My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 5

I wasn’t sure what time it was when I woke up, but Blaze had sat up with his back against the wall and had pulled me into his la*p with his arms protectively around me, and for the first time since this all began, I felt safe.

“Go back to sleep, princess,” I heard Blaze, his voice husky as he tried to whisper.

His hand caressed the top of my head while his other stayed securely around my waist.

I left my head leaning against his chest, “Are you okay?” I questioned, “I probably shouldn’t be sitting on you after what happened.” My head bounced against his chest as he laughed, “I promise you aren’t hurting me.

They didn’t break any bones, but they did a good job roughing me up; I’ll give them that much.” I couldn’t believe how he was acting as if it was no big deal.

He was still being his calm and confident self that I had grown to know and, dare I say, love? I wasn’t sure what was happening to me, but I could feel myself growing closer to Blaze, and I was afraid once we made it home, if we made it home, it would only prove to break my heart.

But for now, I wouldn’t fight it; I didn’t have the energy to.

I wasn’t sure what time it was or if it was day or night.

There were no windows, and the only time there was any light in the cell was when Devin decided to flip the switch.

We found he would do it randomly, and my only guess was to piss us off, or maybe he was trying to see if I had shifted yet.

Who knows what thoughts ran through that man’s head.

“I don’t think I can sit and watch them do that again, Blaze,” I told him as I stood up.

I groaned as my tense muscles stretched as I stood.

“You have to; I’m sorry, Kyra,” Blaze spoke so softly I almost didn’t hear him.

“Why are you sorry, Blaze? None of this is your fault.

It’s mine.

You have done what they could to save themselves.” I sat down on the floor next to him, our shoulders touching.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to get you out of here yet.

I’m sorry that you have to watch them beat me.

I’m sorry that any of this is happening.

I should have been able to hold them off long enough for you to get away or at least until your dad arrived.

I failed you, and I’m sorry.” His words were thick with emotion, and I could hear the guilt he was feeling in his voice.

For the first time, it sounded as if Blaze was broken.

He wasn’t full of confidence right now, and I hated that.

“You haven’t failed me at all; in fact, you are my hero.

If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know what they would have done to me already.” And it was the truth.

What would Devin have done to me if Blaze had not been here with me? Would he have beat me like he has Blaze? Would he have killed me already out of anger because I can’t shift just because he tells me to? I shuddered at the thought of what could have happened to me if it wasn’t for Blaze.

“What is that sound?” we both said in unison.

I strained, trying to figure out what it was.

We didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Awoman who looked eerily similar to Devin walked in, her heels clicking against the concrete floor with every step she took.

Her brown hair streaked with grey was pulled back in a tight, neat bun, and her face held nothing but hatred.

I had no idea who she was, but the vibes rolling off her was enough to tell me she wasn’t here to help us.

“So you’re the girl that’s caused all these problems…” she snarled as she stared at me.

Blaze stood up, standing in front of me.

“And you are?” he questioned.

His voice was deep and threatening.

The side of her mouth quirked up, “your worst nightmare if I have to be.” Devin walked in behind her, “I would like you to meet my mother, Scarlett.” His mother knew he had us and was now here to what? Help him? Before I could think twice, I was on my feet, “Why would you do this? Why would you help this psycho?” I blurted out.

The only thing I could think of was how this would affect grandpa pollo.

This was going to destroy him.

He always talked so highly of his mate, and here she was going behind his back to help torture his granddaughter.

“You think he’s a psycho? Oh, honey, you haven’t seen anything yet.” “How could you do this to Apollo? Why would you want to?” I couldn’t stop myself from talking, even though I knew it would probably be best if! did.

“You expect me to care about Apollo? He didn’t give a second thought to how I felt when he put a hit outon ourson’s head.

He didn’t care how I felt that he, himself, was out hunting him.

He didn’t care what I thought about him forming a relationship with a daughter he never knew, and he didn’t have any problem leaving when it was time for his ‘visits’ with you, no matter what I said.

If he would have just listened to Devin when he told him to take you from your mother and raise you at the palace, none of this would have happened.

You and your w***e of a mother ruined my life and my son’s life.

You ruined the mate bond I had with Apollo and the perfect life we had together.” She was slowly walking toward me, pointing her finger as she spoke.

Blaze placed himself between the two of us when she got too close for his comfort.

“She didn’t do anything.

Your son is crazy, and I see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree,” Blaze once again was putting himself in the line of fire to try to protect me.

I grabbed his arm as I moved to stand next to him.

Devin snapped his fingers, and three other men walked into the cell, all of is loyal to your grandfather like he thinks,” Scarlett smiled.

She stepped back as Devin, and the three men set their eyes on Blaze.

He quickly pushed me behind him, taking a stance, ready to fight.

I knew he couldn’t shift, not right now; his body was too weak from lack of food and the beating he had recently endured.

My heart raced as I tried to come up with a plan to help him.

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