My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 4

To say I had a restless night would be an understatement.

Devin kept Blaze chained up with his hands in the air, and I was trying to sleep on the cold concrete floor next to his feet.

We had yet to be given any food since Devin kidnapped us, and I was beginning to feel weak and sick.

I can only imagine how Blaze was feeling.

He was the one that had been beaten more than once already, but I did notice his wounds were starting to heal more now that the wolfsbane was out of his system.

Thanks to my little stunt, Devin had forgotten to poison Blaze again.

At least one good thing had come from that.

“Kyra…I know you are tired, but you need to get up and try to move around. I don’t want you losing all your strength from just laying here,” Blaze said softly.

My body was sore and stiff, and the last thing I wanted to do was get up and move.

But I would do anything Blaze asked me if it would keep him from worrying about me right now.I slowly stood up, stretching my arms above my head.

“The moon goddess came to me,” I told Blaze, trying to fill the silence in the room.

“She didn’t say very much. She told me that I am the one from the prophecy, and I am the key to uniting the species.”

I looked at Blaze, who had a slight smile on his face, “I always knew it was you. What else did she say?”

He sounded hopeful.

I stepped closer to him to whisper in his ear, “she said silver will never that to yourself,” he said seriously.

I nodded in understanding, “she also said that there would be things that I will have to witness but to remember, they won’t last forever. Unfortunately, she didn’t really tell me anything that could be useful to us right now.”

I was disappointed that she didn’t give me even a clue on how to get out of our current situation.

“She told you what you needed to know right now, and that’s enough.” Blaze an ever-optimistic person.

“Can I ask you something?” I questioned him, my curiosity getting the better of me, “sure, anything…” he replied.

“Did you mean to call me babe? ” I watched as Blaze looked down at the floor, a blush covering his bruised face.

“I—I don’t think I can answer that right now,” he stuttered.

I had never heard him stutter before either, and I found it cute.

My eyes looked over him, stopping at his waist. I hadn’t even realized he was n*ked.

Of course, he would be; he had shifted to fight the rouges when they had appeared. I began pacing the small area, trying to ignore the butterflies that were taking flight in my stomach.

Why did I feel nervous all of a sudden? The sound of whistling let us know someone was fixing to enter our cell. I took my place in front of Blaze again, “Kyra, please, you don’t need to protect me. Stand behind me.”

I ignored him as I stared at the door, waiting to see who it would be.

To our surprise, it was Trey, and he had one plate of food in his hands.

“So Devin said the two of y’all can decide who gets to eat.”

He set the plate on the floor before leaving without another word walking over and grabbing the food.

One slice of bread, a scoop of corn, and what I think was some hamburger meat sat on the small plate.

Thankfully he had also left a bottle of water next to it.

I walked back over to Blaze and set the plate on the floor before opening the water and holding it to his lips, “Here, take a drink.”

He shook his head, “No, Kyra, you need it more than me. Drink the water slowly, save some for later and eat the food. But hold it up here so I can smell it first. I want to make sure they didn’t put anything in it.”

Again, Blaze was trying to put me before himself.

“We’ll share, “I said as I looked into his eyes. Even though they were slightly swollen still, the beautiful sky blue still seemed to shine through.It felt like all time stood still.

“Breath Kyra,” Blaze said with a smirk on his face.

I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks as I cleared my throat, “Sorry,”

I mumbled as I held the water to his l!ps again, “Take a drink.”

As he took a sip, I noticed how full his lips were and couldn’t stop myself from thinking about how nice they would feel against mine.

I shook my head as Blaze cleared his throat.I don’t know what has gotten into me; it must be because of our situation and Blaze trying to protect me that has me ogling him suddenly.

This is not the place or the time; I scolded myself mentally.

I held the plate up so Blaze could smell it, and he gave me the okay to eat. I took a small bite of meat and corn and then gave him the same amount. I did this until there was nothing left; I hadn’t even realized how I had been staring at him.

“You know, getting to see you are so much more than that.”

His words snapped me back to reality, causing me to blush again.

“Really? Because I was convinced, you secretly hated me,” I sat down on the floor next to his feet so he wouldn’t be able to see how red my face was.

“Hated you?” he huffed, “I could never.”

I shook my head, thinking back over the years, “Are you sure? Because any time I would be talking to my friends, you would be glaring at me.

And when I would walk away from them and past you, I could hear the rumble in your chest. You’ve practically avoided me for years now. Only dealing with me because I’m the Alpha’s daughter.”

The silence that followed my statement had me thinking I had said too much.

“The friends you were talking to were all males that only had one thing in mind, and it was the same friends you would walk away from when you would hear the rumble in my chest as you so-called it.It was never directed at you but at them.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Is Blaze telling me that he was jealous of them? Why would he be, though? I didn’t have time to question him further because the cell door flew open, startling both of us.I jumped to my feet when Devin walked in.

His face held the same emotionless expression as always, “Still haven’t shifted? Well, let’s see if watching your boyfriend get punished helps you decide it’s time.”

I took my stance in front of Blaze, “you know that I have no control over when I shift, so why do this?”

I glared at Devin as he walked closer, “because it never harder for him.”

“It’s okay, Kyra. I’ll be fine,” Blaze said, his eyes never leaving Devin.

I didn’t want to move from my spot in front of Blaze, but I knew it would only make it harder on him if I didn’t.

Devin had made it clear that Blaze would be the one to pay if I didn’t cooperate with him.

Devin reached out, grabbing my arm and yanking me to the side.

Before I could protest, he tied my hands and feet together before throwing me to the floor.

“Now, you will watch what happens to your boyfriend, and if I’m lucky, he’s your mate, and it will trigger you to shift,” Devin spoke as if what he was doing was okay, even normal.

I don’t think he sees how insane he really is. I kept a straight face, not wanting to show him any emotions; afraid if he saw how scared I was, he would use that against me somehow. So I sat silently, helplessly, and watched as they unhooked Blaze’s chains from the ceiling.

Blaze stood tall, a smirk on his face, “Is something amusing to you, kid?”

Devin questioned him. I could see how the smirk was only making him angrier.

“Actually, I find all of this amusing. The fact that as a grown-ass man, you can’t fight a kid unless he is chained up and unable to fight back.I mean…think about it. Do you realize how weak that makes you?”

Blaze replied confidently, holding eye contact with Devin the whole time.

Devin growled as he walked closer to Blaze, “Weak? You think I’m weak?”

Blaze chuckled, “Yeah, I think you’re weak.”

Blaze in the face.

Blaze being the solid rock he is, barely moved from the hit.

“This is going to be fun,”

Devin sneered as he began hitting Blaze repeatedly. It wasn’t long before Trey had joined in, and that is when Blaze was brought to his knees.

Unable to stand against the two of them any longer.

I closed my eyes, unable to watch.I felt like my heart was being ripped out every time I would hear them land another hit against him, but not once did I hear Blaze make any sound.

No grunting, no moaning, no crying, and no screaming. I tried to block out the noise, forcing myself to picture Dad finding us and putting a stop to the torture that we were sure to endure that Blaze was already going through.

“Open your eyes!” Devin yelled at me.

I shook my head, unwilling to see the damage they caused.

“Open them now!!” He shouted again.

I slowly opened my eyes to see Blaze lying on the floor, not moving and covered in blood.

I knew he was still alive by his chest’s slight rise and fall with every breath he took.

Shallow breaths, but at least he was still breathing.

I knew the damage would be bad, but I could never have prepared myself to see Blaze in the condition he was in now, and it’s all my fault. If I could just shift, then none of this would be happening.

With three long strides, Devin was in front of me.

He knelt, “Don’t try anything stupid, or he will die today.”

He untied the ropes from my hands and feet, watching me intently.

Everything in my body screamed to attack him, to make him pay for what he was doing, but my mind said not to.

If I do anything, Blaze may not survive, and I couldn’t live with myself knowing his The minute the cell door slammed closed, I rushed over to Blaze.

Thankfully they had left him on the floor.

I didn’t have anything I could use to try to clean his cuts with, so I did the only thing that felt right.

I curled up next to him, brushing his beautiful blonde hair from his face, and cried.

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