My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 25

Kyra POV

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous. This lady, whoever she may be, had her whole life to practice and perfect her powers. Me, I’ve only had a few months, and not once have I practiced with a witch.

I assumed and hoped that my powers worked on them the same way they did on werewolves and vampires, but no one knows for sure. I guess we are about to find out, though.

I took a deep breath, masking any uncertainties I had, and blocked out the snarls and murmurs going on around me. Now was the time to focus, and I really hoped that if things didn’t go in my favor, no one would intervene to protect me.

I couldn’t expect the respect of all species if I couldn’t even win against one woman who evidently wanted me dead, seeing as how she wanted a fight to the death. As I tried to pull myself from my thoughts, I was hit with something powerful. I landed with a thud before sliding across the ground momentarily.

My anger slowly began to rise as I stood back up, not bothering to dust myself off. Okay, so this woman was stronger than I thought; not once did she utter a single word out loud or raise her hands. I still wasn’t to that level yet. Though I didn’t need to speak any words out loud, I still used my hands to help focus my thoughts and energy.

I began circling her, trying to decide what would be my best move; unfortunately, that was the wrong move on my part. Without even turning to face me, I was once again flung back. As I skid to a stop on the rocky ground, I heard him, You are not fighting another werewolf! Stop acting as if you are; you will get yourself killed! A wave of rage rushed through me at Blaze’s words. I knew it was a mixture of his anger and my own, but he did make a valid point.

This was also something struggled with during all of my training. A choking sound behind me, followed by many loud gasps and growls, caught my attention. I quickly turned to look for the source to find Blaze on his knees, holding his throat as if he was being strangled.

Everyone from our pack was rushing to his side, trying to find a way to help him. At that moment, all I could see was red. The overwhelming, uncontrollable rage I fought after shifting was back in full force.

I spun around, throwing my hand out as I did, lifting the old b***h from the ground, making sure everyone in the crowd could see her clearly. The sudden surge of power racing through my veins felt like electricity crackling inside. “I warned you..

“I growled out before quickly twisting my wrist and snapping her neck. I stood frozen in place, letting her limp form fall to the ground. I barely registered the shocked gasp around me; the only thought on my mind was the safety of my mate.

The warmth of my Blaze’s arms wrapping around me protectively soothed my anger instantly. I turned to face him, fighting back the tears, “I’m so sorry..”I whispered so only he could hear. “For what babe? You did great, and I’m proud of you.”

He responded before pecking me on my forehead.

“Once again, your life was in danger because of me…” And it was true. Being my mate has put him in danger more times than l’d like to remember.

It’s not your fault, and honestly, I feel like you doubt my capabilities to survive,” my eyes snapped up in shock at his words, and I only found him smiling wide. “Now, let’s get this show moving.”

“ls there anyone else who doubts your Queen?” Blaze roared as he gently turned me to face the crowd around us. A long silence fell over the crowd, “I didn’t think so,” he stepped beside me, entwining our fingers, “Now that that is over with, we can move on with the night. As everyone knows, Devin is in our custody and has been awaiting his fate. We decided today would be as good as any other to deliver that fate.” Blaze squeezed my hand reassuringly as the crowd started to part, making a path for the warriors who were escorting the b*stard to the stage.

I glared at him as they passed by, a smirk on his face as if he thought he had won, but he would soon find out that he was far from winning. Blaze led me onto the stage behind the warriors and Devin, everyone’s attention solely on us. “I would love to end this disgrace myself, but given the circumstances, we have decided to let Alpha Dane be the one to decide his fate,” I spoke loud enough for Tor everyone to hear. I looked over at my dad, who stood beside us, nodding my head at him.

He cleared his throat before speaking, “You have done nothing but cause havoc in the lives of everyone that has come across you. You tried to kill my mate and use my daughter for your own selfish wants. For this, you will die,” hoots and hollers echoed around us, mainly from werewolves and vampires though, “But..” my dad began speaking again, “l will not kill you while you are chained; that’s not the kind of man I am.” The guards began removing the chains from Devin’s ankles and wrist, the smirk he once wore proudly slowly fading at the realization of what was to come.

I wasn’t expecting this, I thought he would just kill him and be done, and from the look on my mom’s face, she thought the same thing. Dad jumped gracefully from the stage, his feet hiting the ground with a loud thud as he began waiting patiently for Devin to make his way down. The confidence he once had gone like the smirk he once wore on his face. I could feel the uncertainty and fear rolling off him waves as a warrior shoved him, making him move faster.

Everyone formed a large circle around the two for the second time in a day. The tension was thick in the air as we all stood silently, waiting to see if Devin was still as brave as he once was. I slipped my hand into my mother’s as she stood beside me, a glare on her face. Oh man, dad was in for it tonight. I had seen my mom get mad before, but I don’t think had ever seen her this worked up. She squéezedđ my hand tightly, “He’ll be least against Devin anyways,” she spit through clenched teeth.

I struggled to hold in the giggle that so badly wanted to escape. It was always a little funny to see dad in trouble with mom. The big bad alpha was nothing when it came to her, though l knew she would never say anything to him in front of the pack.

She had way too much respect for him to do that, but it was a different story once inside their home.

After a few minutes of standing face to face, Devin lunged, shifting into his wolf mid-jump, before baring his teeth and growling at my dad. I watched as a huge smile spread across dad’s face, “I was hoping you would do that…” No sooner did the words leave his mouth; he shifted. Giving control to his wolf, who no doubt would make Devin’s death as painful as possible.

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