My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 26

I couldn’t be more proud of Kyra if I wanted to.

She handled everything just the way she should have, though she does need to stop thinking everyone battles like us werewolves…especially when it comes to witches. They are notorious for not fighting fair. But she did well.

Now we are watching as Alpha Dane and Devin circle each other, both waiting for the other to make the first move. I knew Alpha Dane would want a fair fight with Devin, it’s who he is, but from the looks of it, I’m the only one that seemed to know this.

Though Alpha Dane is one of the best fighters around, Devin is of royal blood. The training he has had his whole life does put him at somewhat of an advantage. My nerves are on edge as everyone watches the two. I can tell that Alpha Dane is becoming impatient as he snarls, trying to let Devin be the first to attack. No luck, though; Devin isn’t stupid; he’s looking for a weak spot the same way Alpha Dane is. This is going to be a close battle.

Kyra’s grip tightened around my arm as Devin lunged at her dad. He’s fast, though, and dodges easily, running his claws down Devin’s side. The smell of iron fills the air as blood runs down, soaking into the air. A wild look fills Devin’s eyes as he regains his balance. To my surprise, Alpha Dane carelessly rúshés Devin. The one thing he makes sure we understand never to do, and he đoes it, I understand….kind of, Emotions are high right now, and I feel like, for the first time ever, Alpha Dane is letting his feelings interfere with this fight. If he continues to do this, he won’t win; we all know that will only lead to chaos.

I can feel Kyra’s anger begin to rise as the two men snap and claw at each other, both drawing blood with each swipe. As Devin gets the upper hand, I feel Kyra as she moves to step forward.

“Don’t!” I tell her, pulling her closer to me. Her eyes show nothing but hate as she looks at me, I”‘m done with this.” she grits out. Shaking my head, I hold her tighter, “You may be done with this, but your dad isn’t. Don’t interfere. Don’t strip him of his pride and dignity. This is what he does.

He needs this, and he would never forgive you if you aided him in any way,” I tried to be gentle with her as I spoke, but I knew how her interference would make him feel. All these years, he has doubted himself as a protector because of Devin and what happened to Luna Holly; he needs this more than anyone. He needs to be the one to kill the worthless b*stard. And if he can’t win this fight on his own, then I know he would rather die trying than have his daughter or wife save him.. again.

Kyra narrowed her eyes at me, “Fine, but l will not let him be killed.” Let’s hope that it doesn’t come to that, I thought as I focused my attention back on the fight in front of us. I knew no one here could stop her from saving her dad, but I also knew-what thát wóuld do to him and their relationship. Kyra and her dad are incredibly close, and m afraid her saving him would only break that bond they share. I glanced at my dad, his muscles tense as he clenched his fist at his side.

As not only the beta but Alpha Dane’s best friend, it was killing my dad not to jump in and protect him.

I could see the internal struggle he was having. It’s his job to protect his Alpha, but right now, he can’t. It seemed everyone around me was fighting a silent battle against themselves for the same reason. The amount of love and respect this pack has for Alpha Dane is mind-blowing; there isn’t a single wolf here that doesn’t like him.

Both men were getting worn out as they circled each other again; the threatening growl creeping from Alpha Dane sent a shiver up my spine. I had never seen him like this before. I have seen him fight, just never the way he is right now.. and honestly, it worries me. He’s still letting his emotions cloud his judgment. As Devin attacked, slicing open Alpha Dane’s side, I once again looked at my dad. It didn’t take me long to realize he was mind-linking with someone. Goddess, I hope he wasn’t planning on jumping into the middle of this.

I soon realized he must have been mind-linking Alpha Dane. Whatever dad said to Alpha Dane worked. Dane stood up to his full height, not showing any signs of pain; his focus now seemed to be back, the intense emotions that were önce dictating his attacks no longer in control. Devin launched himself at Dane only to be caught between Dane’s jaws and slammed to the ground. Alpha Dane didn’t hesitate as he shook his head, ripping out Devin’s throat, blood spraying in every direction, coating everything close to them.

Alpha Dane lifted his head as he let out a long victory howl. Everyone, wolf or not, broke out into cheers. Devin had been a threat to all, not just us, and Alpha Dane just ended it.

Everything that happened next seemed to happen in slow motion. One minute everyone was cheering, happy to be free of Devin, the next, Alpha Dane had fallen to the ground in a heap. Naturally shifting back to his human form. Panic seemed to strike everyone at once. Luna Holly was the first to his side, barking orders like the leader she was.

Somehow keeping her calm while trying to figure out what had happened to her mate. The crowd of people all wanted to get a closer look, pushing each other in an attempt to see what was going on. Chaos was breaking loose all around us. Royal guards and warriors from the packs are on high alert.

“Kneel!” Kyra’s shout brought me out of my trance, her voice carrying more power than I had ever witnessed before. Everyone from every species hit the ground on one knee. Thanks to Kyra, Dr. Hazel could get through the crowd without any problems. Dr. Hazel had become more than just our pack doctor, she was a friend and family to us all by this point, and we knew she would do everything in her power to ensure Dane would be okay. “Blaze! Zane!” I heard my dad shout for us. Qúickly I made my way to his side; Zane only steps behind me.

“We will get Alpha Dane to Añe hospital. The two of you need to stay here with Kyra. Make a final speech and send everyone on their way,” he told us in a rush. I couldn’t help the look of confusion that crossed my face; of course, I would stay with Kyra. Why would he think anything other than that? I will always be with her, even when she says she doesn’t need me to, I will protect her.

Dad soon rushed off, following the group of warriors aiding Alpha Dane’s transport to the hospital. I grabbed Kyra’s arm gently as she went to follow them, “Babe, you can’t go with him yet.

You need to make a final speech and ensure everyone is sent home. You have to finish this,” I whispered so only she could hear. With a deep breath, she nodded her head before turning and walking back onto the stage, Zane and I standing on either side of her.

Looking out over the crowd that was still kneeling, she cleared her throat, “We want to thank everyone for their attendance and support in this transition,” she began, doing a great job at hiding her current emotions from the crowd. “I believe the events that have taken place have more than shown I am capable of leading us all, and I hope as we move forward, there will be less resistance. I’m sure many of you have questions, and we will answer those at another time. We will be in contact soon to setup a formal meeting and discuss everything with the leaders in more detail. For now, I would like tó go check on my father. I hope everyone has a safe trip back home.” With that,she grabbed my hand and began leading us from the stage and toward the pack hospital.. I linked the royal guards, instructing them to make sure everyone left the territory while we went to the hospital.

I hadn’t heard anything from my dad or anyone on Alpha Dane’s condition, and I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. All I knew was he had to be okay.lI don’t think Luna Holly or Kyra could handle it if he isn’t. I caught a tear slip down Kyra’s face as she picked up her pace, “Dad’s strong, Kyra. You know that. He’s going to be fine,” Zane told her in an attempt to ease her mind. “Yes, he is very strong, but he’s not invincible or immortal.” At her words, silence fell over us once again.

My mom was the first person we saw as we walked through the doors. She rushed over to us, pulling Kyra into a tight hug before doing the same with Zane and then me. “Ash and Holly are in the room with him now. Don’t worry; he’s going to be fine. He had some pretty deep gashes and lost quite a bit of blood, but nothing he can’t heal from,” she quickly informed us. I could feel the fear and tension leave Kyra almost instantly at the news.

My mom smiled, “Oh, you should have heard the chewing he got from Holly, though,” she laughed, “‘as soon as he started coming back around, she started in on him. Told him he knew better than to scare her like that, and as soon as he recovered and was sent home, she was going kick his as*s.” We all started laughing, knowing that Luna Holly couldn’t really hurt him, but he would let her think she could. We all moved to the waiting room, taking seats, waiting to get to go see Alpha Dane.

Kyra needed to see him for herself to know he was okay.

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