My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 8

I woke in an unfamiliar room. My heart raced as I tried to figure out where I was, “Shhh…it’s okay, babe. I’m here. We’re okay.”

I looked to my right to find Blaze sitting on the side of the bed. He reached over, taking my hand in his and gently k!ssing it, sending sparks through my body.

“You’re my mate,” I stated as I stared at him.

Everything was starting to make more sense to me now.

His behavior over the years, the looks.. everything.

“You knew I was your mate.”

He smiled as he nodded his head, “I’ve known since I was about five. The moon goddess had come to me and told me. At that age, I didn’t realize exactly what that meant other than it was my job to protect you and keep you safe. But I’ve loved you our whole lives.”

He kissed my hand again as tears welled in my eyes at his words.

“Where are we? Is Devin dead? How long have I been asleep?” I started questioning as my heart rate began to rise in my chest.

“Calm down, babe. There is plenty of time to talk about it; right now, you should eat something.”

Blaze stood, making his way to the door across from the bed. He cracked it open and said something to a man before shutting it again and sitting back down.

“When you passed out, I picked you up and ran. I didn’t know where we were; I just knew I had to get us away from where we were. I’m not sure how long I had been running when I caught Tate, the King of vampires, and he actually has a treaty of sorts with our pack. He offered us a place to stay and has contacted your dad.”

My mind was racing with questions as I processed what Blaze said. I had heard that name before but didn’t know anything about him.

“What about Devin? And my wolf!? Blaze, what about my wolf! What powers do I have? Do our parents know we are mates?”

Blaze chuckled as I fired off questions, “Slow down. Devin made a run for it but was caught by some of Dominick’s people and is currently in a holding cell. Yes, our parents know we are mates, and your wolf Kyra—your wolf is magnificent. You are the most beautiful, bright white wolf I have ever seen.

When I first saw you, I swear I couldn’t breathe. Your white fur shimmers even in the darkness. As far as power, well, I’m not completely sure yet, but I do know you have more power than even your grandpa pollo has….”

Blaze stared off in the distance while he rubbed circles on the top of my hand, “What is it, Blaze?”

I could tell he had more to say.

“Not only were you able to make rogues bow and submit instantly, but when you were passed out, and we came across Dominick, and his men, the power radiating from you had even them bowing. I have never seen something like that before.”

Blaze smiled at me, making my heart flutter in my ch3st.

“Does it affect you?” I whispered.

His grin grew wider, “No. I mean, I can feel it, but I guess not as much as everyone else.”

A light knock on the door grabbed our attention.

“Your food is here!”

Blaze replied as Dominick! I wasn’t expecting you to bring it personally.

‘’ Come on in,”

Blaze stepped back, taking a tray from the man’s hands.

As he walked into the room, the first thing I noticed was I didn’t feel threatened or scared at all.

The second thing I noticed was his pitch-black eyes. I had never seen eyes like that before.

Dominick walked to the end of the bed, kneeling on one knee as he bowed his head, “My Queen, I’m honored to have been able to assist you and your mate. Your family is on their way as we speak. If there is anything you need or want, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

I was shocked at the scene in front of me.

A vampire, especially the king of vampires kneeling and bowing to anyone, was unheard of, but yet, here he was before me.

“Thank you, but I am not a queen, and you do not need to bow to me. I’m grateful for what you have done for us, and I’m sure my dad will be more than happy to repay you.”

My voice sounded more confident than I had ever heard it before.

Dominick slowly stood, smiling, “I’m happy to know our new leader isn’t full of herself.”

He laughed lightly, “But you are Queen. You are Queen of all species, just as the prophecy says. The power you hold has never been seen before. I do not want any form of payment for helping; I am honored to have the privilege of saying I helped our Queen. Now I will leave you to eat and rest.”

With that, he turned, shaking Blaze’s hand on his way out.

Blaze sat on the side of the bed with the tray of food in his lap, “Blaze, I can feed myself….”

I giggled as I watched him cutting up the meat on the plate.

“I don’t mind feeding you.”

I shook my upright in bed. I took the fork from his hand and plopped a piece of meat into my mouth.

It was absolutely delicious.

I refilled the fork and held it up, offering him a bite, “No, you go ahead. I’m sure you’re starving, and I ate not too long ago.”

He sat silently and watched as I devoured everything on the plate.

He was right …I was starving. I looked at him as I ate the last bite of food. He looked like himself again for the most part. He had a small cut across his cheek that hadn’t completely healed yet, but other than that, he was fine.

As I scanned his face, my eyes locked on his lips, and I couldn’t help but want to feel them against my own.

Blaze cleared his throat, causing me to blush and quickly look away.

I felt his hand gently grip my chin before turning my face to look at him, “You have no idea how hard it was for me to wait for you to shift.”

Our eyes stayed locked as he slowly moved closer; the minute our lips touched, it sent electric sparks flying through my whole body.

“You need more rest,” he whispered as he pulled away, Staring at my lips briefly.

“I’m okay, I swear.”

He shook his head, laughing, “Always so stubborn.”

He sat the tray on a small table next to the bed.

“It’s late already, and I’m sure your dad will be here before we know it. It’ll be best if we try to get some sleep.”

He leaned over and laid a soft k!ss on my forehead before turning to walk off.


I grabbed his arm, “Where are you going? Don’t leave me.”

My heart was once again pounding in my chest at just the thought of being alone.

“I’ll never leave you. I’m going to sleep I scooted over on the bed and pulled the blankets back, “There is plenty of room for both of us.”

He looked at the space beside me that I was patting and back at me, “I don’t know if that’s a good idea right now. How about I sit here until you fall asleep?”

“Please. I just need you close to me.”

Blaze sighed as he crawled in next to me. He wrapped his arms around me tightly as I lay my head on his ch3st.

The sparks were dancing across my body at his touch, but what I felt the most was safe.

As long as Blaze was with me, I was safe.

“I love you, Kyra,” I heard him whisper as I fell asleep listening to his heartbeat.

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