My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 20

Kyra POV:

The shock I initially felt was soon replaced by pure anger. I had no idea why they were fighting, and honestly, at this point, I didn’t really care.

The last thing any sane female wants to see is their mate going head-on against their dad.

Ash was not in wolf form but doing his best to stop them without getting hurt. If he did shift and try to intervene, it would end badly for him.

“STOP!” I yelled, letting the anger and authority fill my words. I knew it wouldn’t work on Blaze, but if he knows what’s best for him, he’ll listen.

Thankfully they both stopped attacking each other.

My dad reluctantly bowed his head, still growling.

Blaze lowered his gaze, and I could feel the shame he felt through our bond.

“What the hell!?”

I heard my mom shout as she and Genesis ran up behind me. I spun around and faced her, “My thoughts exactly, mom.”

She narrowed her eyes at my dad, “Dane Black, you better shift right now and start explaining!”

My dad was the Alpha of the pack, but everyone knew when it came down to it, he answered to my mom. She had him whipped, as they say.

I turned to tell the few people that were gathered to leave, but Ash had already sent everyone away.

“You,” I pointed at Blaze, “Shift.”

He narrowed his eyes at me but did as I asked.

Genesis threw him some shorts to put on, “You know better than to fight the Alpha; how could you?!”

Genesis began scolding Blaze.

Ash walked beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder as he shook his head, “Not now, honey.”

I turned to question my dad but found him staring daggers at Blaze.

“Care to explain why you are fighting our son-in-law?” my mother asked.

She stood in front of dad with her arms crossed and her foot tapping against the floor.I hadn’t seen her this mad at him in a really long time.

Dad stayed quiet as he continued to stare at my mate.

“Excuse me!!” she snapped her fingers, “I asked you something.”

Dad sighed as he pulled her close to him, “It was nothing. Won’t happen again.”

My eyes widened in disbelief at his lie.

Did he forget I can tell when someone is lying or what? I spun back around to face Blaze, “What happened? And don’t forget like dad just did; I can tell when someone is lying.”

I didn’t know if I would be able to tell with Blaze or not, but he didn’t know that.

“It was stupid, and like Alpha Dane said, it won’t happen again.”

So he didn’t lie, but he didn’t answer the question either. That just pissed me off more.

“No, I want an answer. What started it?”

I’m sure I looked just like my mom with my arms crossed and my foot tapping against the floor. I was trying not to let my anger get the best of me right now. I really wanted to hit them both just for acting like this. I heard my dad sigh behind me, “It was my fault. I got mad because y’all mated and marked each other last night.”

Really? That’s what this was about. Before I could say anything, mom was already chewing him out.

“That’s what mates do! And besides, Blaze has already been waiting years for Kyra! You should be happy that he is her mate. Someone who is respectful, caring, protective, and loving!”

“I know, baby. I am happy it’s him; I just wanted them to take things slow. I’m sorry, okay?” dad tried to calm her, but now I was going to have my say.

“Take things slow?? Really dad?” I said sarcastically, “Because growing up together and knowing each other in and out like we do isn’t enough. Most mates don’t have the privilege of that. I can’t believe you right now. And you…”

I pointed at Blaze, “why didn’t you just walk away? Why stay and fight him?”

Blaze looked like a lost puppy as he thought about what to say.

“I’m sorry. I should have, but something in me has changed, and even if! wanted to, there was no way my wolf would submit or take the disrespect.”

Blaze hesitantly wrapped his arms around my wa!st as I took in what he had just said.

As soon as my brain had processed it, I knew what it was.

“We mated. I marked you. It’s because you are going to be King.”

I looked around the room at our parents, all nodding their heads in agreement.

“How about everyone goes home, gets cleaned up, and calmed down, and we can meet for dinner and discuss everything in more detail.”

My mother was the first to speak, breaking the silence that had fallen over the room.

Ash and Genesis were the first to leave, stopping and giving me a hug on their way out.

Ash lightly hit Blaze on the back of the head as he exited, “Don’t ever put me in a position to defend you or my Alpha again.”

I couldn’t help but smile at it; it was funny to see Blaze, who is twice the size of his dad now, getting in trouble.

Blaze laced our fingers together, giving my dad a nod as he began to lead me out.

“Wait!” I told him as I turned back into the room, “What happened to Devin?”

My parents both exchanged a look, “He’s here, locked in the silver cell, waiting for his fate to be decided.”

I nodded in understanding, “We can talk about it later tonight as well.”

With that, Blaze and I headed back to our new home. I plopped down on the couch, “You know what?” I asked Blaze as he sat down next to me.


“I haven’t felt the rage today like I had been feeling. I feel like myself, only stronger.”

“I think it has to do with our mating. When all that happened with your dad, I felt a rage I had never felt before. It wasn’t overpowering but definitely something new to me. I know I have more strength and speed now too. Maybe it was so hard on you because it was too much for you to hold by yourself,”

Blaze leaned over, pulling me in for a k!ss.

Before he could deepen it, I pulled away, “That makes sense to me, but I still am not sure what all I am capable of yet. And then there is the King and Queen thing…if you are going to be my side, I think we should take it.”

I looked at him, trying to read his thoughts.

“I’ll always be by your side, babe, no matter what.”

He pulled me to sit on his l*p, k!ssing my cheek softly. I rested my head on his ch*st, loving the electrical feeling I get when he touches me.

“And what about Devin? I hate him, and I think he deserves to die,” I stated bluntly.

“Then he’ll die,” Blaze responded confidently.

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