuckled.

Her eyes lit up, “I’m starving!!”

She gave me a peck before rushing from the room. I stood in the shower, letting the hot water roll down my back.I should probably go speak with Alpha Dane alone.

Kyra doesn’t need to see how mad he is going to be. She’s finally feeling like herself today, and I don’t want his anger to send her into the rage she has been struggling with.

I’ll have mom stay with her while I go, I decided. I stepped from the shower and wiped the fog from the mirror before pulling on a pair of dark jeans and a white t-shirt, admiring my mark some more before making my way back to the kitchen. I could hear mom gushing over us, marking and mating already.

She was excited and had always thought of Kyra as her own daughter. I could hear Kyra giggling as a wave of happiness washed over me. I knew instantly it wasn’t my emotions I was feeling but hers. I want

her to feel this way always. I sat next to her as mom slid a plate in front of me, “So do y’all have any plans today?” she asked us.

Kyra shook her head as she chewed on her bacon, “I don’t. I still feel tired, so I just want to be lazy today.”

My mom nodded her head in agreement, “I think that sounds like a good idea. You have had a lot happen in a short amount of time, so rest would do you some good.”

I cleared my throat, “I need to check in with Alpha Dane, and then I will be back to be lazy all day with you.”

“I can go with you…”

Kyra started, but I cut her off with a k!ss.

“Nope! You need to stay here and rest like mom said. I Take a bubble bath, eat a tub of ice cream, and be lazy. I can go by myself. It shouldn’t take me long anyways.”

She stuck out her bottom l!p as she pouted, causing me to laugh.

“I’ll be fast, promise.” I leaned over, k!ssing her l!ps again.

“Aww, y’all are too cute!”

Of course, my mother would have to ruin the moment.

Kyra quickly pulled away as her face lit up with embarrassment. I slid from my seat before mind-linking mom and asking her to stay with Kyra.

Mom knew why I was going alone to see Alpha Dane, and she agreed to stay here with Kyra. I walked up to the pack house and went upstairs to his office.

“Come in,” he hollered before I even knocked.

I opened the door to find him sitting behind his desk and dad sitting in front of him. I couldn’t help but wonder if mom was the reason my dad was here.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Before I could say anything, Alpha Dane was on his feet and rushing toward me, “TELL ME THIS IS FAKE!”

He grabbed a fistful of my shirt as he looked at my mark. I grabbed his hand and lightly pushed him away from me, “It’s not fake. We marked and mated last night. It was completely mutual.”

Alpha Dane let out a loud growl, making my dad bow but not affecting me at all.


He stepped closer to me, fuming.

I was trying to keep calm, knowing he would act this way, “I know, but I also have known my entire life she was mine, and I will never tell her no.”

Alpha Dane looked like he was going to combust, “SUBMIT!”

I shook my head, “Sorry, but I won’t. This is why I am here alone to see you. Kyra is finally feeling like her normal self today, and I didn’t want you to trigger the rage she has fought so hard against.”Alpha Dane shoved me, “You think I am the reason she is struggling?” he growled.

His temper reached an all-new level. He wasn’t screaming anymore, but this was the calm before the storm.

I had seen him get this way before.

“You know I love her,” my own anger began to rise.

I needed to keep myself calm, but I was failing, “you know I would do anything for her. She is my whole damn reason for being.”

I stepped toward him, now standing nose-to-nose with him.

“We should all calm down,” I heard my dad say.

I had forgotten he was even in the room.

“You stay out of this, Beta,”

Dane growled at him, authority dripping off every word. It felt as though my anger peaked, and pure rage took over.

“Watch yourself,” I told him.

As my Alpha, I should never have talked to or stood up to him the way I was, but something inside me wouldn’t let me submit or bow to him anymore.

Alpha Dane lunged at me as soon as the words left my mouth, both of us shifting in the middle of his office.

Kyra POV:

I sat at the bar talking with Genesis after Blaze left. I know he had asked her to stay with me, even though they think I don’t know. I don’t mind right now, though. I feel oddly calm this morning compared to the past week. I couldn’t help but laugh at how happy and excited she was that we had mated and marked each other.

“You know I have always thought of you as my daughter anyways; it’s just official now,” she cooed as she bustled around the kitchen.

“How are you feeling today anyways? You know you can always talk to me.” She smiled at me the way my mother always does.

“I know, and thank you,” I told her appreciatively.

Her phone rang in her pocket, and I knew it was my mom calling her. That’s the only reason anyone has a phone.

They did it after mom lost her wolf and couldn’t mind link anyone anymore.

“I’m here now,” I heard her saying, “Okay, see you soon.”

She hung up the phone and smiled at me again.

“Your mom is on her way here now. She’s going to be so excited too!”

I shook my head at her, realizing they were probably more excited than I was.

My mom walked in and came straight to the kitchen, pulling me into a hug, “Good morning, honey! How are you feeling today?”

I groaned at her question.

How many times would I be asked that today?

“I’m fine today, mom.”

Without thinking, I stood up, flipping my hair over my shoulder. My mother shrieked, almost giving me a heart attack, “What! Are you okay?”

I ran to her, worried something had happened.

“Oh my god! You’ve been marked! “

I sighed and rolled my eyes, “Yes, we decided to complete the mating process last night.”

“Let me see!” she walked over to examine my mark, “It’s beautiful! I’m so excited for you. My baby is mated and marked!”

I couldn’t help but smile at her.

“Well, guess I’m not a baby anymore, mom.”

She laughed, “Oh honey, you will always be my baby. Does dad know yet?”

She looked at Genesis as she asked.

“Blaze went to check in with him, so I’m sure he’ll know soon.”

Awave of rage washed over me suddenly.

I closed my eyes, willing it to leave. I didn’t want my peace to end yet, but it felt different than usual.

“Kyra, are you okay?”

I could hear our mother’s worry as they rushed to my side.

Then it dawned on me, “Blaze!”

I bolted from the house, still in my sweats and an old t-shirt, as I ran to find my mate.

Something was wrong.

As I neared, the packhouse people were gathered around outside. I could feel the worry and fear seeping from everyone, “What’s going on?!”

I shouted as I slowed to a jog.

Everyone turned to look at me, their heads bowed down.

Only one elderly man motioned his hand toward the house.

As I entered, I could hear the growling from upstairs. I ran upstairs and couldn’t believe what I saw.

Blaze and my dad fighting in the middle of the office.

Both of them were covered in blood, and neither looked like they were going to back down.

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