My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 27

Kyra’s POV

We waited in the waiting room for what seemed like ages. I was exhausted, to say the least, but I needed to see dad for myself. Finally, Ash walked out of dad’s room, exhaustion and annoyance clear on his face. I jumped from my spot in Blaze’s lap, “Well??” I questioned him, knowing the answer already. Genesis had already told us he would be fine.

“He’s okay. Just needs some time to heal.

He’ll be back on his feet within a day or two. Trust me though, he may be down, but he is still just as stubborn as ever,” Ash laughed slightly, “if it wasn’t for Luna Holly, I doubt he would even still be here. She’s the only other person I have met that can be more stubborn than him.” I smiled, relieved to hear that even though he was hurt, it hadn’t brought him down any. “Can I see him now?

I asked, not sure if I would be allowed in right now. Ash nodded his head, “He’s waiting on all three of you. Genesis and I are going to head home and get a few hours of sleep.”

That was all I needed to hear. I pushed the door open to his room and immediately felt the tears welling up in my eyes. I tried my best to blink them back as the room became blurry from them.”

I’m okay, princess, Come here,” I heard my dad say, his one arm stretched out towards me. I didn’t hesitate to go to him,”I was so scared, dad!” And with that, the tears began flowing uncontrollably. I had managed to keep myself together this whole time. I never once admitted how worried or scared I was to anyone, though I knew Blaze knew precisely what I was feeling. Thankfully he never said anything and didn’t push me to talk to him. He was great in that way, always knowing what I needed at the moment.

He gently rubbed my back as I carefully hugged him. “Shhh…it’s not going to be that easy to get rid of me. You should know that.” I  knew he was trying to ease the mood, but the thought of him not being here killed me. “I know your tough, dad, but seeing you like that.” I couldn’t finish my sentence, “I know, princess. Trust me, I know.

I guess he did know. He had been by mom’s side when she was hurt and lost her wolf, and then he was there for me when Blaze and I returned home from being kidnapped. I can only imagine what he felt in both of those times. His mate and his daughter. I would lose it if something happened to Blaze. I was finally able to get my breathing under control as the tears stopped falling.

“Okay, princess, move!” Zane poked my side. Slowly I pulled away from my dad, walking to stand next to mom, so Zane and Blaze could see him too. “ls he really okay?” I whispered to her as the three men talked.

“He’s fine. Stubborn as hell still, but he’s fine. He had some pretty bad gashes and lost quite a bit of blood, but it’ll take a lot more than that to-keep your dad down. You need to rest, though, Kyra. We can meet up tomorrow and discuss your next steps,” she told me with a tired smile, leaving no room for argument.

I felt exhaustion start to creep through my bones, weighing me down as my adrenaline high wore off. I walked up to the side of dad’s bed, leaning over to give him another hug, “I’m going to head home. I just needed to see for myself that you were okay.” He smiled at me as he pushed some stray hair from my face, “I’m fine, princess.

Thank you for being here; love you,” he told me with a slight grin. I could tell he, too, was exhausted and in pain, even though he would never admit it.

The three of us slowly filed out of the room, leaving mom to look after dad. Zane quickly fell into step with us as we made our way back to our house, “So, do I have to start addressing you with your formal title now? Or can a lowly peasant like me still be casual with you?” Zane teased. I bumped him with my shoulder, “I guess I can make an exception for you…” That one comment, as innocent and playful as he meant it, had all my worries rushing back to me. Am l really going to be able to handle this? Or will l fail miserably? Will my Grandpa Pollo be proud of the type of leader I am?

What if I bring nothing but shame to our family? I didn’t even try to listen to Blaze and Zane’s conversation as we walked, deciding to get lost in my own thoughts instead. Zane pulled me into a bear hug as we reached our house, “Looks like you will always have plenty of protection now. Guess we won’t have to worry so much about your safety anymore, he laughed.

I looked around us, just noticing all the guards that were stationed around our house and on our porch. “I guess,” | sighed, not sure how I could ever get used to having so many people always around me. Blaze opened the front door, allowing me to walk in before him. His arms stayed wrapped around my wa!st as we walked down the hallway to our room.”I don’t think I thank you enough,” I told Blaze, spinning around to face him as we entered our bedroom. “You don’t need to.”I  pressed my finger to his l!ps, silencing him before he could finish his sentence, “No, babe. I do need to thank you. You need to know how much I appreciate you. You do more for me than you even realize, and I want you to know that I see it and feel it, and I’m so thankful to have you.”

He leaned down, gently pressing his l!ps to mine. As the tingles began spreading through my limbs, I could feel all the stress leaving my body.

Sliding my finger behind his neck and through his hair, I deepened the k!ss, needing to feel him more …craving the taste of him. He didn’t hesitate to lift me up, my legs knowing instinctively what to do as they wrapped around his waist. Blaze carried me into the bathroom without breaking contact before setting me back on my feet. “Shower.” He demanded huskily, reaching over and turning the water on. We both undressed in record time, Blaze grabbing my hand and pulling me under the stream of water that was still warming up. As his l!ps crashed into mine, I knew tonight would not be one of our slow, gentle love-making sessions.

Tonight was going to be just what we both needed, rough but passionate.

My body seemed to come alive under the touch of his mouth, his l!ps trailing k!sses down my neck and ch3st until he reached my chest. I m0aned as one hand pinched my hardened n****e, and his tongue flicked expertly over the other.

Needing more, I pulled his head up, “l need you…”

My voice dripping with lust. Our l!ps crashed as my fingers gently tugged at his hair. Without warning, Blaze spun me, pinning my hands above me against the cool shower wall.

“Aaahhh goddess!!” I screamed out as he plunged into me from behind. “You’re f*ckin perfect,” I  heard him growl out as I arched my back. His grip tightened on my hip as he started pounding into me faster. “Right there,” I m0aned as he hit that special spot, causing my legs to start shaking. I knew he wouldn’t let me fall through.

He released my hands as his thrust became more erratic, rubbing circles on my sensitive bud, ” Milk me,” he m0aned before ni*ping my ear. At his words, my vision became spotted as my body shuddered, and I screamed his name. After a few more deep thrusts, I felt his warm seed coat me. If he were to let go of me, there is no way I would be able to stand on my own right now. We stayed in that position, both of us panting until the water began to turn cold. Biaze gently but quickly washed my hair and body. K!ssing every inch of skin as the wáter washed the soap away. Not only did he tell me he loved me, but his actions screamed it..all the time. I never would have dreamed of being cared for the way he cares for me. I stepped out of the shower on shaky legs, wrapping a fluffy towel around my body and giving him space to wash himself.

Not bothering to get dressed, I slipped under the blankets and waited. I smiled as he walked out of the bathroom, a towel hanging low on his h!ps and water dripping down his body. He always looked so s*xy it hurt. “How do you feel?” he asked me as he slid under the blankets beside me. “I’m fine. Just tired. It has been a long day.”

He lifted his arm as I snuggled in closer to him, resting my head on his chest. “It has been, but you did great and handled everything well.”I smiled at his praise. “So tomorrow…” I trailed off, already feeling kind of sad. “Tomorrow, we will eat breakfast with our families and spend some time with them. Then, when you are ready, we can head to the palace,” his confidence once again amazed me. I wish I felt as confident as he does. “Sleep, babe.” He k!ssed the top of my head as exhaustion finally won.

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