My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 6

My heart raced as I watched the following scene unfold in slow motion.

Scarlett turned, with a smirk on her face, and left the cell.

Devin stood against the wall as the soldiers stalked closer to us.

It felt like I was frozen in place.

Blaze let out a loud, deep growl, and the vibrations ran through my body.

In one quick motion, Blaze had attacked, snapping the neck of the man closest and spinning around to grab the second one.

Unfortunately, even though I had turned into a statue, Devin hadn’t.

“Stop fighting!” Devin yelled as I felt his clammy hands wrap around my throat.

I hadn’t even seen him move from his spot, but I was focused on Blaze.

Blaze froze in place, his eyes narrowing on Devin as the two guards walked over to him and grabbed his arms.

The feel of his touch against the skin on my neck snapped me out of my frozen state.

“You are a lot stronger and faster than any beta I’ve ever seen.

If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought you had alpha blood coursing through your veins,” Devin seemed impressed with Blaze’s abilities.

“But it doesn’t matter, you will cooperate, or she will pay the price.

I don’t want to hurt her, but I also won’t he snarled as his grip tightened around my throat.

“I’ve stopped killing your men; now let her go,” Blaze growled out, his eyes never leaving Devin.

Devin laughed, “

yes, you have.

You did seem to take him down with ease, didn’t you?” I wanted Blaze to look at me; I wanted him to keep fighting.

If he would keep fighting, we might actually be able to escape this hell hole.

Or, at the very least, he could run.

I wouldn’t have to see him hurt anymore, but Blaze wouldn’t look at me.

His gaze never left Devin, “You are weak.

Your men are weak, and if I had to guess, your mother is just as weak.” Here we go again, Blaze doing whatever he could to get them away from me.

Devin didn’t react the way Blaze hoped he would, though; instead, he simply nodded his head, and the guards began to drag Blaze from the cell.

It didn’t take long for him to realize what they were doing, but it was too late.

They had already tied his hands together with what I would assume to be ropes soaked in wolfsbane.

I could see Blaze getting weaker by the second.

“Where are you taking him?!” I shouted as Devin let me go, pushing me to the wall.

“Wouldn’t you like to know…” he smirked before leaving burying my head in my hands, unsure what to do next.

I strained, trying to hear anything but was met with silence.

I tried mind linking Blaze, dad, Grandpa Pollo, or anyone…but had no luck.

All I could do was wait now.

I woke abruptly when a loud sound echoed through the room.

“Still trying to be tough, I see,” Devin faintly says.

Wherever he was, it wasn’t very close to me.

I pushed my ear to the door in an attempt to hear better.

I heard a whooshing sound before it dawned on me…a whip.

They are whipping Blaze with something.

“I want her to hear him!!” Devin yelled angrily, “Make him scream!” My heart shattered at the realization.

He was having Blaze beat and wanted me to hear his screams, but I hadn’t heard a sound from Blaze.

Evidently, that was pissing Devin off the most.

Blaze wouldn’t give him what he wanted; he wouldn’t show any weakness.

I couldn’t bear the thought of Blaze being tortured.

I took a step back from the door and started kicking it as hard as I could, “Devin!” I screamed, my anger boiling inside, making me feel like I would explode.

I needed to get his attention on me.

I needed to help Blaze somehow.

It didn’t work; if anything, it only made it worse.

Now he knew I could hear them, even though Blaze still often.

It finally stopped; it felt like it had lasted for hours.

My face was stained with tears as I leaned against the door, “

Blaze, I’m so sorry,” I said out loud, unsure if he could even hear me or not.

I wasn’t even sure if he was alive anymore.

More tears streamed down my face, leaving a hot trail behind.

“I’m so so sorry,’ I sobbed, “I’ll fix this somehow.” I already missed Blaze, and he had only just been taken.

It felt like I couldn’t breathe like a dagger was being pushed through my chest and into my heart.

I wasn’t sure how long Blaze had been gone, but I knew it had been a few days.

At some point, they had moved him closer to my cell.

I heard even more of the torture Blaze was having to deal with, and Devin made sure to say everything as loudly as he could.

He had been beaten with whips and chains, injected with wolfsbane, and beaten by more than one man.

I know he hadn’t been given any food or water because I haven’t either.

No matter what they did to him, though, he never made a sound.

He refused to scream out in pain as Devin wanted him to.

Last night, I heard Scarlett in there; she mentioned using a silver knife to carve him.

I had broken down at her words, unable to keep the tears back.

I vowed right then, I kill.

I will smile as I roll in their blood after I rip their throats out.

My eyes popped open as pain shot through me.

I did the best I could to keep in the scream threatening to escape.

I didn’t know what was happening, but I was still alone.

The pain was relentless.

Coming in waves and intensifying by the minute.

A soft, calming voice seemed to float through the room, it is time, my dear; Try to relax.

I knew that voice; it was the same one from my dream, the Moon Goddess.

I realized then I was shifting.

Hope flooded me…maybe I could save us now.

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