My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 7

As bad as it hurt, I was determined not to scream. I didn’t want to alert anyone of what was happening. I needed the element of surprise on my side, and Blaze was able to keep in all his pain; not once did he scream out. I can do that too; I have to.

The pain intensified as my bones started popping, shifting to their new position.

It got so bad I thought I would pass out. I could feel the sweat rolling down my body as I tried to keep myself as calm as possible.

Thankfully, I witnessed others shift for the first time, so I knew what to expect. I was happy about that but also worried.

There were a few whose first-time shifting lasted a lot longer than most.

What if I was one of those? I don’t have anyone here to make sure I make it. I gritted my teeth; I do have someone here…I have Blaze…I reminded myself. I’m not sure how long my shift lasted, it felt like hours, but the pain finally subsided. I stayed lying on the floor as I tried to catch my breath and calm my racing heart.

Get ready.

The calming voice seemed to float through the room again.

No time for rest…got it.I stood shakily scanning the room, trying to decide the best place to wait.I couldn’t believe how much clearer my vision was.

Though it was pitch black in here, I could see fine. I felt exhausted, but this was our only chance.

The sound of footsteps reminded me now was not the time to figure out what new abilities I had. I crouched down in the corner as The door slowly opened, “Here you go, princess!”I heard a man snarl.

I watched as Blaze was shoved through the door; he fell to the floor, unable to catch himself with his hands and feet chained.I let out a low growl as the anger boiled inside me.

Blaze was almost unrecognizable as I glanced over at him.

Our eyes locked briefly…mate.

My heart raced at the realization, and l saw a small smile form on his face.

The man that pushed Blaze into the cell hadn’t realized the growl he heard had come from me.

He stepped into the room, bending down to take the shackles off Blaze. I crouched down, waiting to pounce, as Blaze only stared at me.

The second he was free, I jumped out, tackling the man to the floor.

His eyes widened in surprise as I held him to the floor. I leaned down without any more hesitation, ripping his throat out in one swift motion.


I heard Blaze’s husky voice behind me. I turned to face him, blood dripping from my mouth.

One eye was almost swollen shut, and he was covered in blood, cuts, and bruises. I could see various burn marks across his body as I moved closer to him.

His hand reached out, gently touching my fur. I looked down, trying to see my paws to figure out what color I was.

This was not how my shift was supposed to happen. I should have been at home, with family and friends.

My little brother was going to help me through this, but no, Devin had to ruin it.

My anger began rising again at the thought of him.

“You are more beautiful than I imagined you would be,”

Blaze whispered as he continued to stare at me in amazement could try to escape, now was our chance.

Thankfully he knew exactly what I was doing and stood.

Taking a minute to gain his balance, I could tell how weak he was, but somehow, he was pushing through it.

“Devin wants to know what’s taking you so long?!” a voice boomed down the corridor.

It was Devin’s little puppet Trey; I would recognize his voice anywhere at this point.

I tried to position myself in front of Blaze, only for him to push me back and stand in front of me. I let out a disapproving growl making him smile, “I may look like hell, but I still have some fight left in me, babe.”

He winked at me before turning his back to me.

If I had been in human form, my whole face would be as red as a cherry right now.

My heart raced as Trey’s steps drew closer.

“Holy s**t!”

I heard Trey gasp when he reached the door, “she shifted…SHE SHIFTED!” he screamed as he looked at the man lying dead on the floor.

As Trey took a step back, getting ready to run and tell Devin, Blaze rushed him.

Tackling him to the floor and punching him in the face repeatedly.

“Thought you were tough?” I heard Blaze sneer right before he snapped Trey’s neck.

Blaze turned around, motioning for me to follow him.

We could hear footsteps rushing towards us as we walked down the hall, trying to find an exit.

“Kyra, listen to me….”

Blaze whispered as he stopped and kneeled in front of me, “I need you to find somewhere to hide.Okay? And try to mind-link anyone you can. Now that you have your wolf and the fact you are a royal, you may to hide while he tried to fight everyone that was coming. We weren’t even sure how many it would be, yet he thought he could take them all. I refused to move from my spot behind him.

“Kyra…babe, please. We don’t have much time….” I let out another growl.

“You’ve always been so stubborn,” he mumbled as he stood up, taking a fighting stance.

I closed my eyes and took a slow deep breath, trying to clear my mind.

Can anyone hear me? It’s Kyra…I waited for a response.


Please! Dad! Grandpa! Ash! Anyone?? It wasn’t working, and the footsteps were almost here.

KYRA!? Dad!! Help!! I could hear his growl through the mind link.

It was full of anger.I didn’t have time to tell him anything else.

The metal door at the end of the hallway flew open, banging against the wall.

“Kyra, I’m so happy to see you have finally shifted. And into a magnificent wolf at that.”

Devin began walking towards us with his men following a few steps behind.

“I know you must be exhausted; the first shift is usually very tiring. So why don’t you go ahead and shift back, and we can get you out of these cells and into a nice room. After you have slept, we can talk about our next step.”

He finally looked at Blaze, “don’t act stupid right now, mutt.” beside Blaze, ready to pounce on the first one that wanted to make a move toward us.

Devin’s eyes narrowed at me, “Chains!” he snapped his fingers, and a man behind him wearing black gloves moved forward, eyeing me.

Blaze lunged, shifting mid-air, his teeth sinking into the man’s outstretched arm and ripping it off in one clean motion.

That set off a chain reaction, and before I knew it, the small hallway was filled with wolves fighting.

They were all trying to attack Blaze; no one was even paying attention to me. I guess they thought I wasn’t a threat to them.

Devin had moved back and was now standing near the door, barking orders, yelling for them to end Blaze already.

The wolves that circled Blaze simultaneously started attacking. I jumped, knocking one wolf over but making my way to the center where Blaze was.

He had blood pouring from his side, where one of them had managed to bite him.

Blaze being Blaze, tried to push me behind him, but he was weak and barely able to stay standing. I let out a deep low growl as I stood at my full height.

To my surprise, every wolf around us stopped their attack and bowed their heads, showing their necks in submission.

Devin was the only person still standing, aside from myself and Blaze.

“What are you doing? Get up!” he yelled to no avail.

I began slowly stalking him, ready to end this once and for all.

“Your eyes …they are glowing. They are so beautiful.”

He sounded amazed and clueless about what was about to happen to him.

Just as I was about to lunge, a dark brown wolf hit me in my rolled to the side, kicking it off me. I could feel my leg already healing itself as we began circling each other.

This is Scarlette; it has to be.

I thought back to the trainings I watched at home, remembering something my dad would always say, ‘Don’t fight with your emotions. Fight with your brain. Always take a second to assess your opponent. You should be able to easily and quickly be able to find their weak spot. Every wolf has one”

I watched her carefully, blocking out the sound of her pathetic attempt at a growl. I couldn’t seem to pinpoint her weak spot. I had to figure something out, though; I could feel my energy draining with every second.

Exhaustion threatened to consume me.I did notice how confident she was—holding her head high as she snarled and snapped her teeth.

There it was.

Her confidence was going to be the death of her.

She was leaving herself open to my attack…making it easier for me to rip her throat out. I lunged, ducking my head low and latching onto her neck, flipping her over in the process.

My teeth never left her throat. I heard someone behind me yell but didn’t pay any attention as I sunk my teeth deeper into her skin before yanking my head away and ending her pathetic life. I stepped back, scanning the room for Blaze. I finally spotted him, lying on the ground panting.

His wounds were still bleeding, but every wolf around him was dead. I turned to look at Devin, only to find him running out the door. I let out a small bark to get Blaze’s attention, taking a few steps toward him before my legs gave out, and I fell to the floor. I fought to keep my eyes open as his arms wrap around me as the darkness took over.

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